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Overview Introduction Generally seen as a day trip from Tunis and Hammamet, this seaside city has good beaches (which can be crowded during the summer) and interesting local handicrafts (ceramics, pottery and embroidery). Nabeul's market is held on Friday—prices are very high because so many tour...


The town of Nadi (pronounced NAN-dee ), 75 mi/120 km by air northwest of Suva, on Viti Levu, doesn't really offer much to visitors (other than tacky shopping), but the beauty of the surrounding region and the offshore islands is reason enough to at least pass through. The international airport is t...


Nagano, Japan, is a ski area best-known as the site of the 1998 Winter Olympics. It is also the jumping-off point for countless trailheads in the Japanese Alps. The small city is quiet by Japanese standards and is more of a transit hub than a destination itself. Its main claim to fame is a massive...


This village of Nagarkot is just a small collection of houses and guesthouses 20 mi/30 km east of Kathmandu. Although it barely exists, its location, atop the mountains ringing the Kathmandu Valley, gives it a unique perspective. On clear mornings October-May, you can see Mount Everest from Nagark...


The ancient port city of Nagasaki was destroyed by the second atomic bomb dropped by U.S. forces in World War II. Today, this city on the western coast of Kyushu, the southernmost of Japan's main islands and 594 mi/956 km southwest of Tokyo, is a thriving industrial port and a pleasant mixture of E...


This area gained international notice in 1988 as the site of conflict between the ethnic, mostly Oriental Orthodox Christian Armenians—who form a majority of the population and who have declared Nagorno-Karabakh to be part of Armenia—and the mostly Muslim Azerbaijanis, who claim it should continue t...


Japan's fourth-largest city, Nagoya, is located 70 mi/115 km east of Kyoto. It was almost completely destroyed during World War II, but today it's a bustling place. Nagoya also is a good base for exploring nearby destinations—including original feudal castles. To the south is the Ise-Shima Natio...

Nahanni National Park

This wilderness area, west of the Mackenzie River and Great Slave Lake, 325 mi/520 km west of Yellowknife, in the southwest corner of the Northwest Territories, contains deep canyons, waterfalls, rapids, hot springs, alpine prairies, rugged mountains and plenty of wildlife. The very impressive Vir...


As the sun rises each morning in equatorial East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya, is already bustling with traffic, streams of pedestrians and people pushing carts. In Nairobi's markets, the floors are washed and fresh produce is artfully arranged, tea sellers unlock their stalls and light their fires, and ...


Overview Introduction Set on a craggy perch in the West Hanjar Hills and overlooking groves of palms, the town's 17th-century fortress has one of the most dramatic and picturesque views in the country. The area is also known for its mineral-rich thermal springs, the most popular of which is at Th...

Nakhon Pathom

The main attraction in Nakhon Pathom is the impressive Phra Prathom Chedi—the tallest and largest Buddhist monument in Thailand—which marks the spot where Buddhism was introduced to Thailand nearly 2,300 years ago. The temple's foundation was laid in AD 500, and though the present structure is much ...

Nakhon Si Thammarat

Located on the eastern Malay Peninsula, the ancient town of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Thailand (often simply called Nakon), dates from the seventh-century Srivijayan period. For centuries, Nakon served as an important trading link between Thailand and the rest of the world. Today, those outside influence...


The succulent desert of Namaqualand, South Africa, 100 mi/160 km north of Cape Town, hosts one of the world's most astonishing floral spectacles in August-September, when light rains transform the rocky plains into dazzling fields of multicolored flowers that stretch for miles/kilometers inland of t...


At first glance, Namibia might seem like one of Earth's most desolate places. With its ancient deserts, parched salt pans and a windblown shoreline littered with the weathered hulls of foundered ships, there would seem little potential for life and color—and little to interest the average traveler. ...

Namib-Naukluft National Park

South and east of Walvis Bay in Namibia, Namib-Naukluft National Park, founded in 1907, shelters ostriches, springbok and gemsbok, among other wild animals. In the middle of the park is Sossusvlei, an amazing place for viewing giant sand dunes. (In the dry season, the dunes can be 1,000 ft/300 m t...


Overview Introduction A half-day trip can be made from Pyongyang to Nampo to see the West Sea Barrage, a 5-mi-/8-km-long seawall that controls tides and flooding in a wide estuary on the western coast. It's an impressive feat of engineering, and you'll hear an endless discourse on the details of ...


Overview Introduction Namur, the capital of Wallonia, straddles the Meuse and Sambre Rivers at the gateway to the Ardennes. An impressive citadel with 27 towers, it looms over the town from a cliff-top site. The citadel has a weapons museum, underground chambers and a scenic (and strategic) view ...


Besides being a popular base for hikers heading to nearby Jirisan National Park, Namwon is the setting for the story of Chunhyang, one of Korea's most famous love stories. The park containing Gwanghallu Pavilion also contains a museum dedicated to the couple, the house where Chunhyang lived and seve...


Nanjing, China, located 170 mi/275 km northwest of Shanghai, was the first Ming Dynasty capital in the 1300s and Chiang Kai-shek's capital in the 1920s. Rich in historical and cultural legacy, Nanjing's name literally translates to "southern capital" as opposed to the current "northern capital" of ...


Nantes, France, is approximately 235 mi/380 km southwest of Paris, or about a two-hour ride on the TGV, the high-speed train. It's a beautiful city and merits at least an overnight visit. Notable sights include numerous 18th-century monuments, the Castle of the Dukes of Brittany and the 19th-cent...


Nantucket, Massachusetts, is at the confluence of two bodies of water, 30 mi/48 km out from the mainland. The north side faces the gentler waters of Nantucket Sound, its main harbor nestled within the protection of a barrier beach. Facing south and up around to the northwest are the more temperamen...

Nanumanga Island

Overview Introduction Nanumaga, a small island skirted by a lovely coral reef, is a very difficult place for boats to land and, consequently, isn't visited very often. That's a shame, because it's such a lovely island. If you plan to go, read the 19th-century book by Louis Becke, who lived in the...

Nanumea Atoll

Overview Introduction Nanumea is the northernmost of Tuvalu's nine islands and atolls. During World War II, the U.S. military used it as a base to counter Japanese advances into the Gilbert Islands. The wrecks of several U.S. landing craft and B-24 bombers can still be seen on the island. The vil...

Napa Valley

One of California's two major wine regions (the other being the Sonoma Valley in neighboring Sonoma County), the Napa Valley is among the most colorful getaways in California, combining fine wines, extraordinary natural beauty, rich history, and fabulous lodgings and dining. The area has become s...


Almost completely rebuilt after a devastating earthquake in the early 1930s, Napier, New Zealand, 205 mi/335 km northeast of Wellington on the North Island, is famous for its beautiful art-deco buildings. The art museum sponsors guided tours of the architecture on Sunday afternoons. The National Aqu...


There are as many stories about Naples, Italy, as there are sides to the city, but there's one thing almost everyone can agree on: You either love it or hate it. Unlike other Italian cities, Naples does not offer calm cobblestoned streets or a leisurely passeggiatta . Its streets are painted wit...


Naples, Florida, a wealthy community 140 mi/225 km south of Tampa, has evolved into one of the state's premier destinations for upscale travelers, especially mariners and golfers. It is also among U.S. cities with the largest number of golf courses. Naples is filled with high-end restaurants, bouti...


Naples is located in the center of the western lakes region 30 mi/48 km west of Portland and is a favorite vacation spot. Check out Songo Locks, stone locks that are still hand operated and connect Songo River to Sebago Lake. Take a cruise on the Songo River Queen , an old-style paddleboat. http://...


Located 20 mi/30 km east of Osaka and 25 mi/45 km south of Kyoto, Nara makes an interesting day trip—or preferably overnight visit—from either place. For history buffs, Nara is a must-see. It was once the capital of Japan, so naturally it has some of the country's most famous buildings. The ancien...


Many visitors to the Narragansett area come for the beaches, just 30 mi/50 km south of Providence. Narragansett Town Beach is particularly popular with surfers, and it hosts the New England Mid-Winter Championships each February. Just to the south of town, close to the port of Galilee, are three s...


The small city of Narva is an interesting stopover 120 mi/195 km east of Tallinn for travelers on their way to St. Petersburg. It has some historical sites along the Narva River, which forms the Russian-Estonian border. The most notable attraction is Hermann's Fortress (a 14th-century castle built...


Narvik, Norway, an iron-ore port 610 mi/980 km northeast of Oslo, was the scene of fierce fighting in World War II, taken and retaken by both Germans and Allies until hardly a house was standing. Today, Narvik has the War Museum (http://www.warmuseum.no), the Ofoten Museum that deals with the are...


Just north of the Massachusetts border, 35 mi/55 km south of Concord, Nashua is a former textile-manufacturing city with a recently revitalized main street that boats dozens of ethnic and upscale restaurants, clubs with live entertainment, and boutique shopping. Nearby sites of interest include th...


Nashville, Tennessee, is definitely country music and all that goes with it—cowboy hats and elaborate, custom boots, songs about heartbreak and crying over beer. Bumper stickers reading "Eat More Rhinestones" and "Viva Nashvegas" reflect the shiny, glitzy surface of Music City. But Nashville's rep...


Located on the island of New Providence, Nassau is the capital of the Bahamas. You'll find the islands' best sightseeing and historic buildings there. Also expect to find a crowd: Nassau is a very busy place, thanks to the high volume of cruise-ship passengers. In addition to the attractions in Nas...


Overview Introduction Somewhat off the beaten track, Nata, Panama, is one of the oldest Spanish colonial towns in the country. The main reason for visiting this sleepy village, 85 mi/135 km west of Panama City, is to see its beautifully restored 16th-century church, the oldest in North America (c...


Natal, located on the northeastern tip of Brazil 1,290 mi/2,075 km north of Rio de Janeiro, is best known for its beaches. Although those in the center of the city have lost most of their allure, the stunning dunes that grace the southern neighborhood of Ponta Negra attract surfers and sunworshipper...


Set on a high bluff overlooking the Mississippi River, 90 mi/145 km southwest of Jackson, Natchez was born in the cotton-boom days. Riverboats still dock there, although now they're more likely to carry vacationers than bales of cotton. Established in 1716 as Fort Rosalie by Jean Baptiste Le Moyne...

Natchez Trace Parkway

Native Americans forged the route of the Natchez Trace through the forests and marshes of the South, largely following the well-worn paths that buffalo and other animals began making more than 8,000 years ago. Toward the end of the 1700s, the Natchez Trace became a prime route for pioneers and, es...

Natchez Trace Parkway

Native Americans forged the route of the Natchez Trace Parkway through the forests and marshes of the South, largely following the well-worn paths that buffalo and other animals began making more than 8,000 years ago. Toward the end of the 1700s, the Natchez Trace became a prime route for pioneers...


On the banks of the Cane River, 210 mi/340 km northwest of New Orleans, Natchitoches (pronounced Nah-kuh-tish ) is the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase. It is compact in layout and features countless beautiful gardens and charming examples of colonial architecture. Natchitoches is locall...

National Parks

There are two national parks and a handful of nature reserves that are worth visiting, though they offer only the most basic services. Ruvubu National Park encompasses the Ruvubu River east of Gitega. A rustic lodge and camping facilities are available. A four-wheel-drive vehicle is essential for...

National Parks

There are national parks besides Virunga and Kahuzi-Biega, but we're not that keen on any of them—what they offer is better managed in other countries. Among the country's other parks are the following: Garamba National Park —A large park in the northeast (on the Sudan border) filled with giraffes...

Natural Bridges National Monument

The Natural Bridges National Monument in southeastern Utah (25 mi/40 km west of Blanding and 255 mi/410 km southeast of Salt Lake City) boasts three huge rock bridges, the result of millions of years of erosion. See them by taking the park's short (9-mi/14-km) driving loop, where overlooks provide d...


For most of the 20th century, this tiny island nation has been plundered of its unlikely treasure—phosphate. Mined for use in fertilizer, the phosphate enriched the island in one way—Nauru has one of the highest per capita incomes of in the Pacific—but left it impoverished in others. It is now an ec...

Navajo National Monument

This area, near Tonalea, is part of the Navajo Nation Reservation and is home to two spectacular Pueblo (Anasazi) structures. Betatakin, with its 135 rooms, and Keet Seel, is one of the most impressive cliff dwellings anywhere in the U.S. Betatakin can be seen from an overlook near the visitors cent...


Set on a scenic bay in the eastern part of the Peloponnese, Navplion, Greece, is a captivating town. During the 1800s, it was the first capital of liberated Greece. The town is filled with Venetian and neoclassical buildings and has a relaxing atmosphere made to soak up time. Navplion can be seen ...


This wonderfully atmospheric semidesert region is separated from the main portion of Azerbaijan by Armenia. Facilities are very basic, and heating fuel is hard to find in the winter, but the arid mountains bordering Armenia and Iran are magnificent. As an autonomous republic within Azerbaijan, Naxci...


Located 115 mi/185 km southeast of Athens, Naxos, the largest of the Cycladic islands, was once a Venetian possession, so many of its villages have Venetian architecture. It also has good hiking trails and excellent beaches (the ones on the west side of the island are the best). Olive groves, fruit ...

Nay Pyi Taw

Translating literally to mean "Royal City of the Sun," Myanmar's slightly extravagant capital city of Nay Pyi Taw is one of the more recent chapters in Myanmar history. Ground was broken on the city in 2002 when the generals decided the current capital, Yangon, was feeling claustrophobic. (Rumor has...


Nazare, Portugal, is a picturesque if somewhat touristy fishing village 80 mi/130 km north of Lisbon. It is worth a visit of at least several hours, and you might prefer to stay overnight. There are Venetian-style fishing boats offshore, an interesting fish auction and one of the cleanest beaches in...


Nazareth, in the southern part of Galilee, is famed as Jesus' boyhood home. It contains the beautiful Basilica of the Annunciation, built over the grotto where Mary lived. The grotto is a part of the altar, and on the second-floor addition, the walls are covered with mosaics of the Madonna and Child...

Nazca Plain

The Nazca Lines, on the plains 240 mi/385 km southeast of Lima, can be reached either by air from Ica or by a bus ride from Lima of between six and eight hours. Upon arrival, visitors board a small plane to fly over stylized designs carved into the ground. These enormous drawings were outlined by ...


The dusty capital city of N'Djamena, near the Cameroon border, is seldom visited as a destination by itself, but as the country's largest city, it often figures in a visit to Chad. Take time to browse and people-watch in the market areas (those scattered about town are open only in the morning—the C...


Many travelers go to Nebraska on their way to somewhere else, a trend dating back to when westbound pioneers steered their wagons up the Platte River Valley in the 1800s. However, Nebraska has many sites worth seeing, and a few stops won't go amiss. Although Nebraska doesn't have much in the way of...

Necker Island

For the uber-well-heeled traveler, a visit to private Necker Island, British Virgin Islands, owned by Sir Richard Branson—founder of the Virgin Group brand—is paradise on earth. The resort has a maximum 28-person capacity and rents the entire island by the week, starting at US$322,000. Individual ro...


Overview Introduction Nefta offers the opportunity to observe desert culture (nomadic people) and oasis life (it has a beautiful, green date-palm garden). It's also the center of Sufism in Tunisia. It has a nice hotel, too (Hotel Sahara Palace). Although we enjoyed our three nights, there's reall...


Situated on the coast north of the airport, Negombo, founded by the Moors, is now a predominately Catholic enclave. The architectural remnants of Portuguese, Dutch and British colonial years make it an interesting place for a stroll. Attractions include decent beaches, colorful buildings, fisherfolk...


Negril, on Jamaica's west coast, has morphed from a sparsely populated fishing village to the island's most popular fun-in-the-sun city. The laid-back vibe harkens back to the hippie era of the 1970s, and today Negril maintains its reputation as the most chilled-out corner of Jamaica. The 50-mi/80...

Negros Island

Sugarcane-growing Negros Island, 300 mi/485 km southeast of Manila, is named for the resident Negrito people. Scenic Canlaon Volcano in the center of the island and good diving off Daniugan Island (off the western coast) are the chief attractions. You can also visit sugar-processing factories and ...


New Zealanders flock to Nelson, 270 mi/440 km north of Christchurch, because it has some of the South Island's best beaches and sunniest weather. As a result, this town offers a number of nice hotels and restaurants. Hundreds of artists and craftspeople live in the area, so it's also a good place to...


Located 280 mi/450 km east of Vancouver, Nelson, British Columbia, has a lucrative past: It was a center for iron and silver mining in the 1800s. In addition to 350 Victorian buildings, local museums have exhibits that recount Nelson's history and mining glory days. Be sure to take the Heritage Walk...


Overview Introduction The drive to Nema through the desolate Sahara Desert seems to last an eternity, but the quick Air Mauritanie flight is almost always overbooked. Still, we spent two nights in Nema and thoroughly enjoyed the isolation and meeting the local nomads. This trip is not recommended...

Nemrut Dag

The ruins of Nemrut Dag, Turkey, atop Mount Nemrut and 350 mi/565 km southeast of Ankara, date from the time of the Commagene civilization and were built 2,000 years ago for King Antiochus I (Antiochus Commagenes). Aside from their location at an elevation of 7,000 ft/2,150 m, they are remarkable...


Nepal is a heady place, whether you're a trekker on a trail to Annapurna, a climber on your way to Everest or a seeker on the path to enlightenment. There are few countries on Earth that can match Nepal's combination of spectacular scenery, exotic culture and hospitable people. Along with the worl...


The ancient Black Sea fishing port of Nessebar, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was built on an island connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway, situated at the southern end of Sunny Beach. It is often referred to as "The Pearl of the Black Sea" for its rich cultural history and beautiful settin...


If you think of the Netherlands solely as a tranquil still life by Vermeer, you may be in for a surprise. Much of its countryside—with cows grazing in fields near canals and old windmills—does suggest the timeless serenity captured by so many Dutch painters, but in its cities you'll find a more une...


Located 25 mi/40 km west of Bern, Neuchatel is truly a sparkling little city—its buildings of yellow sandstone glitter in the sun. It's also the cantonal seat, situated at the foot of the Jura Mountains on one of the largest lakes in Switzerland. The city is acclaimed academically because of its out...


Neum is the only town in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Adriatic Sea, 114 mi/184 km southwest of Sarajevo. Its 14 mi/22 km coastline is, as a result, more built up than the Croatian coast on either side. In Neum, visitors can enjoy numerous watersports and activities. Although Neum is not particula...


Much of Nevada is desert, and deserts are known for their mirages. But many of the strange visions seen in Nevada's deserts are actually real: A huge blue lake appears in the midst of a parched landscape; a brothel materializes at a remote crossroads; a marginally talented performer named Wayne Newt...


Nevis, a green cone topped by cloud-covered Mount Nevis, is evolving rapidly from a sleepy backwater into a hideaway of the well-to-do. The island, though small, is intensely green and hilly, with magnificent beige- and white-sand beaches, coral reefs and gorgeous tropical flowers. The towns on the ...

New Bedford

From 1820 to 1860, the waterfront town of New Bedford, Massachusetts, was the world's most active whaling port, which made it one of the world's wealthiest cities of its time. In addition to 90 restored buildings, this town 60 mi/100 km south of Boston has the New Bedford Whaling Museum on Johnny ...

New Bern

Located at the junction of the Trent and Neuse Rivers (in the coastal area) 100 mi/160 km southeast of Raleigh, New Bern, North Carolina, has a wealth of historic buildings dating from its settlement in 1710 by Germans and Swiss. Named for the capital city of Switzerland, it was North Carolina's fi...

New Britain

Two volcanoes flanking New Britain's historic town of Rabaul—Vulcan and Tavurvur—erupted simultaneously in late 1994, causing extensive damage to the economic center of the outer islands. Mud flows and blankets of ash left 52,000 villagers homeless. While repair work began immediately, the volcanoes...

New Brunswick

Watching the tides in many places around the world may sound like pedestrian activity, quiet and relaxing. But in New Brunswick, it’s an awe-inspiring event that many tourists plan their visits around. Along the Bay of Fundy, the changing tide transforms the landscape. The shoreline, submerged for ...

New Caledonia

New Caledonia's capital, Noumea, has everything a Francophile could desire: fresh baguettes, plentiful Bordeaux, chic boutiques, metropolitan gendarmes and occasionally rude service—all in a gorgeous tropical setting. Though this sizable South Pacific archipelago has been a French colony for nearly ...

New Castle

This original state capital, about 7 mi/11 km south of Wilmington, is a major colonial seaport on the Delaware River. New Castle's biggest attraction is its authenticity. The town remains similar to the way it appeared in the 18th and 19th centuries with original brick houses and public buildings, c...

New Georgia

The main island in the Western Province area, New Georgia was the scene of vicious fighting during World War II. Nowadays you will find interesting tribes, beautiful scenery, opportunities for relaxation and good reef diving among manta rays, sharks, turtles and colorful fish. Most prominent of New...

New Hampshire

They don't call it the Granite State for nothing. The term refers not only to the ruggedness of the landscape but also to the tenacity of its residents. Although New Hampshire has its share of cities as well as quaint country villages, its breathtaking natural landscape is a source of pride to every...

New Harmony

Utopia was on the minds of both men who tried to develop ideal communities in southwest Indiana. George Rapp bought land there in 1814 to settle 800 German Lutheran immigrants from Wurttemberg, Germany. A decade later, he gave up his quest to establish the perfect Christian community and sold the to...

New Haven

Located 40 mi/65 km southwest of Hartford, New Haven, Connecticut, was once a thriving seaport, and the colonial merchants who amassed great fortunes endowed Yale University in 1714. Although the city as a whole has suffered economic decline, Yale's sprawling campus is still vibrant and architect...

New Iberia

New Iberia, 100 mi/160 km west of New Orleans, is a charming town and an excellent base for visiting sights around the coastal portion of Cajun Country. Fans of mystery author James Lee Burke's writing will recognize the town from its depictions in the popular Dave Robicheaux novels. New Iberia'...

New Ireland

Overview Introduction New Ireland, with peaks reaching 4,900 ft/1,500 m, is divine. In the main town, Kavieng , be sure to see the Stone Grain Grinding Wheel (circa 1852) and the Museum of Manggan Carvings (ancient stone tools). Other attractions in the area include the Utu Village High School a...

New Jersey

When Bruce Springsteen, one of New Jersey's best known native sons, sang of escaping a land of factories, refineries and giant Exxon signs, he reinforced the idea that the state was one big industrial wasteland—an idea that seems very true if you whiz through on the northern stretches of the New Jer...

New London/Groton

New London and adjacent Groton were one city until 1705. They're nearly midway between New York City and Boston, along the Thames River (pronounced as it looks, not like the river in England) and Long Island Sound. Both cities have been known for shipbuilding: The world's first atomic-powered submar...

New Mexico

We can't confirm or deny the incident, but if aliens did crash their UFO in Roswell, they certainly picked the right state: New Mexico is knee-deep in the mystical and the mysterious. Disappearing civilizations, secret atomic test sites, Native American healers, divine dirt and miraculous staircases...

New Orleans

It has been said that New Orleans, Louisiana, celebrates indulgence like no other U.S. city; its reputation for feasting and revelry, especially during Mardi Gras, is legendary. After Hurricane Katrina, the city rebuilt with fervor and tourism is flourishing. New restaurants, hotels and attractions...

New Ulm

Founded by German settlers, 75 mi/120 km southwest of Minneapolis and St. Paul, the center of this town boasts a glockenspiel with 37 bells and animated figures that move as the hours chime. At noon, 3 and 5 pm each day, panels in the clock slide open to reveal mechanical figures that re-create scen...

New York

New York has much to offer visitors, including mountain getaways, varied and interesting culture, and great spas. Visitors seeking relaxation in New York won't be disappointed by the offerings upstate. The Catskill and Adirondack mountains offer refreshing greenery and great vistas, and Saratoga Sp...

New York

New York City has always been a city of superlatives: largest, tallest, trendiest, best. It's also one of the world's most dynamic places. The skyline seems to be ever-changing, and exciting new restaurants and shops continue to pop up in unexpected neighborhoods. First-time visitors and natives al...

New Zealand

New Zealanders sometimes refer to their country as "God Zone," a rather prideful twist on the phrase "God's Own." But if you like gorgeous scenery and gutsy people, you'll agree with them. New Zealand is blessed with some of the most varied and dramatic terrain in the world—from glaciers, fjords and...


Long beset by inner-city problems, Newark has in recent decades made a turnaround. New Jersey's largest city and one of its oldest, Newark grew very quickly into a major commercial center. (Its labor force was supplied by a steady stream of immigrants arriving from New York City.) The 1950s and 1960...


The University of Delaware, a beautiful college established in 1765, is based in Newark, 14 mi/23 km southwest of Wilmington. Though you may not associate Delaware with Abraham Lincoln, the university's Goodstay Center contains more than 2,000 items relating to the career and private life of the 16t...


The small town of Newbury, England, has become well-known because of its proximity (5 mi/8 km) to Highclere Castle, the setting for the wildly popular British television drama Downton Abbey . The town is 50 mi/80 km from London and is accessible by train from London to Newbury Railway Station or ...


Coastal Newburyport, Massachusetts, near the state's northeasternmost tip 35 mi/55 km north of Boston, draws visitors with its rich nautical heritage—boatyards, taverns and magnificent Federal-style mansions on High Street that were once the homes of wealthy traders and sea captains. In Market Squar...


Overview Introduction Unlike its namesake on the Tyne River in England, Newcastle, Northern Ireland, is a resort town set on a gorgeous bay with a wide, golden strand, 30 mi/48 km south of Belfast. Though much of the town itself is touristy, Newcastle is a good base for exploring the nearby Mount...


The city of Newcastle ("Newie" to the locals), just a two-hour drive north of Sydney and a 40-minute drive from the Hunter Valley wine region, is growing in popularity as a less expensive place to live than Sydney. It is the second-largest city in New South Wales with a population of about 322,000 r...


The principal city of the industrial northeast, 285 mi/460 km north of London, Newcastle-upon-Tyne has enjoyed something of a cultural revival. A dramatic succession of ancient and modern bridges spans the Tyne River and overlooks the quayside nightlife quarter. Take a cruise down the Tyne or stroll...


Newfane, which is a bit north of Brattleboro and 75 mi/120 km southeast of Burlington, is one of the most photographed villages in Vermont. Its classic town green, or square, is set off by a graceful white church, courthouse, a country inn and a row of Federalist houses. The Four Columns Inn has b...


Overview Introduction Located 40 mi/65 km west of Portland, charming Newfield, Maine, is nestled among apple orchards and farmland. But the best reason to visit Newfield is to see Willowbrook (open late May to mid-October), a large collection of restored buildings and artifacts from the 1800s tha...

Newfoundland & Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador may not be the edge of the world, but it sure seems like it: wind-whipped grass, murky fog, and rocky cliffs that plunge into the wild sea. It's a place where we walk a little slower than usual, making sure there's solid ground under each footstep. Those who call Newfoundl...


Proclaiming itself "the Border City" (it's just across Lake Memphremagog from Quebec), Newport is a departure point for those touring the far northern part of Vermont and the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The town is 60 mi/95 km northeast of Burlington. In Brownington, 8 mi/13 km south of Newpo...


Situated on an island in Narragansett Bay, Newport, Rhode Island, has been attracting visitors to its sheltered harbors and picturesque cliffs since the Gilded Age. The wealthiest residents furnished their lavish Rhode Island mansions with imported marble, fine wood and polished crystal. They gave ...

Newport News

Overview Introduction This city near Norfolk is a major port and shipbuilding center that was an important embarkation point for supplies during the two World Wars.


Overview Introduction N'gaoundere (pop.60,000) is the northernmost stop on the train from Yaounde. It's not worth trying to visit, but many people find themselves there at one point or another. It has a pleasant market and is the home of the lamido (sultan) of the Benoue people. Try to visit th...

Ngapali Beach

Located 4 mi/6 km from the village of Thandwe (Sandoway) in Rakhine state, Myanmar's most famous beach has become a tourist hot spot as the palm-thatched bungalows make way for high-end resorts. Lined by palm trees and deep blue waters, the 1.8-mi/3-km white-sand Ngapali Beach is said to be named fo...

Ngorongoro Crater

Another of Tanzania's UNESCO World Heritage sites, Ngorongoro Crater offers, arguably, the finest wildlife viewing in Africa. Unlike in the neighboring Serengeti, game does not need to migrate thanks to the permanent supply of water and grass through both the wet and the dry seasons. Its combination...


Located in the farthest reaches of eastern Niger, N'Guigmi is the last town on the dirt road to Chad. It's a gray, dusty frontier outpost that feels very much like the end of the road. The market to the south does a big trade in camels, because the area is primarily populated by nomadic people, the ...

Nha Trang

Nha Trang, set on Vietnam's mountainous coast 250 mi/400 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City, is best known for its golden beaches, clean air and proximity to some paradiselike islands. The city is a pleasant seaside resort with a relaxed atmosphere and well-developed tourist services. Nha Trang is e...

Niagara Falls

One of the world's most famous travel destinations, Niagara Falls offers a combination of natural beauty and entertainment that has inspired visitors since the 19th century. The impressive 170-ft-/53-m-high Horseshoe Falls on the Canada side and romantic, mist-filled Bridal Veil Falls in the U.S. ...


About 15 mi/25 km north of Niagara Falls, the Niagara Parkway reaches the charming town of Niagara-on-the-Lake, located at the mouth of the river on Lake Ontario. Niagara-on-the-Lake is steeped in history and was Canada's first capital until 1867, when Ottawa assumed that distinction. These days,...


Niger's capital, located in the far western region of the country, is a lively, fairly modern city of 748,600. Niamey offers unique open-air markets that are great for people-watching—they're patronized by members of the Tuareg, Sonuri and Fulani tribes. The grande marche , or main market, in the c...


Despite Nicaragua's vibrant, tumultuous history, the violence associated with the Sandinista revolution and Contra War ended in the early 1990s, leaving a tranquil, peace-loving people to finally get on with their lives. Today's Nicaragua is politically stable and attracts an increasing number of ...


Graced with an average of 2,640 hours of sunshine per year, Nice, France, proudly wears the colors of Chagall and Matisse: Its Mediterranean bay is azure blue, its tiled roofs are red, its houses ocher and yellow, and its gardens emerald green. All those colors also show up at the wonderful flower ...

Nicosia (Greek Cyprus)

Nicosia (pronounced nick-oh-SEE-ah ; also called Lefkosia in Greek) is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus. The old city, which is surrounded by a 16th-century wall built by the Venetians, is filled with museums and fine old churches that reveal the depth of the island's history and culture. The ...

Nicosia (Turkish Cyprus)

Nicosia is also the capital of Turkish Cyprus (the Turks call the city Lefkosa ). The Turkish side also has part of the original Venetian city walls intact, but it has a more exotic feel than the Greek side: The streets are narrower and more winding and filled with shops, cafes and restaurants serv...


The resort village of Nida—35 mi/55 km south of Klaipeda on the 60-mi/95-km strip of land known as the Curonian Spit, or Neringa Peninsula—is beautifully sited. It is surrounded by drifting sand dunes, lagoons and a long, white-sand beach. The peninsula is a national park. The spit is a brief ferry ...


Niger straddles the Sahel, the unforgiving boundary zone in north-central Africa where the greener climes of the south give way to sandy soil and stunted vegetation and then to the dry silence of the Sahara. At just about any time of the year, it can be a blazing furnace. But Niger is also a hotbed ...


Although Nigeria has substantial oil and mineral deposits, prosperity is far out of the reach of most of its people, and poverty is widespread. Inflation and corruption in Nigeria are rampant, riots and strikes are frequent, and the country's infrastructure is in tatters from plunder by past governm...

Niihau Island

Nicknamed "the Forbidden Island," Niihau is largely off-limits to Hawaii's visitors; it is owned by the Robinson family, who purchased it from King Kamehameha IV in 1863. The island is home to about 200 native Hawaiians who live a very traditional lifestyle. The economic mainstays are raising cattle...


The city of Nikko, set amid mountains, usually is seen as a day trip from Tokyo (which is 75 mi/120 km to the south), but if you have the time, it's best to stay overnight. Numerous shrines and pagodas are nearby, the best-known being Toshogu Shrine, which houses the mausoleum of the first Tokugaw...


The Provencal town of Nimes, France, about 65 mi/105 km northwest of Marseille, has an ancient past. Among its historical landmarks are a well-preserved Roman arena, Les Arenes Nimes, which is one of southwest France's most impressive Roman ampitheaters. It was used to stage gladitorial competitio...


Nimrod, the second capital of the Assyrian empire, once contained impressive, well-preserved ruins. Of special interest were the temple of Ninurta and Sargon's Palace, as well as the relief of lions with wings on the wall at the gate to Assurnasirpal II's Palace. In early 2015 ISIS terrorists were...

Nine Miles

If Nine Miles doesn't sound familiar, don't worry: It's a remote mountain village that doesn't even appear on some maps of Jamaica. It's about 48 mi/80 km northwest of Kingston and 25 mi/40 km south of Runaway Bay, between Alexandria and Claremont, on roads that become increasingly potholed and wind...


This former Assyrian capital (named after the Assyrian god Nina) was renowned for its ruins of ancient buildings, a few nicely restored gates, some partially restored walls and a small museum. In early 2015, ISIS terrorists bulldozed the ruins, blew up the gates and trashed the museum. Fortunately, ...

Ningaloo Reef

Overview Introduction Ningaloo Reef is on Australia's west coast. The reef is accessible from both Exmouth and Coral Bay, about halfway between Perth and Broome. One of only a very few coral reefs in the world to form on the western side of a continent (ocean currents favor east-side formation), ...


Ningbo, a laid-back, green city in coastal Zhejiang province, was a strong candidate to become the nation's east coast financial, commercial and shipping center back in the 1980s when China began opening up to the world. Instead, that accolade was given to Shanghai. Ningbo, meanwhile, settled into a...

Ninh Binh

The provincial capital of Ninh Binh, 62 mi/100 km south of Hanoi, is worth a two- or three-day visit on its own, rather than the usual day trip from Hanoi. It is a bit off the trodden tourist trail, and there the life of contemporary Vietnam is visible without the prepackaged spin that most resorts ...

Niokolo-Koba National Park

Niokolo-Koba National Park in Senegal is the largest game park in West Africa and the most tantalizing on paper, with a species list that includes lion, leopard, elephant, chimpanzee, buffalo and a rich variety of antelope and other ungulates, including the last wild population of the western race o...


Nis, Serbia, located 150 mi/240 km by road southeast of Belgrade, is one of the oldest Balkan cities. It features the odd and ghoulish Cele Kula (Tower of Skulls), which was erected in the early 19th century by the Turks and is composed in part from the skulls of dead Serbians who fought against the...


Just 9 mi/14 km east of and across the bay from Rio de Janeiro, Niteroi is a town with three wonderful beaches: Itaipu, Camboinhas and Itacoatiara. The city is connected by bus and ferry to Rio. There are numerous restaurants, bars, clubs and kiosks. Parque da Cidade has wildflowers, tropical pla...


Many vacation destinations are called hidden getaways, but in the case of Niue, it's appropriate. The island's most distinctive sights truly are hidden—they're underground and underwater—and include buried grottoes, pools and caverns that can be explored by scuba divers, swimmers and explorers afoot...

Niulakita Island

Overview Introduction The southernmost island of Tuvalu, Niulakita is a solitary coral island less than a mile/kilometer long. A century ago, workers excavated guano (accumulated droppings left by seabirds) for use as fertilizer. Later, an Australian company used the island as a coconut plantatio...

Niutao Island

Overview Introduction Even with only about 700 people, Niutao has the unenviable distinction of being the most densely populated island in Tuvalu. Boat captains making the journey there should inquire locally about how best to approach the shore. 220 mi/350 km northwest of Funafuti.


Overview Introduction Only a short drive into the interior from Masqat, Nizwa is interesting for its 17th-century fort and watchtower, and its souk, which specializes in daggers, silver and brass items. Also worth seeing is the falaj , the well-preserved irrigation system. Nearby are the interes...

Nkhata Bay

Overview Introduction The most popular traveler hangout on Lake Malawi, Nkhata Bay is a lively little village with markets, cafes and a busy fishing harbor. It attracts many backpackers who spend up to a few weeks there in the rustic beach resorts. Though best-known as a place to chill out, Nkhat...


Overview Introduction On the banks of Lake Malawi, Nkhotakota is the oldest settlement in Malawi and was once a center for the slave trade. The fig tree under which Dr. Livingstone preached against slavery can still be seen. The village can be visited on a very long day trip from Lilongwe or when...

Nogal Valley

Overview Introduction This arid region was once a rich, fertile valley, but soil erosion has left it somewhat desolate. Overland travel is difficult during the rainy season, when roads sometimes become impassable even for four-wheel-drive vehicles. War and drought have decimated the land, but yo...


Nome is located on the northwest side of Alaska on the Bering Sea, 550 mi/885 km northwest of Anchorage. The town came into existence practically overnight after gold was discovered there in 1898. The town's highlights include the Carrie McLain Memorial Museum (exhibits on the gold rush and the n...

Nong Khai

Just downriver from Vientiane, the capital of Laos, and 310 mi/500 km north of Bangkok, the Mekong River town of Nong Khai, Thailand, is a popular transit point for travelers. It has also emerged as an attractive option in its own right—there is a fantastic sculpture park of Hindu deities and Buddhi...


Overview Introduction Located about 5 mi/8 km north of Oranjestad, Noord, Aruba, is the tourist hub and most inhabited town on the island. Many attractions are found there beyond the large resorts and their beaches.


Overview Introduction There are two reasons travelers go to this completely modern town (built in 1960). One is to see the nearby Norak Dam and its hydroelectric station. More than 975 ft/300 m high, the dam is billed as the tallest concrete barrier in the world, and the attached station boasts t...


Norfolk, Virginia, is best known as the home of the world's largest naval-base complex (Naval Station Norfolk), which has been around since the beginning of the 20th century. It was also an important port city in the colonial period: St. Paul's Church, built in 1739, still stands, as does Fort Norf...


Overview Introduction This town is home to the University of Oklahoma. In 2005, the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art on the university campus opened a new wing that houses its impressive collection of French Impressionist paintings, American painting and sculpture (particularly Modernism and Southwes...

Norman Island

Home to one of the most protected anchorages in the region (known as The Bight), Norman Island, British Virgin Islands, is located on the Flanagan Passage and Sir Francis Drake Channel (south of Tortola). A favorite of sailors, it's an uninhabited, mountainous island with beautiful beaches, caves, g...


Overview Introduction The strip of northern France known as Normandy stretches along the English Channel between Brittany and the Pays du Nord. The region offers bucolic scenery (rendered on canvas by impressionist painters), splendid beaches, quaint villages, rich green pastures and lots of hist...

North Adams

Overview Introduction Located in the Berkshires region of northwestern Massachusetts, the small city of North Adams is home to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MASS MoCA). Describing itself as a supercollider for the arts, the museum is a must-visit for contemporary art fans.

North Caicos

North Caicos is the northernmost island of the Turks and Caicos chain. It has lime and papaya trees, the beautiful and nearly deserted 7-mi-/11-km-long Whitby Beach, and a handful of hotels. The main settlements on North Caicos are Bottle Creek, Whitby and Kew. Jeeps and 4x4 vehicles are the best ...

North Carolina

You'll have to choose sides in North Carolina—the mountains or the coast? Hike wooded trails or stroll on the beach? Drive the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway or sail across the sound on a ferry? Gaze over misty valleys from a mountain peak or admire the arc of the shoreline from a sand dune? It's diffic...

North Cascades Natl Pk

This large, 504,781-acre/204,278-hectare park in the northern part of Washington state includes deep coniferous forests, alpine meadows and hundreds of glaciers. Mule deer, mountain goats and black bears freely roam the area. This rugged and varied wilderness is not as well-known as other national p...

North Dakota

There's a saying in North Dakota: "Forty below keeps the riffraff out." It seems to be true, because the state has the lowest crime rate in the U.S. Cold temperatures—along with the state's rather remote location—keep out a lot of other people, too, including large numbers of vacationers. Most peop...

North East

North East, Maryland, is located 45 mi/70 km northeast of Baltimore, at the head of the Chesapeake Bay. Once a bustling fishing center, North East now concentrates on landing tourists. Main Street is lined with shops offering antiques, gifts and fresh seafood. The Upper Bay Museum, housed in a for...

North Greenland

Overview Introduction Inuit villages were scattered around Qaanaaq ( Thule ) in far northwestern Greenland when the area was explored by Sir James Ross in 1818 (and later by Knud Rasmussen). Today, special permits are required for visits to this region because it is home to the Thule Air Base o...

North Island

Overview Introduction North Island is open only to guests at the sensual, sophisticated, 11-villa North Island Lodge, which takes the concept of barefoot luxury to extraordinary levels. Located 19 mi/30 km north of Mahe, the island is ecofriendly with a resident ecologist and marine biologist. ht...

North Korea

For decades, North Korea has operated more like a national cult than a country. Dictator Kim Il Sung, known as the Great Leader, who was succeeded by his son Kim Jong Il (the "Dear Leader"), created one of the most isolated and eccentric cultures in the world. The few visitors allowed into the count...

North Macedonia

North Macedonia, the only state to secede from Yugoslavia without bloodshed, finally fell victim to the Balkan curse in 2001. The country's ethnic Albanian minority, which increased with the influx of refugees from neighboring Serbia and Kosovo, took up arms against the North Macedonian government a...

North Platte

Very much a crossroads of the Old West, North Platte, Nebraska, was a way station for the Pony Express and another town along the Oregon and Mormon Trails. Latter-day travelers passing through North Platte, located 280 mi/450 km west of Omaha, should take a break and visit the Buffalo Bill Ranch Sta...

North Rim

The breathtaking North Rim rewards travelers with greater silence and isolation than can be found on the South Rim. It receives only a fraction of the park's total visitors, partly because it closes in the winter and partly because it's in a rather remote location. The park boundary on the North R...

North Shore

The north shore of Kauai Island is one of the most beautiful spots in Hawaii. Check with local residents and beachgoers to see if it's safe to swim at any given beach before jumping in: North shore beaches can have dangerous undertows and currents, especially during winter. It's also fairly rainy (...

North York Moors Natl Pk

North York Moors National Park is a boon to walkers and nature lovers (though, in our opinion, not quite as lovely as the Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and Lake District). Located 25 mi/40 km north of York, the park's scenery ranges from bare, open moorland to the windswept coast. The area is b...


Although there's not much to recommend the city of Northampton itself, the surrounding countryside has quite a few attractions to draw visitors. Principal among these is Althorp, the childhood home and burial site of Diana, Princess of Wales (advance tickets are required because the number of visito...


Northampton, Massachusetts, where former U.S. President Calvin Coolidge lived and practiced law after attending Amherst College, is a well-preserved 19th-century town with a thriving arts community. The town is also home to Smith College, whose Museum of Art showcases paintings by 19th- and 20th-c...

Northeast British Columbia/Alaska Highway

Northeast British Columbia (near the borders of Alberta, the Northwest Territories and the Yukon) is beautiful, sparsely populated and easily seen by driving the Alaska Highway. Begin in Dawson Creek, the southern terminus of the highway. While in town, take the time to see the Dawson Creek Art Gall...

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, you will find many of the same delights as in the Republic: ancient stone circles, Celtic high crosses, historic towns and treasures, lively pubs and friendly people. You will notice a slightly different accent, but you'll be welcomed with the same warm hospitality. From the ...

Northern Marianas

How fast can you say CNMI? The residents of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands refer to their Pacific homeland by its initials, saying the letters as quickly as possible, so that they come out in an exotic-sounding blur. But you might also add the letters U.S. when you say the name, be...

Northumberland Strait/Sunrise Trail

Sunrise Trail (Highway 6) runs along the Northumberland shore, which has miles/kilometers of red-sand beaches, and the water of Northumberland Strait is said to be the warmest salt water north of the Carolinas in the U.S. The strong, constant sunshine and shallow water help keep it at bathwater temp...

Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories is one of the world's last great frontiers. Covering 450,000 sq mi/1.17 million sq km of the Canadian north, it is one of the wildest and most inhospitable parts of North America. Hunting and fishing are not just recreational pursuits there: For some people, they are the me...

Northwoods, The

This large region in the northeast portion of the state is heavily forested (at least for now—it's the heart of the Wisconsin paper industry). Relive the state's lumberjack days at the logging museum in Rhinelander —it contains a full-scale reproduction of a logging camp from the 1800s. Northwest ...


Norway is Europe's great parkland: a dramatic mix of mountains, seas, forests and fjords. While the country has tidy cities, historic buildings and distinctive artists, nature is clearly its prime attraction. We think it's one of the loveliest countries in the world, summer or winter, and the prim...


A thriving city with a historic center, 100 mi/160 km northeast of London, Norwich, England, is dominated by a cathedral spire built to rival that of Salisbury. Be sure to visit the cathedral (note the comical misericords on the seats) and the castle (now a museum). There are many other churches—it'...


The village of Nospelf, Luxembourg, is known for its earthenware, and it has a small pottery museum. Good times to visit the villiage, located 12 mi/20 km northwest of Luxembourg City, are Easter Monday for the pottery festival; the last Sunday in July, when the town fills with artisans who demonstr...

Nosy Be Island

The name Nosy Be means "Big Island," though it is often referred to as the Island of Perfume. Relatively quiet and tranquil (and 390 mi/630 km north of Antananarivo), Nosy Be is Madagascar's only true resort area, with attractive fine-sand beaches and good places for diving and snorkeling. Mount P...

Nosy Boraha

Nosy Boraha, Madagascar, was formerly a pirate hideout (more commonly known as Ile Sainte Marie) and has a charming, relaxed pace. This island 200 mi/320 km northeast of Antananarivo is just 30 mi/55 km long and 4 mi/7 km wide. Only one road connects the main town, Ambodifototra, with scattered se...

Nosy Mangabe

Nosy Mangabe is a small island near Madagascar's Masoala Peninsula known for its population of aye-ayes, which were introduced there in the 1960s when this peculiar creature was thought to be on the brink of extinction. The aye-ayes are quite easy to locate, but since they are nocturnal, that's only...


The city of Nottingham, in the hills of north-central England 105 mi/170 km northwest of London, was headquarters for the legendary Robin Hood. Don't go out of your way to see it, but if it's convenient, plan a few hours for the Nottingham Castle Museum (local historical displays and art), Wollaton ...


This port city of 70,000 on the edge of the Sahara has a noticeable Moorish influence—leavened with a bit of the brand-spanking-new. The modern airport, complete with Muzak, represents "progress." Once outside, however, the paved streets are covered with sand and lead to extremely basic hotels. On t...


Overview Introduction Mauritania's capital city (pop. 800,000) offers an interesting view of West Africa and a wide variety of hotel accommodations. We suggest a one-day stay to take in the markets, sandy streets and colorful people. Two mosques are open to tourists: the Grande Mosque and the Fri...


Noumea, New Caledonia, sits on the southwestern coast of the main island 70 mi/115 km northwest of Ile des Pins. Noumea is the territory's largest city and its capital. Noumea is also very French, from the wrought-iron balconies to the sidewalk cafes. Its four tree-lined squares, colonial homes an...


Overview Introduction Nuristan is one of the country's most unusual and inaccessible regions. Set in striking mountains near the territory of Kashmir (whose ownership is a matter of hot dispute), this dramatic, forested area is dotted with wooden hillside homes. The Greek god Dionysus figures pro...

Nova Scotia

Though Nova Scotia is a land tied intrinsically to boating and the sea, the best way to see it today is by car. The province is divided into six tourist areas: Fundy Shore and Annapolis Valley, Northumberland Shore, Cape Breton Island, Eastern Shore, South Shore, and Yarmouth and Acadian Shores. Th...


The city of Velikiy (Great) Norvgorod, Russia, 100 mi/160 km southeast of St. Petersburg, is more than 1,100 years old. At one time it competed with Moscow for domination of Old Russia. Today, it's primarily modern and industrial, but still retains a well-preserved Kremlin and old city center. See S...

Novi Sad

The city of Novi Sad, Serbia, sits on the Danube River, 50 mi/80 km by road northwest of Belgrade. Novi Sad offers a number of historical attractions, including the main orthodox church, with iconostasis created by Paja Jovanovic; the Muzej Vojvodine, a history museum; the University of Novi Sad; a...

Nuba Mountains

Overview Introduction Travel to this region southwest of Khartoum is very dangerous. Relief agencies have been barred from working there, and conflict in the area has been the focus of human-rights reports, which have alleged the presence of kidnapping and slave trading. The situation is extremel...

Nuevo Laredo

Across the Rio Grande from Laredo, Texas, Nuevo Laredo is very large and has one of the prettiest town plazas in a Mexican border town with some good handicrafts shops. In fact, it used to be the largest shopping mecca anywhere along the border outside of Tijuana. The city is also home to the famous...

Nui Atoll

Overview Introduction The people of Nui form the only Micronesian community in Polynesian Tuvalu. This was the first island to be seen by Europeans (some Spaniards sailed past in 1568). The 11 small islands around Nui's lagoon have lovely palm-fringed beaches. 160 mi/255 km northwest of Funafuti...

Nuku Hiva

Taiohae on the south coast of Nuku Hiva, 875 mi/1,400 km northeast of Tahiti, is the administrative center for French Polynesia's Marquesas Islands. Many 19th-century vestiges of French colonialism can be seen around this small town, alongside recent reproductions of old Polynesian art. The Notre-Da...

Nukufetau Atoll

Overview Introduction Of the nine Tuvalu islands and atolls, only Nukufetau and Funafuti have passages through their coral rings large enough to allow ships and yachts to enter the lagoon. That alone should put Nukufetau on the itinerary of visiting yachtsmen. During World War II, the U.S. forces...

Nukulaelae Atoll

Overview Introduction Easternmost of the Tuvalu islands, Nukulaelae was the first island to accept Christianity. That conversion happened after a lost Cook Island canoeist washed ashore in 1861. A few years later, less-scrupulous visitors kidnapped many of the islanders by pretending to invite th...


Imagine a strip of coastline with offshore islands the size of California and an interior dotted with lakes that don't even have names. Nunavut, one of Canada's three territories, is a fledgling tourist destination. It has a smattering of towns with not a single traffic light among them, and in many...


Located 103 mi/166 km northwest of Munich, Nuremberg, Germany, is an interesting mix of the quaint and the cosmopolitan. Once dubbed "the most German of German cities" by a former mayor, it has a dark history as the former seat of the Nazi party. Today, it's a city that has worked hard to overcome ...

Nusa Dua

Overview Introduction Once a barren, sparsely populated strip of coast, Nusa Dua is now one of Bali's—and the world's—most luxurious beach resorts. Located just 10 mi/15 km south of Denpasar, the accommodations are lavish, expensive and sheltered from the outside world, which includes the rest of...

Nyika National Park

Overview Introduction At around 7,500 ft/2,300 m, this park is one of the world's highest-altitude game reserves. This area of beautiful grassland and waterfalls offers a wide range of animal viewing, hiking and fishing, but it's really quite remote (in far northern Malawi). A popular activity at...

Nyungwe Forest

Extending across almost 386 sq mi/1,000 sq km, Nyungwe is the largest remaining tract of montane rain forest in East Africa with a checklist of around 280 bird species, including 26 regional endemics, and an astounding variety of trees, orchids and butterflies. The most conspicuous of its 13 primate...


Overview Introduction Nzerekore (pop. 291,000) is the capital of the forested Guinea region near the Nimba mountains where Guinea, Liberia and the Ivory Coast meet. Take a domestic flight there unless you have two days to spend going overland. The city has a surprising number of restaurants and b...

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Our motto at Vincent Vacations is, we go so you know! We want to ensure you have the BEST experience, whether it's a river cruise, or a corporate group incentive trip, we want to ensure your vacation is a success.

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Many of our travel agents have been in travel since 2002! With Vincent Vacations, all travel components are taken care of - this includes accommodations, air, transfers, tours, activities, insurance, contracts, EVERYTHING.

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Travel agents can help save time and stress by doing the research and handling all your bookings for you. An experience travel agent is best at finding great deals and packages, as well as providing you with helpful information and tips. They can also help you plan special activities and experiences that you may not have thought of on your own. All in all, using a travel agent can be a great way to make sure you get the most out of your trip.

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Family Reunion & 70th Birthday in Canada
on 11/30/2023

Free time is rare for me these days, so it was invaluable that Ashlee took on the time consuming tas...

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on 11/29/2023

Kristin is great to work with from start to finish! She is very knowledgeable and resourceful. Her g...

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Thanksgiving in St. Lucia
on 11/29/2023

What a great trip! St Lucia was amazing!
-Jill Marshall

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on 11/28/2023

Courtney helped us so efficiently and made the booking process a dream. She then sent information wi...
-Marie Barnes

Read more >
Wayne K.
on 11/24/2023

Macy was exceptionally thorough and helpful. Very responsive too.
-Wayne K.

Read more >
A Wonderful Trip Thanks to Juliann!
on 11/16/2023

I decided to plan a girl's trip with my sisters and I, but I had no idea where to start! Over the ye...
-Carla Hurtado

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Father/Son Baseball Trip
on 11/12/2023

Sherri Brown was very responsive to our questions and requests, and she had great ideas that we had ...
-Mike Croft

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on 11/7/2023

FROM GOOGLE REVIEWS Traveling to Rome, Italy was a dream come, true for my husband and I! Chri...
-Briana Barrera

Read more >
Italy Bucket List
on 10/28/2023

I absolutely want to recognize Gail Mauck with your firm. She created the itinerary for “my bucket ...

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travel agent near me
travel agent near me

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