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El Salvador Travel Packages/Deals & Travel Agents Near Me

Travel Packages All Inclusive from our Advisors

We recognize that vacations are not just an investment, but often the highlights of our lives, and we take that responsibility seriously. We want to ensure you have the best vacation experience. Interested in a job in travel? Click here to learn: How to Become a Travel Agent

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Latest El Salvador Travel Packages & Deals

We serve customers all over the USA! Contact us for a custom curated vacation package for your preferred dates, budget, airline & more.

16-Nights Volcano Trail: Waves & Local Ways - 18-to-Thirtysomethings

Price: $1,161 - # of Days: 16 days
Volcano Trail: Waves & Local Ways From the laid-back vibes and waves of the Pacific Coast to tropical rainforests alive with jungle melodies, take the road less travelled on this trip through Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica with other travellers your own age. This is one ...

 Package Details

44-Nights Epic Central America: Seven Countries & the Softest Sand Ever - 18-to-Thirtysomethings

Price: $4,649 - # of Days: 44 days
Epic Central America: Seven Countries & the Softest Sand Ever The big kahuna of our Central America trips. Travel from Mexico City all the way to Costa Rica over 45 days of jam-packed adventure, collecting seven new stamps in your passport along the way. For a relatively small geographical part of t...

 Package Details

31-Nights Central American Journey: Rainforests & Ruins - 18-to-Thirtysomethings

Price: $2,609 - # of Days: 31 days
Central American Journey: Rainforests & Ruins Escape the resorts and discover something extraordinary in Central America. Visit seven countries on this adventure and experience mighty ruins, clear Caribbean waters, Pacific waves, rainforests, and breathtaking scenery along the way. Explore indigenou...

 Package Details

Acajutla Travel Packages

Located on the western coast of El Salvador, the town of Acajutla, is the site of the country’s largest seaport. During the 19th century, the port became well known for shipping coffee, which continues to make up the majority of Acajutla’...

Categories: Acajutla

Ahuachapan Travel Packages

Ahuachapan in located in the western region of El Salvador, at around 60 miles from the capital city of El Salvador. This city along the path of Ruta de Las Flores, a wildflower tourism trip throughout El Salvador, in addition, it is a commercial hub...

Categories: Ahuachapan

Alegria Travel Packages

Categories: Alegria

Apaneca Travel Packages

Apaneca, a bucolic mountain town 57 mi/91 km west of El Salvador, is a popular weekend retreat among people from hectic San Salvador. Apaneca's whitewashed church, tiled-roof houses and quiet streets offer glimpses of life in rural El Salvador. Orcha...

Categories: Apaneca

Cerro Verde National Park Travel Packages

Located at the crown of an extinct volcano about 50 mi/80 km northwest of San Salvador, Cerro Verde National Park, El Salvador, has good hiking in forest-covered mountains and spectacular views of Izalco Volcano and Coatepeque Crater Lake. Cerro Verd...

Categories: Cerro Verde National Park

Costa Del Sol, El Salvador Travel Packages

An hour's drive over a good highway from San Salvador, the resort area of Costa del Sol, El Salvador, is well-developed for tourism, with luxury hotels, homes and cottages set along a 10-mi/16-km stretch of gray-sand beach. Costa del Sol offers deep-...

Categories: Costa Del Sol El Salvador

El Imposible National Park Travel Packages

El Imposible National Park, El Salvador, takes its name from a difficult-to-reach mountain pass in this rugged part of the Ahuachapan Mountains, near the border with Guatemala. Located 70 mi/115 km west of San Salvador, the park covers 12,850 acres/5...

Categories: El Imposible National Park

El Salvador Travel Packages

Renowned for its Pacific Ocean beaches, surfing, lush landscapes, and pristine natural habitats, El Salvador is an eco-traveler’s paradise that is also known as the Land of Volcanoes for having 25 visible volcanoes. At approximately 8,108 square mile...

Categories: Central America

Jiquilisco Bay Travel Packages

Categories: Jiquilisco Bay

La Barra del Santiago Travel Packages

Categories: La Barra del Santiago

La Libertad Travel Packages

Situated some 25 mi/40 km southwest of San Salvador, the Pacific coast resort of La Libertad, El Salvador, offers some of the world's best surfing. Consequently, it is packed with city dwellers on weekends. A short distance west is Zunzal, where inte...

Categories: La Libertad

La Union Travel Packages

Categories: La Union

Montecristo National Park Travel Packages

Also called El Trifinio, Montecristo National Park is in northwestern El Salvador about 70 mi/115 km northwest of San Salvador. It borders Honduras and Guatemala. Protected by all three governments, the Montecristo cloud forest has many microclimates...

Categories: Montecristo National Park

Playa El Palmarcito Travel Packages

Categories: Playa El Palmarcito

San Miguel, El Salvador Travel Packages

In eastern El Salvador 75 mi/120 km east of San Salvador, San Miguel is near the picturesque 6,994-ft/2,132-m San Miguel Volcano. There is little in the way of sights in San Miguel, but the town itself is intriguing, with bustling street markets, nic...

Categories: San Miguel El Salvador

San Salvador Travel Packages

The capital of El Salvador and its largest city, San Salvador is a bustling place with massive traffic jams during rush hour. The ongoing construction of expressways adds to the slowdowns. Though it was established in 1546, most of San Salvador's col...

Categories: San Salvador

San Vicente Travel Packages

San Vicente, El Salvador, a charming town with a soaring white clock tower, is picturesquely situated in a valley beneath a twin-peaked volcano 28 mi/45 km east of San Salvador. Stroll down the cobblestoned streets, past red-roofed houses, and see th...

Categories: San Vicente

Santa Ana, El Salvador Travel Packages

A pleasant place located 40 mi/65 km northwest of San Salvador, Santa Ana is El Salvador's second-largest city. It's geared to a slower pace than San Salvador. Santa Ana Volcano towers over the town, and sugarcane and coffee are grown in the surround...

Categories: Santa Ana El Salvador

Sonsonate Travel Packages

Categories: Sonsonate

Suchitoto Travel Packages

Categories: Suchitoto

Visit and discover the enchantment of the Mayan culture, take a look at the vitality and exuberance within the country's geography, discover the attraction of dark sand beaches, and then be captured by silent nights that lengthen into dawn. The fascination of El Salvador is in its environment, in its light, aromas and the faces of its people. The people's hospitality and industriousness have earned the country the name "The Country with a Smile". El Salvador has many places of incomparable beauty, many of them with relatively easy access and very picturesque. There are plains, steep mountains, rivers, ravines, marshes, beaches brimming with sun and life and impressive volcanic formations, some still active. Its abundant cultural equipment - in large measure still unexplored - makes it one of the most impressive archeological mysteries in the Americas. Religious architectural constructions can be constantly seen nationwide.

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Categories: Central America > El Salvador

El Salvador

Renowned for its Pacific Ocean beaches, surfing, lush landscapes, and pristine natural habitats, El Salvador is an eco-traveler’s paradise that is also known as the Land of Volcanoes for having 25 visible volcanoes. At approximately 8,108 square miles, which is roughly the size of the state of Massachusetts, El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America, sharing borders with Guatemala and Honduras in the southeast region of the Mesoamerica, and the only country in the region without coastline on the Caribbean Sea. Its centrally situated capital, San Salvador, is a diverse city known for business, a vibrant nightlife, and emerging art scene. The summit of Monte Cristo Mountain is one of the highest point, offering a nature preserve and cloud forest. Among El Salvador’s most popular tourist destinations are two vast national parks – El Impossible and Parque Nacional Los Volcanoes, which contains about 500 species of birds and mammals. Other popular attractions are Ruta de Las Flores, a winding journey past flowering coffee farms and rainforest zip-line sites; colonial towns like Juayúa, with its weekend food festival; Ataco, home to vivid murals; and Playa El Tunco, a surfing village with black sand beaches

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Quick Facts

  • U.S. travelers: 

    Valid passport needed for entry. Additionally, upon arrival a visa will need to be purchased for $10 which is valid for 90 days.

  • Official language:

    Spanish is the primary written and spoken language throughout the country. In tourist areas and attractions, some English is spoken.

  • Official currency:

    The legal tender for all transactions is the United States Dollar. Most businesses accept dollar bills in small denominations, generally not larger than $50 USD. It is recommended to carry cash for local shops, while hotels, major stores, and high-end restaurants accept credit cards.

  • Climate:

    El Salvador has a tropical climate with small annual changes in temperature. The country has two seasons, the dry season – which goes from November until April, and the rainy season – which goes from May until October.

  • STEP Program

  • El Salvador entry requirements




The Flowers Route

Goes through the impressive Apaneca-llamatepec mountain range, visiting artisan towns with traditional culture such as Nahuizalco, Salcoatitan, Juayua (known as the city of food festivals), Apanceca (which boasts coffee forests and lagoons), Concepcion de Ataco (a beautiful city with cobblestone roads and tepid climate), and Ahuachapan (a charming city rich with history, traditions, coffee plantations, and the natural wonders of geysers and a beautiful lagoon).

Sun and Beach Route

Covers 186 miles of amazing beaches, warm waters, and rocky reefs all perfect for swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and other water activities. The trail includes two of the best surfing spots in the world: El Sunzal and Punta Roca. Along this highly popular trail visitors will find an array of hotels, eco-lodges, marinas, restaurants, and viewing decks with convenient access.


San Andrés

San Andrés is the site of the capital of Mayan dominion that was spreading along the Zapotitán Valley between 600 and 900 AD. While the first settlement took place around 900 BC, settlers probably left the town by 250 BC because of the eruption the Ilopango Lake Cauldron. During the 5th century AD, it would be occupied again by native Indians. The first major excavation occurred in the 1940s.


Located 31 miles northeast of San Salvador, wondrous little 'Suchi' is the cultural capital of the country. Every weekend, the cobbled streets come alive for an arts and food festival in a grand celebration of guanaco pride. The month of February is dedicated to celebrating the town's resident artists, and the small galleries swell with domestic tourists. Historically, indigo ruled the area and was the key driver of the economy before a synthetic component was created. Today, visitors can still learn the original organic way indigo was used to create vibrant apparel. Architecture buffs will love the colonial buildings, while outdoor types can choose between numerous hikes to waterfalls, caves, and beautiful Lago Suchitlán, all within miles of town.



El Salvador serves up some of the best food in Central America, but it’s about more than just the flavors. Even in the most modest mercados, you’ll also find serious attention to detail. The focus is on fresh ingredients and complex recipes handed down through generations. Even better, you’ll often enjoy your meals in beautiful surroundings, with good music, lavish gardens, and other aesthetic extras.

Festivals and Events

While larger festivals provide the most colorful backdrops, even smaller events—like the food festival in Juayúa and the artisan market in Suchitoto, both held every weekend—are authentic expressions of this country’s unique culture. Plus, many other cities hold weekend culinary and handicraft fairs, and every town celebrates its patron saints with a big annual party, called a fiesta patronal.

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Categories: Central America > El Salvador

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