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Da Nang

The coastal city of Da Nang, the major port in the central part of Vietnam, was home to a huge U.S. Air Force base during the U.S. war with Vietnam. Da Nang is halfway between Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, 380 mi/610 km southeast of Hanoi, and growing quickly. It's noted for art and architecture from ...


Overview Introduction At Dabola, the mountains of the Fouta Djallon give way to the lowlands. This colonial town surrounded by hills is split not only geographically but also culturally—half of its inhabitants are Malinke and the other half Fulani. Try to go there on Tuesday, to visit one of the ...


Daegu, South Korea's fourth-largest city, is a polluted industrial center 150 mi/240 km southeast of Seoul. It doesn't really merit a visit, but if you find yourself there, allow a half-day to shop and to visit Dalseong Park and Suseong Lake. About 14 mi/22 km north is the fifth-century Donghwa Te...


Daejeon, South Korea, located 95 mi/150 km south of Seoul, hosted the 1993 World Expo, which has been converted to a theme park focused on science and technology. West of town is Gyeryong Mountain, where there are hiking trails, beautiful fall foliage, and the Gapsa and Donghaksa temples nestled in ...


Dahab, Egypt, is a laid-back Sinai resort on the Gulf of Aqaba, 379 mi/610 km southeast of Cairo. You can spend the entire day lounging at one of the palm-shaded restaurants on the golden beaches, listening to reggae tunes and chatting with fellow guests, usually a diverse selection of Western trave...

Dahlak Islands

Overview Introduction These coral islands in the Red Sea, just offshore from Massawa, are an incredible treat. There are ancient Semitic ruins, excellent diving and snorkeling, and empty beaches. Less than a dozen of the 200 islands are inhabited; the largest is Dahlak-Kebir, which currently has ...


Dakar, Senegal, is often called the Paris of West Africa, with beautiful tree-lined boulevards, French bistros and a very fashionable population. This capital, located near the tip of the Cap Vert Peninsula, is bordered by beaches and 100-ft/30-m cliffs that drop into the Atlantic. For a pleasant...


Overview Introduction Far south of El Ayoune on the Atlantic coast, Dakhla is in an isolated area in the Western Sahara being developed as a beach and watersports resort (its favorable winds are great for kitesurfing) and sea-bass fishing center. Though easily accessible by air, it's in a politic...


Overview Introduction Dalaba is a peaceful town set amid the scenic Fouta Djallon mountains. The government villas (designed to resemble the traditional huts of the native Fulani population) offer spectacular views. French colonists called the town Little Switzerland because of its rolling hills ...


Dalat is a hill resort founded so French colonials could escape of heat of Vietnam's lowlands. It's located in Vietnam's Central Highlands at an elevation of 4,840 ft/1,475 m and is about 150 mi/240 km northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. Nowadays, its cool climate, lakes, waterfalls and forests make it a...


A two-hour drive northwest of Stockholm is Dalecarlia, probably the most stereotypically Swedish region of the country. The landscape of this region straddles the fertile fields of the south and the harsh Arctic north, and more than two-thirds of it is covered with forest. This area, often referre...


Dali, China, is a backpacker-friendly place to chill out in Yunnan province. The Ming-Dynasty-era, wall-enclosed old town overlooks a pretty lake, and there is good hiking nearby. Dali is located 225 mi/340 km northwest of Kunming. Dali is famous for its marble, and samples are available in numerou...


Sandy beaches, stretches of lush greenery, landscaped gardens, breathtaking mountains and clean air all contribute to the exceptional and serene beauty of Dalian, China. Ubiquitous shopping, restaurants and a decent night life have led locals to dub this coastal city of 5 million (which is small,...


With Dallas' concentration of technology companies, corporate headquarters and wholesale trade markets, the nation's ninth-largest city is a Texas metropolis devoted to business. Residents of Dallas, Texas, seem to enjoy spending money with the same passion with which they earn it. The result is a ...


The resort town of Dalyan, Turkey, 300 mi/500 km south of Istanbul, has been saved from coastal overdevelopment by a group of environmentalists who battled successfully to have the nesting grounds of the Caretta caretta (loggerhead) sea turtle left in peace. One of the most beautiful beaches in t...


Overview Introduction This remote part of northwest Namibia is renowned as the home of one of Africa's few populations of desert-adapted elephants, as well as a desert-dwelling form of black rhino that some authorities regard to be a distinct race. The area isn't formally protected, but the eleph...


Flourishing for more than 40 centuries, Damascus has been a Greek, Roman and Christian metropolis—as well as the capital of the first Islamic dynasty. In the capital city, layers of the past are as apparent as the modern hotel towers and traffic jams. Damascus, which spreads out in a wide 15-mi/25-...

Dana Nature Reserve

Overview Introduction This extensive area of mountains and valleys, located 90 mi/145 km south of Amman, is accessible from the King's Highway. It has a range of beautiful landscapes, plant life and wildlife—it's ideal for hiking and has marked trails. It also has well-maintained facilities in th...


Overview Introduction Dandong, China, is a fascinating city to visit for two reasons: It is the site of the epic and illuminating Museum to Commemorate the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea, and it offers visitors a rare glimpse into North Korea—literally. North Korea lies just across t...


Dangriga, Belize, is a jumping-off point for the cayes and nearby inland reserves. There is no real beach to speak of, but a thin strip of sand can be found in places and is sometimes cleaned along the frontage of the few small hotels. The quiet town comes to life 17-19 November for the Garifuna Set...

Daniel Boone National Forest

Running in a north-south direction from the Tennessee border to Interstate 64 in northeastern Kentucky, this beautiful and rewarding forest is filled with rivers, lakes, waterfalls, natural bridges and mountains. It truly has changed little since it was first settled more than 200 years ago. We rec...


Danilovgrad, Montenegro, is located on the banks of the Zeta River, 11 mi/17 km northwest of Podgorica. An archaeological site featuring the remains of a basilica from the Middle Ages lies nearby. Danilovgrad is also home to some interesting monuments, including the remains of a Turkish fortress a...

Danube River

The Danube (or Donau , in German), Austria's most famous river, offers travelers a glimpse of a peaceful idyll, complete with rolling hills, castles and vineyards. It meanders across the regions of Upper and Lower Austria, through Vienna and then on to Slovakia and Hungary. Though cruise ships pl...

Daphne Major Island

Located north of Santa Cruz, Daphne Major is most known for Peter and Rosemary Grant's work—spanning 40 years—on Darwin finches. Two species of boobies and tropic birds also nest there, and it is not uncommon to see Galapagos martins, short-eared owls and frigate birds, as well as Nazca and blue-foo...

Dar es Salaam

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, remains the political and economic capital of the country, even though the official seat of government was moved to Dodoma in 1973. The city dates from 1857 and was under the control of Zanzibar, Germany and Britain before Tanzania's independence in 1961. Often referred to...

Darien Gap

At the southern end of the country, 135 mi/215 km east of Panama City, Darien Province, Panama, includes Darien National Park, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve that extends to the border of Colombia and serves as a natural buffer between Central and South America. The park's insurmountably rugged rain for...


Set at 7,000 ft/2,135 m and located 310 mi/500 km north of Kolkata, Darjeeling, India, is out of the way, but worth the visit. This pretty resort, built among tea plantations, is one of the cool hill stations where leaders of the British Raj escaped summer heat. The place now attracts Indians and fo...


Overview Introduction If your itinerary takes you to Darkhan, there's no reason to dawdle—this mining town is relatively new, modern and industrial, and really holds little of interest for most visitors. Should you get stuck there for a full day, there are two monasteries that can be visited: the...

Darra Adam Khel

Overview Introduction A memorable town created some 150 years ago near the border with Afghanistan, Darra has always had a frontier atmosphere. Under a deal struck with the British colonial rulers, local residents were allowed to manufacture weaponry at Darra in exchange for guarding the Khyber P...


The urban center of the far end of the Northern Territory (locally dubbed the "Top End"), Darwin is a surprisingly cosmopolitan port town, thanks to its proximity to Asia. Located on the Timor Sea 1,950 mi/3,140 km northwest of Sydney, Darwin is somewhat isolated, but it has a number of good beache...


Perched on the peninsula that juts into the Aegean Sea beyond Marmaris, Datca, Turkey, is probably the way Marmaris was in the days before it sold out to mass tourism. It's a sleepy place 175 mi/281 km south of Izmir where you go to eat seafood, shop in fairly upscale carpet and jewelry shops, and ...


Visitors go to Datong, China, because of the Yungang Caves, 6 mi/10 km west of the city—it's about 155 mi/250 km west of Beijing and an eight-hour train ride. Dating back to the Han dynasty, the caves contain a fine collection of carved-sandstone Buddhist figures (more than 50,000 of them in 53 ca...


Daugavpils, Latvia's second-largest city, has been around a long time: Stone Age habitations have been found within the limits of this city, 115 mi/185 km southeast of Riga. However, almost 80% of the city was destroyed during World War II, so most of the architecture is modern. The population is mu...


An industrial center along the Mississippi River, Davenport is part of the metropolitan area known as the Quad Cities (the other cities are Bettendorf, Iowa; Moline, Illinois; and Rock Island, Illinois). There's plenty to explore in the Davenport area. We like to start at the dazzling new Figge Ar...


Most travelers pass through David, Panama, a large, friendly, albeit ungainly town en route to Boquete and to the nascent beach resorts of the Pacific northwest. Located about 275 mi/438 km west of Panama City, David has an attractive main square and some good restaurants and stores. David's main ...

Dawson City

Once the center of the Klondike gold rush, Dawson City (about a 330 mi-/535 km-drive northwest of Whitehorse) now has a winter population of 1,200. The town has not given up its boomtown heritage—its center has been declared a Canadian National Historic Site. Many of the original buildings and saloo...


The Wright brothers lived in Dayton, so it's not surprising that many of its attractions center on aviation. The Wright brothers' original workshop was moved to Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan, but visitors can see the Wright Cycle Shop (a replica of the workshop in which they designed and ...

Daytona Beach

If sand and surf—and sunbathers—appeal to your senses, then visit Daytona Beach, Florida. The self-proclaimed "World's Most Famous Beach" is an epicenter of activity for Florida-bound college students, NASCAR fans and motorcycle enthusiasts from mid-February through March. The rest of the year, Da...

Dead Cities

Not far from Aleppo are ruins and historical sites collectively called the Dead Cities—ghost towns that date to the Iron Age, and late-Roman and Byzantine times. Some are more remote than others, and getting to them usually requires hiring a taxi for the day from Aleppo or Hama. The most frequentl...

Dead Sea

Straddling the border between Israel and Jordan, the Dead Sea is the lowest spot on the Earth's surface. If you head there from Amman, don't nod off: The view as you descend from the hills toward the sea is quite striking. The mineral content of this 45-mi-/75-km-long and 6-mi-/10-km-wide saltwater ...


Gambling and Deadwood seem to go together. The town's most famous moment occurred in 1876, when Wild Bill Hickok was shot down in a Deadwood saloon as he played poker. (The cards Hickok held during his final game became known as the infamous dead man's hand—aces and eights.) Today, gambling halls a...

Death Valley National Park

Death Valley National Park is one of the most impressive—and bleakest—spots in North America. Though extending into Nevada, the vast majority of Death Valley is in California and is easily accessed on well-paved roads from east, west and south. The park begins 140 mi/225 km northeast of Los Angeles....


The seaside resort city of Deauville, France, is a favorite retreat for wealthy Parisians and those seeking luxury. It boasts a famous casino, extravagant hotels (including the much-admired Tudor-style Normandy Hotel), large private mansions and a superb beach and boardwalk ( promenade des planches ...

Debed River Canyon

Overview Introduction North of Vanadzor , Armenia's third-largest city, is the beautiful Debed River Canyon, one of the richest areas to explore Armenia's past, especially that part which intertwined with Georgian history. The highway runs along the Debed River at the bottom of the canyon, passi...


The historic center of Calvinism, Debrecen is known for its 19th-century Great Church. At one time, only card-carrying Calvinists were allowed to live in Debrecen, which is 135 mi/220 km east of Budapest. Also of historic interest are the Reformed College, an important Calvinist institution, and the...


Decorah was settled by Norwegian pioneers, but it takes its name from a Native American chief who aided settlers during the Black Hawk War of 1832. The town's Norse heritage is celebrated at the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum. Housed in restored structures from the 18th and 19th centuries, it'...


Overview Introduction Dededo, a rapidly growing residential area (pop. 42,980), is home to the Micronesia Mall. The mall has movie theaters and a food court and is a good place to grab a bite in the evening at local prices. 7 mi/12 km northeast of Hagatna.


You won't find many architectural preservation projects better executed than Historic Deerfield—12 buildings from the 1700s and 1800s that have been meticulously preserved within the larger town of Deerfield, Massachusetts. Located 80 mi/130 km west of Boston, some of the homes are furnished just as...


Overview Introduction Located on the banks of the Danube River, this small Bavarian town is an important regional tourist center. The 14th-century town hall, with an impressive Gothic tower, and the equally old Heilige Grab Church are worth exploring, as is the town's historic museum, which conta...


Deia, a picturesque mountain village in the northwest of Mallorca, has become a popular destination of the international A-list crowd. Locals credit—or blame—English poet Robert Graves (author of I, Claudius among other works), who lived on Deia for nearly 50 years until his death in 1985. Graves...

Del Rio

Founded on the banks of San Felipe Springs (which churns out 90 million gal/340 million L of water a day) and 140 mi/225 km west of San Antonio, Del Rio is a Mexican border town that's primarily an agricultural center and jumping-off point to Amistad National Recreational Area. While in Del Rio, t...


Delaware is a little short on land, but it's long on water—much of it borders the Atlantic Ocean. As a result, its southern beaches and beach towns are a big draw. All have sand and sea, but they are remarkably varied, ranging from tranquil stretches of protected shoreline to low-key resort towns to...

Delaware City

This Delaware River town, 13 mi/20 km south of Wilmington, is the gateway to Fort Delaware State Park. Located on Pea Patch Island, the park is only accessible by boat—ferries depart on a regular basis. The fort, which is surrounded by a moat, was used as a prison during the Civil War. Today it is...

Delaware Seashore St Pk

Located about 85 mi/135 km south of Wilmington, Delaware Seashore State Park covers two peninsulas on both sides of Highway 1 between Dewey Beach and Bethany Beach. The 6-mi/10-km beach has plenty of parking, changing rooms, showers and a snack bar. Rafts, beach chairs and beach umbrellas are availa...

Delaware Water Gap

Beautiful views are in store for visitors to the city of Delaware Water Gap and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. It offers river recreation and fetching ravines. Straddling easternmost Pennsylvania and westernmost New Jersey, the 70,000-acre/28,400-hectare park is home to waterfall...


Located 35 mi/55 km southwest of Amsterdam, Delft, the City of Tiles, is delightfully captured in Tracy Chevalier's novel Girl With a Pearl Earring . It has quaint shops, restaurants, windmills, canals and, of course, the famous Delftware pottery. The Huis Lambert van Meerten Museum (Delft tiles)...


Ancient and modern India collide in Delhi: Cars jostle for space with elephants and camels on the city's streets. Visitors will find that parts of Delhi have manicured gardens, natural forests and ridges, and other areas are crisscrossed by dark, congested alleys that dead-end into centuries-old mo...

Delos Island

In 400 BC, Delos, Greece, was considered so sacred that no one could be born or buried there. The Athenians who ruled the island believed that it was where Leto gave birth to twins Apollo and Artemis (fathered by Zeus). Located in the center of the Cycladic Islands, 125 mi/200 km southeast of Athe...


Home of the ancient Oracle, Delphi, Greece, was known in mythology as the "Navel of the Earth." Today, archaeologists consider it to be one of Greece's greatest cultural treasures. The ruins, located 110 mi/178 km northwest of Athens, require at least a half-day to visit. Delphi was probably the m...

Dempster Highway

We're not recommending that everyone take the Dempster Highway, but if you're up for an adventurous route to remote destinations, this drive over the Arctic Circle is the one you'll want. Heading northeast from Dawson City into the Northwest Territories, the Dempster is a 12- to 14-hour route to unu...


If you think Santa Claus comes from the North Pole, think again: The original St. Nicholas was bishop of Demre, Turkey (340 mi/550 km south of Istanbul and today also known as Kale) in the fourth century. He was buried under the beautiful mosaic floor of the Church of St. Nicholas (most of his bon...

Denali National Park

For many people, the vast Denali National Park, covering 9,375 sq mi/24,280 sq km between Anchorage and Fairbanks, is the highlight of a trip to Alaska. It's a truly spectacular area, featuring the majestic 20,310-ft/6,190-m Mount McKinley (many Alaskans prefer the Tanaina name, Denali), the tallest...

Denis Island

Denis Island is a private island dedicated to marine conservation. It is a popular nesting ground for sea turtles, which lay their eggs in the sand. Located 65 mi/105 km north of Mahe, the island's private accommodations provide a great three or four days of relaxation, lying on the beach, snorkel...


Once the home of marauding Vikings, Denmark is now a snug and comfortable country, its ancient flag fluttering over family gardens rather than warships. Even if most Danish people suspect they live in the best of all possible worlds, they rarely have the poor taste to say so. Prosperous and orderly,...


Denpasar is Bali's major urban center, and it has many familiar city problems, including pollution, traffic jams and ugly strips of shops. Many tourists prefer to bypass it altogether. However, it does boast some attractions, including regular dance performances. From mid-June until mid-July, the B...


Denver, Colorado, is often associated with the Old West, but the New West has left a more visible mark. Modern Denver is the financial, business, administrative and transportation center of the Rocky Mountain region. The Denver area is a major livestock market and headquarters to mining companies. ...


In addition to Rodrigues Island, Mauritius controls a far-flung area of ocean and some distant islands. These include the Algalega Islands (750 mi/1,200 km north of Mauritius), where a few people grow copra. There is an airstrip, but no regular air service. Also north of Mauritius are the Cargados C...


Overview Introduction This town has several interesting mosques, including the Great Mosque and the Mosque of Sidi Zuhayr, a souk and an Islamic cemetery. A nice waterfall is located in a gorge about 3 mi/5 km outside the town. 150 mi/240 km west of the Egyptian border.

Des Moines

The state's capital city is bisected by the Des Moines River. Start your visit at the gold-domed state Capitol, which features elaborate wood trim and multicolored marble. The nearby State of Iowa Historical Building contains exhibits related to the state's development, including a Conestoga wagon, ...


Detroit builds things—cars, of course, but plenty more. Since the early 1900s, Detroit has had one of the largest concentrations of factories in the country, and this industrial muscle continues to give Detroit its style, look and pace. These industries have also given Detroit a lingering reputatio...


Detroit is a small resort community in a beautiful mountain setting (on Highway 22, east of Salem). Nearby, you'll find fishing and boating at Detroit Lake State Park, rivers for fishing and white-water rafting, and wilderness trails for hiking. Year-round, a number of hot springs draw visitors int...

Devil's Island

From 1852 to 1948, this island, one of three collectively called Les Iles de Salut (Salvation Islands), served as an infamous French prison, housing political prisoners (including Alfred Dreyfuss) and France's most violent criminals. Of 80,000 prisoners sent to the islands, more than 50,000 died. Si...

Devils Lake

You won't have any trouble finding something to do in Devils Lake—the area is a popular recreation spot. According to local legend, the lake was once known as Bad Spirit Lake after a group of Sioux warriors drowned there. The moniker doesn't deter visitors: The fishing is particularly good, and bird...

Devils Tower National Monument

Devils Tower is one of the most unusual geologic formations in the U.S. Located in northeastern Wyoming, this massive igneous rock is indeed a tower, rising straight up from a rolling plain (it's 1,267 ft/386 m high, 1,000 ft/305 m across at its base and 275 ft/84 m across at the top). In 1906, Tedd...

Dewey Beach

Overview Introduction This three-block-wide stretch of shoreline, divided by Highway 1, sits between Rehoboth Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. Known for its lively nightlife, the resort town appeals primarily to a younger crowd. Attractions include beaches on the bay and ocean, windsurfing and all typ...


On the Persian Gulf 250 mi/402 km northeast of Riyadh and not far from the island kingdom of Bahrain, Dhahran is the petroleum capital of Saudi Arabia. Dhahran's air base was of strategic importance during the Gulf War. It is also near the site of a terrorist attack in 1996 on an apartment complex h...


This friendly capital city really doesn't have that many sights of interest to tourists. Some places that are worth your while include the Lalbagh Fort, the National Assembly Building (designed by Louis Kahn), Baitul Mukkaram Mosque and the national gardens (be on the lookout for mongooses there). A...


Set in a thick forest with grand Himalayan peaks looming in the distance, Dharmsala, a small town in northern India 300 mi/500 km north of Delhi, is best known as the home of the Dalai Lama. Since 1959, when the Buddhist spiritual leader fled Chinese-occupied Tibet, Dharmsala has become a haven for ...


Dhulikhel, Nepal, is an impressive town 20 mi/30 km east of Kathmandu and well worth a day trip in order to see the countryside and beautiful architecture (several hundred years old). Arrive early in the morning to see the sun rise over the mountains. It's possible to go on a locally organized sho...

Diamond Mining Territory

Most of this coastal area, south of Walvis Bay, is closed to the public to protect diamond-industry interests. Abiding by the boundaries is advisable, as it is said that trespassers will be shot. However, on the coast in the middle of this area is the picturesque old German port of Luderitz, which ...


Visit Diekirch, Luxembourg, to see its Roman mosaics, a 15th-century church (built on fifth-century Roman foundations) and the National Museum of Military History, which is full of personal accounts by U.S. and German soldiers and is the best museum in the country on the subject of the Battle of the...


Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam, sits in a valley surrounded by mountains about 160 mi/260 km northwest of Hanoi. In 1954 it is where the French fought the 55-day, losing battle that marked the end of colonialism in Vietnam. At the battlefield, you can visit a small museum, the Revolutionary Heroes Cemeter...


Dieppe is nicknamed the "four-port city." Today, Dieppe is mostly defined by these ports and by its different neighborhoods, including the historic center; the residential Saint-Pierre district; the Faubourg de la Barre, with its beautiful mansions and chalets; the 17th-century Sainte-Catherine dist...


Dijon, France, is an architectural gem, with structures dating from the 15th century to the Revolution. Be sure to explore the historical sights and winding streets of Old Town. Those who like to wander on their own can pick up a map at the tourist office, then follow the owl images embedded in th...


Dikili is a coastal town in Turkey that is a fantastic site for both natural and historic tourism. The region is a popular resort spot, known for its golden beaches and therapeutic springs. Be sure to visit the Merkez Mosque, which dates from 1789 and is a wooden structure built entirely without n...


East Timor's capital and largest city is still recovering from the ravages of the independence struggle. You'll see plenty of construction sites and scarred buildings. The waterfront is probably the prettiest part of town, and lots of locals walk there in the evening. A park separates the beach from...


Overview Introduction Armenians like to say that heaven must be like the countryside around Dilijan: spectacular mountains, forests and springs. The town itself is filled with rustic houses, carpet weavers and furniture shops. Also in town are the ruins of two small 13th-century monasteries (Mato...


Located 175 mi/280 km northeast of Reykjavik near Lake Myvatn, Dimmuborgir, Iceland, is a public park—a must-see for anyone who wants to explore the surrealistic landscape of a lava field. Well-marked trails make it very accessible (children love this park). A hydroelectric project under way is expe...


One of the most picturesque towns in the Ardennes, Dinant (62 mi/100 km southeast of Brussels) is sandwiched between the Meuse River and a backdrop of cliffs. Atop those cliffs is a citadel that can be reached by climbing 420 steps or (more easily) by cable car. In summer, we recommend taking a boat...

Dinder National Park

Overview Introduction This medium-sized reserve (16,000 acres/6,475 hectares) is in eastern Sudan, on the border with Ethiopia. Lions, monkeys, giraffes, leopards, bushbucks, kudu, antelope and many kinds of birds can be seen there, but you'll need your own vehicle. The park's main season is Janu...


You'll find the quiet village of Dingli, Malta, and its nearby Verdala Palace about 8 mi/13 km southwest of Valletta. Although the 400-year-old country estate isn't open to the public (it's the summer residence of the president of Malta), the nearby Il-Buskett woodlands offer hikers a chance to walk...

Dinosaur National Monument

In the northwest corner of the state (and extending across the border into Utah), Dinosaur National Monument is one of the richest collections of dinosaur history in the world. More than 20 full skeletons of 11 different species of dinosaurs have been unearthed in the park. Dinosaur Quarry Visitor...

Discovery Bay

Located on Jamaica's north coast between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios and 75 mi/115 km northwest of Kingston, Discovery Bay may be the spot where Columbus first came ashore in 1494 (though nearby St. Ann's Bay is another possibility). Today, Discovery Bay's main point of interest for travelers is Puert...

Disko Bay

Located on the west coast, north of the Arctic Circle, the Disko Bay area encompasses Disko Island and the Greenland coast that borders the bay. The area offers attractive mountain and seaside scenery. Opportunities abound for outdoor activities year-round. The main attraction of the area is Ilulis...


Located 20 mi/32 km east of Paris near Marne-la-Vallee, this European park featuring Mickey and company opened in 1992 (it was then called Euro Disney) with the intention of duplicating the successes of similar parks in California, Florida and Japan. By the late 1990s, Disneyland Paris was ranked ...

Dixville Notch

Dixville Notch, New Hampshire, is home to the Balsams Grand Resort Hotel, located on 15,000 acres/6,070 hectares near the Canadian border. Attractions at the resort are plentiful nearly year-round, except in early spring, when it closes for a month. The resort's location benefits from the so-call...


One of the largest cities in southeastern Turkey, ancient Diyarbakir lies along the Tigris River 350 mi/560 km southeast of Ankara. It is at least 5,000 years old and has, over the years, been overrun by Hurrians, Urartians, Assyrians and Persians. Today, it is predominately Kurdish and, during th...


Overview Introduction This remote, isolated desert supply town is a small, but nice, oasis. The main attractions are well-preserved cave paintings and painted rocks, and the countryside consists of beautiful ravines and gorges. 1,200 mi/1,900 km southeast of Algiers.


Overview Introduction These ruins of a Roman military town are impressive, including a forum, temples, basilicas, triumphal arches and houses. The museum at Djemila holds beautiful mosaics—well worth a look. An international festival of music and dance is held in the Roman theater each summer. 1...


Founded in 1250 on the Bani River, Djenne (pronounced jen-AY ) claims to be the oldest city in West Africa. In its day, it was as important as Timbuktu. Reflective of its past glory is the Great Mosque, which was built in the early 20th century on the site of earlier structures. This enormous, othe...


Some people believe this island off the coast of southern Tunisia was the Island of the Lotus Eaters referred to in Homer's Odyssey . Today, it is a very popular tourist destination: Its northeastern coast is the most densely developed tourist zone in the country. Although the island has plenty of ...


Overview Introduction Djibouti, with its arid expanses of rocks, ravines, sunken plains and salty lakes, hardly seems a prize worth fighting over. But because of its strategic location at a choke point to the Red Sea and the Suez Canal, many have tried to control Djibouti (pronounced jee-BOO-tee...

Djibouti City

In one of the greener areas of the country, this capital city has a mix of African, Arab and French cultures. Visit the markets and the port, then take a cruise to visit the islands of Maskali and Moucha. There are good beaches at Dorale and Khor Ambado, both about 5 mi/8 km from town. Also just out...

Djoudj National Park

If you're visiting the nearby city of Saint Louis, Senegal, add an extra night to include Djoudj National Park. Its main attraction is the bird life—180 species, including crested cranes, pink flamingos and pelicans—but about 20 different mammals, including the warthog and the jackal, live there, to...


A Soviet-style city in every sense, located 240 mi/390 km southeast of Kyiv, Dnipro consists mostly of coal dust, noise and an industrial skyline, but that look is changing. New shopping malls, hotels and restaurants are opening, and the city center has been given a face-lift. It's not exactly a p...

Dodecanese Islands

Overview Introduction The Dodecanese Islands are located in the southeastern Aegean Sea, just off the western coast of Turkey. They contain more than 150 islands, 26 of which are inhabited, and 12 of which are larger and better-known. The best-known islands in the chain are Rhodes, Chios, Kos, Pa...

Dodge City

In the southwestern part of the state, Dodge City, Kansas, became famous in frontier days for cattle drives, saloon brawls and main-street shoot-outs. The western heritage of this town 155 mi/250 km west of Wichita was popularized by the long-running Gunsmoke television series, which chronicled th...


Located on the eastern side of the main peninsula 30 mi/45 km south of Khor, Doha is the nation's capital and the only city in Qatar. The emirate's gas- and oil-fueled prosperity is reflected in a wealth of world-class tourism, architectural and cultural attractions springing up in Doha. On the ho...

Doha Village

Overview Introduction This small town hosts Entertainment City, the largest amusement park in the Middle East, which offers the unexpected sight of Kuwaiti women, wrapped head-to-toe in voluminous chadors, screaming in delight as they zoom around the roller coasters. Closed Saturday. Just outside...


Overview Introduction Loubomo, the third-largest city in the Congo, is worth a day's visit to see the making of masks and other handicrafts, to visit the museum and to browse the markets. 170 mi/275 km west of Brazzaville.


To describe Dominica to the king and queen of Spain, Christopher Columbus reportedly crumpled a piece of parchment into a ball: The folds and creases illustrated the island's steep mountains (and created one of the first documented three-dimensional maps). But his model did little to communicate t...

Dominican Republic

Travelers familiar with the Lilliputian scale of the Caribbean's Leeward Islands may be surprised by the Dominican Republic's size. This is not just another tiny Caribbean island with a beach and a straw market. Instead, it's a big country with spectacularly varied scenery that includes the talle...


In the northwest corner of Ireland, about 110 mi/175 km northwest of Dublin, the Donegal area is less visited by tourists—and that's one of the reasons we like it. Spend three or four days in this region of friendly, good-humored people. Although other parts of Ireland might be more spectacular, Don...


Overview Introduction On the Nile in northern Sudan, this town lies in a noted date-growing area. Across the river are the ruins of the Temple of Kawa. Dongola is served by bus and steamer (during winter months only). 285 mi/460 km northeast of Khartoum.

Door County

This beautiful recreational area is a peninsula bordered on one side by Green Bay and on the other by Lake Michigan. The waters have sculpted the shoreline into scenic, rocky cliffs and caves. It's a relaxing place to rent a cabin and fish, water-ski, boat, bike or just take it easy. The area is par...


Set 115 mi/185 km southwest of London in southern England's hilly Dorset County, Dorchester is remembered as the setting for Thomas Hardy's The Mayor of Casterbridge . For a complete Hardy tour, visit Max Gate (his home), the Dorset County Museum (one room is dedicated to the author), his birthplac...

Dordogne River Valley

This spectacular river valley has a little bit of everything: dark forests, craggy cliff faces, a majestic river, and medieval castles and villages of honey-colored stone. The river rises in the Massif Central and flows about 310 mi/500 km westward to enter the Atlantic Ocean near Bordeaux. Among ...


This used to be our favorite city in the region. While Douala (pop. 1,030,000) still is the port of entry for most international flights and continues to offer wonderful scenery and fascinating sights, its high crime rate and steady dilapidation make it considerably less attractive than it once was....

Doubtful Sound

Doubtful Sound, the second-largest fjord in New Zealand's Fjordland National Park, is powerfully serene and isolated. To visit, most people take a boat across Lake Manapouri (located 20 minutes from Te Anau), and then a bus over Wilmot Pass before reaching the head of Doubtful Sound. Some people acc...


Overview Introduction This village, off the main road through the Fouta Djallon, is perched over what could be described as the Grand Canyon of Guinea. Hasan Bah, a trilingual villager, has built simple huts for tourists, and he offers treks throughout this spectacular region. Hiking, bouldering,...


Overview Introduction The best-preserved and most impressive Roman ruins in Tunisia are at Dougga. Highlights include the theater (classical dramas are performed there in July and August during the Dougga Festival) and a Punic mausoleum (one of only a few remaining examples of pre-Roman architect...

Douro Valley

Traversing Portugal's wine country, the Douro River valley makes for a wonderful scenic drive—interesting villages with ancient churches line the way. In its lower reaches, the Douro carves a deep, meandering canyon between rounded hills that are spectacularly stepped and terraced. Not an inch of us...


Tunisia's "gateway to the Sahara" is relaxing and somewhat scenic, but it's not a place you would want to stay for a week. Other than the sand dunes, the large oasis and the Thursday market, there's not much to see and do in the small village. Douz serves mostly as an overnight stop for packaged bus...


First established in 1683 and the state's capital since 1777, Dover, 45 mi/72 km south of Wilmington, grew up around The Green—the parklike center of town designed by William Penn. The Green makes a good place to start touring the city. It's surrounded by many beautiful houses and excellent histor...


A busy seaport, Dover, England, is best known for its chalky white cliffs. The town itself is rather drab, but a steep climb takes you to its 900-year-old Norman castle, which overlooks the English Channel. The castle has double walls and underground tunnels (a nerve center for many World War II op...


Overview Introduction Known throughout Ireland as St. Patrick's final resting place, Downpatrick, Northern Ireland—an easy 25-mi/40-km trip south of Belfast—is said to hold the saint's remains at the Down Cathedral. The St. Patrick Heritage Centre is a window into the life and times of Ireland's ...


Called Florence of the North before it was devastated in fire-bomb raids at the end of World War II, Dresden, Germany, is working hard to regain some of its former glory. Many of its baroque architectural gems dating from a time when the capital of Saxony ruled most of present-day Poland and east...

Drobeta-Turnu Severin

This port city on the Danube River is dotted with pretty parks and bridges. Sites to see include a museum complex (with science, archaeological and ethnographical exhibits, as well as an aquarium), a 13th-century church, ruins of a medieval fortress and remnants of ancient Roman settlements. At t...


About 75 mi/120 km northeast of Calgary and two hours away by car, Drumheller is one of the hubs of Alberta's "dinosaur country," renowned for the large number of prehistoric reptile bones found there. From Drumheller, you can take the Dinosaur Trail, a 30-mi/50-km scenic route that circles through ...


Druskininkai, 70 mi/115 km southwest of Vilnius, is one of the country's most charming towns, and it's tucked away in the middle of a large forest. The road into town, called Ciurlionis Way, is named for Lithuania's most renowned artist and composer, Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis. It's a pretty ...


Overview Introduction This sleepy Bamileke village is set among some lovely mountains. Dschang has a market where a few interesting statuettes, copper masks and other locally produced items are for sale, but there's better shopping elsewhere. There's really not much reason to go to Dschang, but s...


Epitomizing an oil-rich sheikhdom isn't a bad life, but what Dubai really wants is to entertain visitors. Dubai's tourism appeal includes big-time horse races and sporting events, a monthlong shopping festival and a skyline that commands the attention of visitors—not to mention such fascinating h...


Dublin, Ireland, is the small, charming, eminently walkable city that visitors expect, and the corner pubs offer a warm welcome. Wry perceptions are uttered with a winsome Irish lilt in Dublin. And, as visitors stroll along the city's handsome Georgian squares, they'll realize the necessity of an u...


Like something out of a picture-perfect fairy tale, the Old Town of Dubrovnik, Croatia, is a walled medieval city set right on the sea, with drawbridges (used in the 1991-92 war) and 18-ft-/6-m-high gates guarding the main entrances. The entire city is a UNESCO World Heritage site, but it's also ve...


A pretty Mississippi River enclave, Dubuque is the oldest city in the state and has a strong Victorian ambience. The city is part of a picturesque, hilly region that offers recreational activities such as winter skiing and spelunking. To get a good overview of the area, including the Mississippi a...


A small municipality on the bank of the Danube River, Duernstein is one of the most visited towns in Austria's popular wine region. The vineyards and wine shops that fill the Wachau Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, will delight visiting wine aficionados. Duernstein residents are also fond of ...


Spread along the hilly north shore of Lake Superior, Duluth lies amid some of the most beautiful country in Minnesota. Perhaps the best time to visit is autumn, when leaves on the hardwoods turn brilliant colors. Start your exploration of the city at Canal Park, the centerpiece of the city's wate...

Dumfries And Galloway

The southwestern region of Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, is notable for its quaint towns, picturesque scenery, good fishing, mild weather and a history of cattle rustling. Dumfries is 78 mi/125 km southwest of Edinburgh. The splendid fishing port of Kirkcudbright (pronounced KIR-coo-bray ) is w...


Distinctly Scottish in feel with stone buildings and Victorian houses, Dunedin, New Zealand, lies on the southeast coast of the South Island about 225 mi/360 km southwest of Christchurch. This university city claims New Zealand's only castle—Larnach Castle, which overlooks Port Chalmers and the har...


Most travelers taking tours in Rajasthan, the largest state in India, miss the peaceful city of Dungarpur and its main attraction, the Udai Bilas Palace Hotel, which boasts a nice collection of classic cars. Dungarpar's translation, City of Hills, is an apt description of its austere, rolling farm...


Dunhuang, China, is a large oasis in the Gansu Desert, 750 mi/1150 km northwest of Lanzhou. It was made famous in the desert scenes from the film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon . For hundreds of years, Dunhuang served as a staging area for trading caravans from China to the outside world on the Sil...

Dura Europos

Discoveries at the Greco-Roman city of Dura Europos, 210 mi/340 km southeast of Aleppo, have provided many clues for understanding Jewish and early-Christian art. Although many of the finds are on display in the National Museum in Damascus, the Louvre in Paris and Yale University in the U.S., you ca...


This town, located 240 mi/385 km southwest of Denver, serves as a base for visitors to southwestern Colorado and the beautiful San Juan Mountains. Durango retains a lot of Victorian architecture and an Old West feel. You can see some old-fashioned entertainment at the Durango Melodrama, which stag...


Most first-time visitors to South Africa fly in and out of Johannesburg, the City of Gold, and then travel on to Cape Town before leaving the country. The Cape is undeniably beautiful and cosmopolitan, but if you want a true African experience in South Africa, head for Durban, Africa's busiest port...


The university town of Durham, England, merits a visit not only for its beautiful setting (the historic center is encircled by deep, thick woods), but also for its cathedral and castle, both built in the 11th century. The castle now serves as a residence hall for students. The cathedral is one of ou...


Along with Raleigh and Chapel Hill, fast-growing Durham is part of North Carolina's Research Triangle region in the heart of the state. Durham is home to Duke University and North Carolina Central University. Through the years, Durham has evolved into a global center for information technology, bio...


This ancient city is Albania's major port. Founded in the seventh century BC, Durres is the oldest city in the country (a dispute over its possession caused the Peloponnesian War, 431 BC). The city's rich history has blessed it with layers of artifacts that are still being discovered. The most impr...


Tajikistan's capital, nestled south of the Ferbana valley and west of towering Pamir Mountains, has a population of about 700,000. It wasn't always the premier city in the country: Until 1926, Dushanbe was a tiny village whose main importance was a market held every Monday (the city's name means Mon...

Dusky Sound

Dusky Sound is one of the largest and most complex fjords in New Zealand's Fiordland National Park. To the north of the sound's mouth is Resolution Island, the largest uninhabited island in New Zealand, and several large islands are in the sound itself. Dusky Sound is extremely remote, as it is only...


Baseball lovers and movie buffs will want to visit the famous cornfield just northeast of Dyersville, Iowa. There they'll find the baseball diamond where scenes for the movie Field of Dreams were filmed. The site is open to visitors. You can buy a souvenir, play some ball (bats, gloves and balls a...

Dzanga-Ndoki National Park/Dzanga-Sangha Reserve

Overview Introduction A bright spot in the country's wildlife scene, Dzanga-Sangha Reserve contains the unspoiled rain forests of the country's southwest. Within the borders of the reserve are Dzanga National Park and Ndoki National Park. Together, these parks are home to a large population of tr...

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Family Reunion & 70th Birthday in Canada
on 11/30/2023

Free time is rare for me these days, so it was invaluable that Ashlee took on the time consuming tas...

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on 11/29/2023

Kristin is great to work with from start to finish! She is very knowledgeable and resourceful. Her g...

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Thanksgiving in St. Lucia
on 11/29/2023

What a great trip! St Lucia was amazing!
-Jill Marshall

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on 11/28/2023

Courtney helped us so efficiently and made the booking process a dream. She then sent information wi...
-Marie Barnes

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Wayne K.
on 11/24/2023

Macy was exceptionally thorough and helpful. Very responsive too.
-Wayne K.

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A Wonderful Trip Thanks to Juliann!
on 11/16/2023

I decided to plan a girl's trip with my sisters and I, but I had no idea where to start! Over the ye...
-Carla Hurtado

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Father/Son Baseball Trip
on 11/12/2023

Sherri Brown was very responsive to our questions and requests, and she had great ideas that we had ...
-Mike Croft

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on 11/7/2023

FROM GOOGLE REVIEWS Traveling to Rome, Italy was a dream come, true for my husband and I! Chri...
-Briana Barrera

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Italy Bucket List
on 10/28/2023

I absolutely want to recognize Gail Mauck with your firm. She created the itinerary for “my bucket ...

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