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Inspired by the modern allure of yachting and the romance of the open ocean, Virgin Voyages has created a boutique hotel at sea. With Richard Branson at the helm, Virgin Voyages is redefining what a luxury cruise ship means by combining premium elements from favorites on land with the freedom and simplicity of a life well lived on the open ocean. Taking cues from the best international cities, Virgin Voyages has curated a getaway at sea with the perfect balance of uptown meets downtown, where paths diverge and choice is an artistic part of the journey. Combining the warmth and luxury of a yacht with the endless options of a much larger ship, we’ve designed an elevated and intimate environment that inspires personal and experiential connection.

Imagine vibrant conversation over homemade pasta and your favorite wine pairing. Immersive performances with (elaborate) circus twists. A fitness class taken at your own pace and time, or soaking in the sun in your private cabana. Champagne delivered right to you and your new friends with the shake of the app (seriously). Our experiences aim to connect you—to people, places, and (seafaring) paths that open for you to wander and explore.

Key Selling Points

Adult-by-Design for the 18+ Traveler
No kids, no kidding. But your inner-child is highly encouraged to come along.

20+ World-Class Eateries
Intimate eateries, including unique dining spaces paired with diverse options and expertly crafted menus, all included in the Voyage fare.

Elegant Design + A Touch of Luxury
Offering a superyacht aesthetic with award-winning spaces, Virgin Voyages fleet of ‘Lady Ships’ are designed to emulate a boutique hotel at sea.

A Dose of Vitamin Sea + Unlimited Fitness Classes
A proper dose of wellness—your way. This includes yoga, meditation, cycling, HIIT classes, and more — all included in the Voyage fare.

Destinations Done Differently
Dream destinations, including 4 and 5-night Voyages in the Caribbean for Scarlet Lady, and 7-night Mediterranean itineraries out of Barcelona, Spain.

Original programming and groundbreaking acts.

Over $600 in value is always included.
The last thing you need on your vacation is a surprise receipt and pages worth of fine print. It’s on us, with every voyage including: Wifi, all food, tips, group workouts, and basic bevvies.

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Virgin Voyages Deals

4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise
Length: 4 Roundtrip Miami More Information >>>
4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise
Length: 4 Roundtrip Miami More Information >>>
4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise
Length: 4 Roundtrip Miami More Information >>>
4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise
Length: 4 Roundtrip Miami More Information >>>
4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise
Length: 4 Roundtrip Miami More Information >>>
4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise
Length: 4 Roundtrip Miami More Information >>>
4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise
Length: 4 Roundtrip Miami More Information >>>
4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise
Length: 4 Roundtrip Miami More Information >>>
4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise
Length: 4 Roundtrip Miami More Information >>>
4-night Fire And Sunset Soirées Cruise
Length: 4 Roundtrip Miami More Information >>>
With Richard at the helm, they're building ships that bring together everything you love, with the butterfly-inducing excitement of the open ocean. 1 Essentials like all eateries, group fitness , basic bevvies, tips, and unlimited Wi-Fi are included for Sailors. Virgin Voyages cruise


To live well is to dine well.

Like any perfectly diverse city block, dining is never the same. One minute you crave a lavish dinner with bottles of Chianti, the next you jones for food truck-style tacos—Virgin's all-included, responsibly sourced food makes it easy to strike a balance.

A lil taste of what you can expect from the 20+ eateries — they won't even judge you for taking a picture of your food.

The Wake
The perfect mix of sophistication, nostalgia and cool — entering The Wake is an event in and of itself. And once you've made your way down the grand staircase, you'll enter a world that harks back to the old steakhouse, three-martini-lunch days of Madison Avenue ad men. But ya know, now with, thankfully, gender equality. And less cigar smoke.

Pink Agave
Inspired by the capital city's red hot street food scene, sailors are treated to an immersive odyssey of Mexican cuisine. Personal, intimate and educational, a master of ceremonies will guide you through a highly curated dining and drinking experience. Mezcal dinner pairings equipped with a history lesson? Yes, pls.

Razzle Dazzle
So your best friend wants something light and healthy, and you want to get real weird? This is that place. Boasting a bold interior, this restaurant offers creative surprises on some classic, comfort go-tos. Whether you're looking for something familiar (#basic can be good) or something spicy and out of left field, this place does all of that with a twist (bfast, lunch, dinner, baby).

The Test Kitchen
Inspired by Escoffier’s Ma Cuisine, this laboratory-like eatery is part cooking school and part restaurant. It's educational, experiential and social. With classes and evolving tasting menus, this is for the curious, boundary-pushing tastebuds on board.

If you're into hands-on meat-grilling and soju drinking, Korean BBQ is the perfect spot to do all that with maximum social engagement (IRL, but feel free to 'gram it if you want). It's a catalyst for great conversation since we all have that one friend who insists on being the meat-master. Go ahead and roast the master while they roast the meat.

The Dock
Okay, frankly they'd be wild to build a ship and not have an eatery with a sun-drenched lounging area so you can combine all the things you love in one place (eating and views, obviously) so yep — Virgin did that. The Dock feels like an elegant cabana caught between the chill, seaside perfection of Ibiza and the rustic-chic resorts of Brazil.

Extra Virgin
Deeply rooted in Italian culinary traditions, the trattoria serves regionally-inspired food punctuated by fresh, handmade pasta. Start with a shared antipasti — and follow that with any of the pasta-centric favorites and worship the carb gods like a good vacation begs of you. Top it off with a traditional Italian aperitif to make your night complete or help it get started.

The Galley
Modeled after popular food halls where Sailors can taste a variety of options — The Galley, designed by Softroom — will be your go-to for a quick bite or meal throughout the day. Featuring a mix of more than eight shops and food-truck style carts, each spot will have a unique concept with signature dishes that change to suit the time of day. The Galley, takes deep breathe before reading an impressively long list, boasts a dedicated bakery and pastry shop, a panini shop, a burger grill, a taco shack, a sushi bar with bento boxes, a noodle bar, a soup and salad stand, and a 24-hour American diner. Exhales.

Ministry of Ground
It’s early. You’re still a bit blurry and coffee is the only thing you can focus on right now. We get it. Luckily Ministry of Ground isn’t far, exclusively pouring one of the most satisfying, and tasty brews ever had, from direct-trade pioneers, Intelligentsia Coffee. It’s like your favorite coffee shop with the best almond milk, double shot, latte you’ve ever had just with ocean views of the Carribean. No big deal.”

Expect the unexpected.

Watered-down cut of a Broadway musical? They' Real talk: they brought spice to ur life, rhythm to a nation, and woke u up before u go-go’d. Expect nothing less when Virgin takes it to sea—it's a 24/7 festival aimed at never being normal.

Wanna peel back the curtain on (some of) the places and spaces?

The Manor
The two-story, three bar space, named after Richard's first recording studio, is inspired by a classic theatrical zeitgeist - layered with a moody & sexy ‘70s, punk vibe. Ground-breaking shows will kick the night off before it transitions into a mind-blowing, goodbye-early-morning-workout nightclub.

Aquatic Club
With smooth curves and nautical details, they've created a pool deck with the sophisticated glam of a contemporary yacht. Whether you're looking to sunbathe in one of the daybeds or let last night's choices melt away in the pool, you can detox and recover, or start the party all over again. Don't be surprised if paparazzi mistake you for celebs - they're legally not responsible for how good you look on this ship.

The Beach Club
Virgin's private beach club in Bimini, Bahamas is an experience you (literally) can't get anywhere else. It's like if Mykonos had a love affair with St. Tropez — the energy intentionally amplifying as the day goes on. You can choose between ecstacy-inducing DJ sets, quiet beach-lounging with a perma-cocktail in hand, or embrace your inner explorer and seek out secluded and undiscovered corners of the island.

The Red Room
This larger-than-life entertainment space is the first ever transformational, multi-form theater at sea. Boundary-pushing performances on the traditional Proscenium stage or late-night dance parties on the flat-floor configuration — undiscovered experiences are always unfolding here. Designed by renowned theater design consultants, Auerbach Pollock Friedlander — they've created a unique and flexible (while still being intimate) theater space that delivers a sea (lol) of possibilities.

The Groupie
Have your best lead, diva, vocalist look on point for when you plan a night with friends in this modernist take on a Japanese style karaoke room. With song choices that span decades, genres, and octave abilities, these bookable private sessions require having your go-to tracks chosen, singing voice warm and invited friends ready for a private dance and song battle to remember.

Voyage Vinyl
Sailors can get lost in sound at Voyage Vinyl, a record shop at sea. Stocked with music magazines, headphones and record players, Sailors can pull up to a listening station with a stack from the selection of both classic and current albums including special and limited editions. It’s the analog experience at sea audiophile dreams are made of.

All that cabin jazz.

Transform your room at the touch of a button. Mood-matching lights, a configurable Seabed and in-cabin tech come together to make your life easier. Save the friction for the dance floor.

From solo sailors to bigger crews, they've got options on options.

RockStar Suites, 2-4 people, 352-2147 sq ft
Don't be extra
Can you say exclusive access throughout the ship, personal RockStar style riders, upgraded marble clad bathrooms with premium amenities and spaces conceptualized by world renowned designer, Tom Dixon? Then let’s talk suites.

Sea Terrace, 2-4 people, 225-265 sq ft
That horizon won't gaze at itself
Whether you're getting ready inside at the glam area, rinsing off in your Roomy Rainshower or relaxing outside on your hand-woven terrace hammock, the spaces are designed to give you sweeping views of the horizon as the mood lighting intuitively matches the light from the oncoming sunset.

Sea View, 1-3 people, 130-190 sq ft
A room with a (porthole) view
For solo Sailors looking for quiet moments with the sea from super large single beds, or duos perched on nautically-inspired window seats — the ocean is yours to make eyes with. Gazing out at the waves every morning, this is the closest you can get to the ocean (without the windblown hair).

Insider, 1-4 people, 105-177 sq ft
Play all night, sleep all day
Friend groups, solo Sailors, and duos alike can get in on the Insider action. Roomy Rainshowers and mood lighting punctuate these cozy escapes — giving you the space to recover today and prepare for tomorrow.

Unwind & Treat Yourself.

Whether your idea of relaxation is a sun salutation or a hot stone massage, you're about to get it OMMM (lol we know). A cross between a week spent in Bali and 2 hours at a cafe in Amsterdam, Redemption spa is a haven of tranquility and self-preservation. Get dirty in the mudroom, let the sauna cleanse you, or spend an entire afternoon floating from hot stone massage to seaweed wrap until you've aged backwards.

Redemption Spa
If vacation for you isn't complete without the ultimate form of self-care (hi, us too), the spa will be your second home. From massages so good they'll make you question life itself, to a mudroom that will revitalize your soul and body, they call it Redemption for a reason. Redeem yourself from last night, last month or last year...or just redeem yourself because you want to. You earned this.

Gym & Tonic
After working up a sweat or standing around thinking about maybe, possibly working up a sweat, restore yourself by hopping in the Well-being Pool. Boost your performance (or your performance of a performance) with a fresh cold-pressed juice served at the Gym and Tonic bar. And then there's MyBeast — an artistic adult playground and fitness apparatus designed by Equilibria — which will add a Venice Beach-like atmosphere to the Well-being Pool.

Squid Ink
Nothing marks a life-bending vacation experience, like coming home with body art that will bring you back to a time when you were truly living. Virgin Voyages has teamed up with World Famous Tattoo Ink, Soho Ink and Freshly Inked Magazine to open their own tattoo studio on board. The historical roots of tattoo art can be traced back to sailors celebrating nautical milestones like a first time crossing the equator, crossing the atlantic or mementos of epic voyages. Inspired by that beauty and tradition, they celebrate creative self-expression, tales of adventure and unforgettable life experiences.

A Vibe called sweat.

For the 'do nothings', 'do some things' and the 'do literally everythings' (you know who you are), they have a way to sweat that suits you. From sun-rise yoga to outdoor boxing, meditation to HIIT workouts, and even specifically curated hikes at the ports, their approach to working out is that it works for you. If you just want to sweat out last night's questionable alcohol combinations, take a run around the outdoor jogging track. They definitely won't judge.

B-Complex Gym
#Burn, #Build, #Balance or #Bike; they've got everything a true #gymfreak could possibly want. Fear not, you little fitness fanatic —they've got you covered. There's an outdoor running track, so many weights there's no wait* (*this is not legally binding), yoga to balance your chi—and then get on Todd's level, who's three bikes over and gunning to crush the Tour de France.

The Athletic Club
Designed with the aesthetic of athletic social clubs of the past, the club incorporates not just an active Training Camp room and boxing classes — but also a full-on basketball court and a cold-pressed juice bar. Dunk on your friends while consuming a fresh-pressed carrot-ginger-echinacea juice? It’s a mood, but one we are absolutely here for.

Outdoor Yoga Studio
Oh, um, hi, did we hear you'd like to perfect tree pose under the Caribbean sun? Because wow, you actually... can. Located on the upper level deck, they provide a yoga, meditation and stretch-based space that allows you to find yourself in complete tranquility... you just happen to get to #findyourself with the most gorgeous ocean backdrop possible.

The Runway
Their signature, Virgin-red running track forms a halo-like vision over the ship allowing Sailors to sweat, strut or skate. Because for some of us, the only kind of running we do is from our problems. And don't forget the SPF — because the track is outside and the Caribbean sun, unlike your problems, will catch up with you no matter how fast you run.

Sustainable at sea.

All materials and products used on board have been sourced with sustainability in mind. From repurposing ocean plastic and including upcycled materials in their retail collection, to offering healthy skincare products and reef-safe sunscreen — they’re creating Sailor experiences that are both luxurious and green.

Plastic ain't fantastic
Unnecessary single use plastics, including straws, water bottles, shopping bags, food packaging, stirrers and takeaway cups are banned from the ship.

Tinted windows, LED lighting, and room sensors are just a few of the design choices that help the ship to use less energy and minimize their carbon footprint.

Food for thought
From eliminating buffets to serving sustainable seafood and direct trade coffee, they're using some clever techniques to reduce waste and source responsibly.

This is powerful stuff
They're pioneering innovative technologies that transform heat from the ship's engines into clean energy, and purify wastewater so that it’s even clean enough to drink.

Ocean partners
They're working with organizations on land and sea to help keep the ocean clean (and blue) while enabling sustainable tourism. From their onsite state of the art technologies (Climeon and Scanship), to the strategic partnerships with organizations and suppliers (like Emerald Brands)— they plan to change sailing for the better.

There is nothing more important in this world than our oceans, and we're on a mission to protect them and set an example. Success needn't compromise sustainability."
— Richard Branson

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