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Travel Packages All Inclusive from our Advisors

We recognize that vacations are not just an investment, but often the highlights of our lives, and we take that responsibility seriously. We want to ensure you have the best vacation experience. Interested in a job in travel? Click here to learn: How to Become a Travel Agent

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Australia Travel travel agents packages deals

Latest Australia Travel Packages & Deals

We serve customers all over the USA! Contact us for a custom curated vacation package for your preferred dates, budget, airline & more.

120-night Viking World Journeys Cruise

Price: $54,995 - # of Days: 120 days

 Package Details

137-night Viking World Cruise

Price: $59,995 - # of Days: 137 days

 Package Details

78-night Australia, Asia & Alaska Cruise

Price: $35,995 - # of Days: 78 days

 Package Details

77-night Australia, Asia & Alaska Cruise

Price: $35,995 - # of Days: 77 days

 Package Details

28-night South Pacific Sojourn Cruise

Price: $11,998 - # of Days: 28 days

 Package Details

16-night Komodo & The Australian Coast Cruise

Price: $6,999 - # of Days: 16 days

 Package Details

31-night Grand Australia Circumnavigation Cruise

Price: $17,999 - # of Days: 31 days

 Package Details

30-night Australia, New Zealand & Indonesia Cruise

Price: $13,998 - # of Days: 30 days

 Package Details

92-night Grand Pacific Explorer Cruise

Price: $42,894 - # of Days: 92 days

 Package Details

84-night Australia, Asia & The Mediterranean Cruise

Price: $51,093 - # of Days: 84 days

 Package Details

Abrolhos Islands Travel Packages

Categories: Abrolhos Islands

Adelaide Travel Packages

Adelaide This elegant city is known for its colonial stone architecture, expansive parklands, lively festivals and incredible sense of space. Explore the museums and libraries of North Terrace, dine on dedicated 'eat streets' or picnic in gardens th...

Categories: Adelaide

Albany Travel Packages

Albany is a popular resort town located on one of southwestern Australia's most beautiful stretches of coast. It lies on the northern shore of Princess Royal Harbour - one of the world's best natural deep-water harbours. Built soon after the first co...

Categories: Albany

American River Travel Packages

Categories: American River

American Samoa Travel Packages

American (Amerika) Samoa is a group of six Polynesian islands in the South Pacific. Fourteen degrees below the equator, it is the United States' southern-most territory. It is known as the heart of Polynesia. If you drew a triangle from Hawaii, New Z...

Categories: American Samoa

Anjo Peninsula Travel Packages

Categories: Anjo Peninsula

Apollo Bay Travel Packages

Apollo Bay nestles into the picturesque green foothills of the Otway Ranges. On the way to discovering this "paradise by the sea", you'll experience some of the Great Ocean Road's best scenery and smaller holiday hamlets.

Categories: Apollo Bay

Ashmore Island Travel Packages

Categories: Ashmore Island

Ashmore Reef Travel Packages

Categories: Ashmore Reef

Australia Travel Packages

Brought to you by Tourism Australia

Categories: Asia Pacific > South Pacific

Australian Coast Travel Packages

Categories: Australian Coast

Australia's External Territory Travel Packages

Categories: Australia's External Territory

Australia's Outback Travel Packages

The vast and mostly desolate interior of Australia (roughly three-quarters of the country) is often referred to as the Outback. The most visited sites are Uluru, Alice Springs, Broken Hill, Coober Pedy, Kalgoorlie and the Kimberley, as well as the sc...

Categories: Australia's Outback

Ballarat Travel Packages

Ballarat is a historic gold rush city in Australia, where visitors can admire the Victorian inspired architecture of the gold rush era, visit the Museum of Australian Democracy at Eureka or hold a koala or feed a kangaroo at Ballarat Wildlife Park.

Categories: Ballarat

Barongarook Travel Packages

Categories: Barongarook

Barossa Valley Travel Packages

The Barossa Valley is located in South Australia, approximately 70 km from Adelaide, the state’s capital city. The Barossa Valley has something to do for everyone – trails for cycling and walking, shopping, galleries and museums, golf, an...

Categories: Barossa Valley

Beagle Bay Travel Packages

Categories: Beagle Bay

Beechworth Travel Packages

Beechworth is a small town is Victoria, Australia, offering plenty of exciting things to do. Beechworth offers fine dining and local wineries, festivals, and frequent reenactments of colonial history. Adventurous visitors can enjoy the extensive walk...

Categories: Beechworth

Belgrave Travel Packages

Categories: Belgrave

Bellevue Travel Packages

Bellevue is located in Western Australia in a suburb of Perth.

Categories: Bellevue

Beltana Travel Packages

Beltana is a historic mining town located in South Australia, dating back to the 1870s. It is located on the western edge of the northern Flinders Ranges. This outback settlement, its cemetery and railway structures are part of a State Heritage Area....

Categories: Beltana

Bigge Island Travel Packages

Bigge Island is part of the Bonaparte Archipelago, located in the Kimberley region in Western Australia. The smallest kangaroo group, the Manjon rock wallaby, lives here, as well as many other species of wildlife. Bigge Island is famous for its Abori...

Categories: Bigge Island

Border Village Travel Packages

Categories: Border Village

Broome Travel Packages

Welcome to Broome - the gateway to Australia's last frontier of pristine wilderness, the Kimberley. From its rough and tumble, romantic pearling history to the cosmopolitan character of Chinatown, to the turquoise waters, red sandstone cliffs and th...

Categories: Broome

Browse Island Travel Packages

Categories: Browse Island

Buccaneer Archipelago Travel Packages

Categories: Buccaneer Archipelago

Bunbury Travel Packages

Bunbury has something for everyone to enjoy – from wine tasting, walks on the historic Shipwreck Trail or Big Swamp Reserve, golf, museums, to whitewater rafting. Bunbury’s location is almost entirely surrounded by water, which means wate...

Categories: Bunbury

Bussleton Travel Packages

Bussleton (Busselton) is one of Western Australia's favorite seaside port towns, and the gateway to Margaret River's wine region. Busselton Jetty and the surrounding waterfront is the highlight of the city, with many seaside cafes, restauran...

Categories: Bussleton

Camden Harbour Travel Packages

Camden Harbor is a tiny settlement located in the northwestern cape of Western Australia neighboring the Timor Sea. Before it was established in 1864, the Australian Aborigines roamed its shores and turned to fish as their source of protein. Soon aft...

Categories: Camden Harbour

Camp Creek Travel Packages

Categories: Camp Creek

Cape Le Grand National Park Travel Packages

Just east of Esperance is an ancient landscape unglaciated and over 200 million years old. After having survived the ice age, this national park is now home to many of its primitive species. One kangaroo species in particular found at this national p...

Categories: Cape Le Grand National Park

Cape Leveque Travel Packages

Located on the northernmost tip of the Dampier Peninsula in the Kimberley region, Cape Leveque's remote sandy beaches are a hidden treasure of Western Australia. Nesting sea birds, wild sea turtle, and whales who come to give birth off the sheltered...

Categories: Cape Leveque

Cape Peron Travel Packages

Categories: Cape Peron

Cape Range National Park Travel Packages

Cape Range National Park is a national park in Western Australia just north of Perth. Etched by nature, the park’s rugged limestone ranges and deep canyons are but a kiss away from the pristine beaches of the Indian Ocean. Cape Range National P...

Categories: Cape Range National Park

Careening Bay Travel Packages

Categories: Careening Bay

Carnarvon Travel Packages

Carnarvon is a coastal town north of Perth, Western Australia. The town was founded in 1883 as a port and named after Henry Herbert, 4th Earl of Carnarvon. Carnarvon is particularly known for its inland salt mines, prawn aquaculture, agriculture of c...

Categories: Carnarvon

Ceduna Travel Packages

Categories: Ceduna

Christmas Island Travel Packages

Discovered in 1643 on Christmas, Christmas Island hosts numerous unique fauna and flora species, including 14 species of land crabs. It is the location for the mass migration of 120 million red crabs, often called one of the great wonders of the worl...

Categories: Christmas Island

Clare Travel Packages

Known for its cool Mediterranean climate and famous Riesling wine, Clare Valley is one of Australia's oldest wine regions. In the mid-19th century, European settlers left South Australia a rich heritage of European villages and architecture that ...

Categories: Clare

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Travel Packages

On the blue ocean waters of the Indian Ocean lies unspoiled paradise that offers world-class diving, variety of watersport activities, spectacular bird watching and traditions passed on for many generations of the Malay people. Here on the Territory ...

Categories: Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Coober Pedy Travel Packages

150 million years ago, Coober Pedy was once covered in ocean and for thousands of years, Australia's Aboriginals walked this area. It wasn't until January of 1915 when 3 foreign men made a discovery - Opal! Though it wasn't exactly what t...

Categories: Coober Pedy

Coodlie Park Travel Packages

Categories: Coodlie Park

Cook Travel Packages

This town is a railway station established in 1917 that delivered tea and sugar, Cook stretches from Ooldea to Loongana, South Australia. Present-day, Cook is a ghost town that welcomes overnight train drivers providing accommodations to those whom a...

Categories: Cook

Cook Islands Travel Packages

A net of 15 islands in the heart of the South Pacific spread over an area the size of India with a population no bigger than a small New Zealand country town, 14,000 souls. These unique and friendly Polynesians have their own language and government ...

Categories: Cook Islands

Coonawarra Travel Packages

In the Limestone Coast of South Australia sits a wine region known for its Cabernet Sauvignon. Coonawarra which means "Honeysuckle" has been growing grape vines since 1890 wherein Shiraz was first produced. By the mid-20th century, the pote...

Categories: Coonawarra

Coral Bay Travel Packages

Coral Bay is a marine paradise and fringing reef diving spot in the Ningaloo Marine Park in Western Australia. This small fishing town has a large variety of coral and fish life, an explorer’s paradise to see manta rays, humpback whales, nestin...

Categories: Coral Bay

Coral Sea Islands Travel Packages

Categories: Coral Sea Islands

Croker Island Travel Packages

Categories: Croker Island

Dampier Archipelago Travel Packages

Categories: Dampier Archipelago

Daylesford Travel Packages

Daylesford is a popular spa town to go to escape the rush of the cities. It is also a great place to stop and relax along your long travels around Australia. Just north of Daylesford is Hepburn Springs, where you will find plenty of mineral springs i...

Categories: Daylesford

Denham Travel Packages

Categories: Denham

Derby Travel Packages

Derby is where adventurous travelers can discover the wonders of the Devonian Reef and visit the National Park of Windjana Gorge and Tunnel Creek. Enjoy aboriginal art of the Kimberley region, bird watching, historic Fitzroy Crossing, fishing, cruise...

Categories: Derby

Dirk Hartog Island Travel Packages

Categories: Dirk Hartog Island

Doubtful Bay Travel Packages

Doubtful Bay is located on the northeastern part of Western Australia, and opens into the Indian Ocean. 4-wheel-driving is a popular activity on the surrounding dunes and beaches, and the crystal clear waters provide remarkable views.

Categories: Doubtful Bay

Drysdale River Travel Packages

Categories: Drysdale River

Dunkeld, AU Travel Packages

The gateway to the southern Grampians is the iconic Mount Sturgeon where its beautiful rocky summit and lush vegetation makes for a perfect hike down to the village of Dunkeld. This region was first inhabited by the Chapwurrung people for over 4,000 ...

Categories: Dunkeld AU

Eaglehawk Island Travel Packages

Categories: Eaglehawk Island

Echuca Travel Packages

Categories: Echuca

El Questro Travel Packages

El Questro is known as one of Australia's last true frontiers and is located in Western Australia's untamed Kimberley region. Enjoy outdoor activities such as horse trekking, barramundi fishing, bird watching, wildlife viewing, riverside camp...

Categories: El Questro

Esperance Travel Packages

Esperance has a variety of natural attractions, including national parks, wetlands, and white sandy beaches. During the summer months Esperance experiences the wildflower season where beautiful orchids, and a myriad of other species bloom.  Visi...

Categories: Esperance

Exmouth Travel Packages

Exmouth, Australia, which is a small town of about 3,500 people situated just north of the Tropic of Capricorn has an average winter temperature of 77 degrees farenheit, while the summer averages 95 degrees. Luckily, Exmouth has no wet season, so the...

Categories: Exmouth

Falls Creek Travel Packages

Falls Creek is an alpine ski resort in the Victorian Alps of the Alpine National Park with terrain fit for beginners and professional athletes. Make the best of a snow adventure – gear up and hit the snowtubes, attend Snowsport School, stroll t...

Categories: Falls Creek

Fanning Island Travel Packages

Fanning Island, Republic of Kiribati... your own Pacific hideaway! It was a deserted island when Captain Edmund Fanning landed here in 1798. It took another 50 years before there was human habitation. Two centuries later, there are only 1,304 people...

Categories: Fanning Island

Fiji Travel Packages

From palm-lined beaches and warm crystalline waters to grassy highlands and lush tropical rain forests, Fiji offers visitors a true South Seas paradise. The Fiji archipelago consists of tiny coral atolls and mountainous forest-clad islands of volcani...

Categories: Fiji

Finke Travel Packages

Categories: Finke

Fitzroy Crossing Travel Packages

Categories: Fitzroy Crossing

Fleurieu Peninsula Travel Packages

Categories: Fleurieu Peninsula

Flinders Ranges Travel Packages

An iconic amphitheater, Flinders Ranges is South Australia's largest mountain range in Wilpena Pound. For over 10,000 years, the Adnyamathanha aborigines tells of ancient serpents and giants shaping the lands. For the aborigines or the "rock...

Categories: Flinders Ranges

French Polynesia Travel Packages

People come to French Polynesia to live it up in stylish resorts, scuba dive in lagoons teeming with tropical fish, gorge on the unique mix of French and Polynesian cuisine and, basically, experience a little French chic mixed with South Pacific cha...

Categories: French Polynesia

Gascoyne Travel Packages

Categories: Gascoyne

Geelong Travel Packages

Known as an agricultural and pastoral town in the past and as an industrial center after the 1850’s gold rush, Geelong is now experiencing record growth, economic development and investment. Its name originates from the Aboriginal word for bay - ji...

Categories: Geelong

Gembrook Travel Packages

Categories: Gembrook

Geraldton Travel Packages

Sunbathers will appreciate Geraldton, Australia, known as the Sunshine City for it's record year round sunshine.  Geraldton maintains some beautiful sandy beaches where visitors can swim and enjoy a variety of water sports. Also, off the co...

Categories: Geraldton

Gippsland Coast Travel Packages

Categories: Gippsland Coast

Gippsland Lakes Travel Packages

Categories: Gippsland Lakes

Glendambo Travel Packages

Categories: Glendambo

Glenelg Travel Packages

Categories: Glenelg

Grampians National Park Travel Packages

Categories: Grampians National Park

Great Australian Bight Travel Packages

Categories: Great Australian Bight

Great Ocean Road Travel Packages

Categories: Great Ocean Road

Guam Travel Packages

Guam, a territory of the United States, is the largest and southernmost of the Mariana Islands in the north-western Pacific Ocean. It is 30 mi long and about 8 mi wide. The northern portion of this tropical island is a plateau of coral formation; the...

Categories: Guam

Halls Creek Travel Packages

Categories: Halls Creek

Halls Gap Travel Packages

At the foot of Wonderland Range is the holiday town of Halls Gap, hub of the relaxing Grampians way of life. Halls Gap caters to almost every need boasting cafes, gift stores, a variety of accommodation from camp sites to luxurious getaways, and an a...

Categories: Halls Gap

Horrocks Travel Packages

A beach town in Western Australia, visitors will instantly feel their holiday vacation kick in as they take a glimpse of the magnificent ocean views. Watersport enthusiasts can catch the surf at Bowes River Mouth or scuba dive and snorkel along the r...

Categories: Horrocks

Hyden Travel Packages

Categories: Hyden

Imintji Travel Packages

Categories: Imintji

Jar Island Travel Packages

Categories: Jar Island

Jurien Bay Travel Packages

Categories: Jurien Bay

Kalbarri Travel Packages

A natural playground with a breathtaking coastline, river gorges, scenic coastal cliffs, tranquil beaches and protected swimming bays, Kalbarri is enjoyed year round with its seasonal attractions. You can witness 800 species of Australian wildflowers...

Categories: Kalbarri

Kalgoorlie Travel Packages

The town of Kalgoorlie, 375 mi/600 km east of Perth in Western Australia, is still considered the Queen of the Golden Mile, a gold vein discovered in 1893 that contains one of the richest lodes ever found. Kalgoorlie's 20,000 residents continue to ma...

Categories: Kalgoorlie

Kangaroo Island Travel Packages

Enjoy one of the world's most beautiful and unique wilderness holiday destinations in which the locals include wallabies, goannas, koalas, kangaroos, echidnas, dolphins, sea lions, penguins, fur seals, eagles, whales and ospreys. Share with ...

Categories: Kangaroo Island

Karijini National Park Travel Packages

Categories: Karijini National Park

Karratha Travel Packages

Categories: Karratha

Kimberley Coast Travel Packages

The rugged Kimberly Region of Australia is one of the most pristine and spectacular coastlines in the South Pacific. Flowing into the coast are some of the largest rivers in Australia forming a beautiful geological landscape. The area is also one of ...

Categories: Kimberley Coast

Kimberley Downs Travel Packages

Categories: Kimberley Downs

King Cascade Travel Packages

Categories: King Cascade

King George River Travel Packages

Categories: King George River

Kiribati Travel Packages

Kiribati may seem a little behind the times, but because the international date line now makes a detour around its islands, every new day on Earth begins in this Pacific island nation. And a day can take a long time dawning on Kiribati, if you take i...

Categories: Kiribati

Koolama Bay Travel Packages

Categories: Koolama Bay

Kununurra Travel Packages

Kununurra holds natural wonders and rugged ridges of Western Australia. This scenic booming town is surrounded by an abundance of fresh water such as lakes, rivers, and waterfalls and harbors a large variety of flora and fauna. Travelers will not mis...

Categories: Kununurra

Kuri Bay Travel Packages

Categories: Kuri Bay

Lacepede Islands Travel Packages

Categories: Lacepede Islands

Lakes Entrance Travel Packages

Lakes Entrance is a lake town that sits between a manmade channel where the network of inland waterways flow into the Tasman Sea connected by the East Gippsland Lakes. This fishing port was once named Cunninghame, however in 1870 it was remaned Lakes...

Categories: Lakes Entrance

Learmouth Travel Packages

Categories: Learmouth

Limestone Coast Travel Packages

Categories: Limestone Coast

Little Desert National Park Travel Packages

Categories: Little Desert National Park

Little River Travel Packages

Categories: Little River

Little Turtle Island Travel Packages

Categories: Little Turtle Island

Lock Travel Packages

Categories: Lock

Lorne Travel Packages

Lorne is one scenic destination of Australia. Ocean, mountains, rocks and rainforest can all be found here. Cinema Point Lookout, the highest point on the Great Ocean Road, is worth visiting. Cathedral Rocks Lookout, Mount Defiance Lookout, all on t...

Categories: Lorne

Low Rocks Travel Packages

Categories: Low Rocks

Loxton Travel Packages

Categories: Loxton

Mannum Travel Packages

Categories: Mannum

Marananga Travel Packages

Categories: Marananga

Margaret River Travel Packages

The town of Margaret River is the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city lifestyle. Offering top-notch wining and dining, the creature comforts do not have to be left behind to enjoy the stunning, picturesque landscape characteristi...

Categories: Margaret River

Marshall Islands Travel Packages

The Marshall Islands comprises over a thousand flat coral islands of white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons. There's pristine diving and lush tropical greenery, and the native people retain many pre-colonial crafts and traditions, especially on the...

Categories: Marshall Islands

McLaren Vale Travel Packages

Categories: McLaren Vale

Melbourne Travel Packages

Melbourne Melbourne is a maze of hidden laneways, opulent bars, exclusive restaurants and off-the-beaten-track boutiques. Here you can soak up culture, hit the sporting grounds, taste the dynamic food and wine scene, dance til dawn or wander the par...

Categories: Melbourne

Micronesia Travel Packages

Despite being firmly tied to the USA's economic and political apron strings, the Federated States of Micronesia are hanging onto their traditional ways. The Micronesians are proud of their past, especially since they were navigating the Pacific befor...

Categories: Micronesia

Mitchell Falls Travel Packages

Categories: Mitchell Falls

Monkey Mia Travel Packages

Located on the coastline of West Australia, Monkey Mia has been a dolphin interaction reserve where wild bottle-nosed dolphins return to shore every morning and greet onlookers. This relationship has been established for phenomenally over 40 years. W...

Categories: Monkey Mia

Montebello Islands Marine Park Travel Packages

Categories: Montebello Islands Marine Park

Montgomery Reef Travel Packages

Categories: Montgomery Reef

Moorooduc Travel Packages

Categories: Moorooduc

Mornington Island Travel Packages

Categories: Mornington Island

Mornington Peninsula Travel Packages

Categories: Mornington Peninsula

Mount Buffalo National Park Travel Packages

Mount Buffalo National Park is Australia’s Alpine high country with sheer granite cliffs, wildflower fields, waterfalls, and winter snow summits. Discovered by two explorers Halimton Hume and William Hovell in the early 1800’s, the mounta...

Categories: Mount Buffalo National Park

Mt. Gambier Travel Packages

Categories: Mt. Gambier

Muiron Islands Travel Packages

Categories: Muiron Islands

Murion Islands Travel Packages

Categories: Murion Islands

Nambung National Park Travel Packages

Categories: Nambung National Park

Naracoorte Travel Packages

Naracoorte, located on the Limestone Coast, was first discovered by Scottish explorers in 1845. Years later, a government settlement was established. For decades, agriculture has become its economic industry with tourism on its tail. Today, South Aus...

Categories: Naracoorte

Nares Point Travel Packages

Categories: Nares Point

Naturalist Island Travel Packages

Categories: Naturalist Island

Nauru Travel Packages

For most of the 20th century, this tiny island nation has been plundered of its unlikely treasure—phosphate. Mined for use in fertilizer, the phosphate enriched the island in one way—Nauru has one of the highest per capita incomes of in the Pacific—b...

Categories: Nauru

New Caledonia Travel Packages

New Caledonia, in the heart of the South Pacific, is off the east coast of Australia. The barrier reef around the mainland island is the world's largest lagoon, and one of the most beautiful. New Caledonia enjoys a soft, sunny climate. From the centa...

Categories: New Caledonia

New South Wales Travel Packages

Categories: New South Wales

New Zealand Travel Packages

New Zealand’s awesome landscapes, lush forests, amazing wildlife and pleasant climate make it a haven for outdoor activities, and a great place to unwind. New Zealand society is diverse, sophisticated, and multicultural, and the honesty, friendliness...

Categories: New Zealand

Newman Travel Packages

Categories: Newman

Ningaloo Reef Travel Packages

Visit Western Australia's Ningaloo Reef, a World Heritage Site along the East Indian Ocean. Famous for abundant whale sharks, the Ningaloo Marine Park is home to diverse marine species including manta rays, humpback whales, turtles, and gardens of sp...

Categories: Ningaloo Reef

Niue Island Travel Packages

Niue Island offers visitors the most extraordinary and memorable experience they can find anywhere in the South Pacific. You will have the chance to swim with whales and dolphins in an underwater wonderland, and snorkel over bright corals in clear, w...

Categories: Niue Island

Norfolk Island Travel Packages

Norfolk Island is a small speck in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 1000 miles northeast of Sydney and 600 miles northwest of Auckland. In the centre of the island is the small town of Burnt Pine. Kingston, built by convicts and featuring many restor...

Categories: Norfolk Island

North Adelaide Travel Packages

Categories: North Adelaide

Northern Mariana Islands Travel Packages

How fast can you say CNMI? The residents of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands refer to their Pacific homeland by its initials, saying the letters as quickly as possible, so that they come out in an exotic-sounding blur. But you might a...

Categories: Northern Mariana Islands

Northern Territory Travel Packages

You can lose and find yourself in the Northern Territory, a place rich in Aboriginal history and rugged, natural beauty. Immerse yourself in Darwin's melting pot of cuisines and cultures and explore the rainforest and Aboriginal rock art of World Her...

Categories: Northern Territory

Norwegian Bay Travel Packages

Categories: Norwegian Bay

Nullarbor Travel Packages

Categories: Nullarbor

Outer Harbour Travel Packages

Categories: Outer Harbour

Palau Travel Packages

An independent nation located 2,000 miles south of Japan, the Republic of Palau is best-known for their “Rock Islands,” a small cluster of mushroom-shaped islets located in a large lagoon that harbors one of the world’s greatest con...

Categories: Palau

Papua New Guinea Travel Packages

Huge tracts of Papua New Guinea are wild and undeveloped, with magnificent scenery ranging from pristine coral atolls to volcanic mountains and dense tropical rainforest. The mainland is divided by the Owen Stanley Range, a massive central spike with...

Categories: Papua New Guinea

Paraburdoo Travel Packages

Categories: Paraburdoo

Parndana Travel Packages

Categories: Parndana

Pemberton Travel Packages

Located in the south west region of Australia, Pemberton is a small picturesque town known for it's nearby Gloucester National Park, Karri forests, Pemberton Wine Region and endless mountain bike and hiking trails.

Categories: Pemberton

Perth (Fremantle) Travel Packages

Fremantle is located at the mouth of the River Swan on the east coast of Western Australia. Fremantle is one of the oldest settlements in Australia and has a sense of history with many well-preserved examples of colonial architecture including the Ma...

Categories: Perth (Fremantle)

Phillip Island Travel Packages

Known for it's natural beauty and wildlife, Phillip Island is a wonderful Australian destination.

Categories: Phillip Island

Pitcairn Island Travel Packages

Few ships are able to slip through the reef at Pitcairn Island, which is what made this remote atoll so appealing to Fletcher Christian and his band of mutineers in 1790. After setting Captain Bligh adrift in the Bounty's longboat, they returned to T...

Categories: Pitcairn Island

Port Augusta Travel Packages

Categories: Port Augusta

Port Campbell Travel Packages

Port Campbell is an attractive, quiet windswept little fishing village set on a natural gorge at the mouth of Campbells Creek. The population of about 200 regulars is regularly inflated with visitors because of its proximity to some of the finest coa...

Categories: Port Campbell

Port Denison Travel Packages

Categories: Port Denison

Port Fairy Travel Packages

Beautiful Port Fairy has retained much of its colonial architecture, providing visitors with a fascinating insight into the history of one of Victoria's earliest ports. On a drive into this charming Shipwreck Coast town in Moyne Shire, the number and...

Categories: Port Fairy

Port Hedland Travel Packages

Categories: Port Hedland

Port Lincoln Travel Packages

Renown for its seafood, mild temperatures and the large, peaceful Boston Bay it rests within, Port Lincoln is ideally located with a wide variety of shopping, dining and outdoor activities. Venture to taste the regional wines at the Boston Bay Winery...

Categories: Port Lincoln

Portland, AU Travel Packages

Categories: Portland AU

Prince Regent Nature Reserve Travel Packages

Categories: Prince Regent Nature Reserve

Prince Regent River Travel Packages

Categories: Prince Regent River

Purnululu National Park Travel Packages

The 239,723 ha Purnululu National Park is located in the State of Western Australia. It contains the deeply dissected Bungle Bungle Range composed of Devonian-age quartz sandstone eroded over a period of 20 million years into a series of beehive-s...

Categories: Purnululu National Park

Queenscliff Travel Packages

Queenscliff in Victoria is a bayside town that has a lot to offer. Discover the wildlife in Port Phillip Bay, enjoy eco adventures, visit the historical fort and Fort Queenscliff museum, tour fascinating galleries, and there are even renowned restaur...

Categories: Queenscliff

Queensland Travel Packages

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Categories: Queensland

Raft Point Travel Packages

Categories: Raft Point

Recherche Archipelago Travel Packages

Categories: Recherche Archipelago

Renmark Travel Packages

Categories: Renmark

Robe Travel Packages

Categories: Robe

Rottnest Island Travel Packages

Categories: Rottnest Island

Rowley Shoals Travel Packages

Categories: Rowley Shoals

Sale River Travel Packages

Categories: Sale River

Samoa (Independent State of) Travel Packages

The pace of life in Samoa is so laid-back it's only a heartbeat away from being a nice little snooze. Its palm-fringed beaches, booming white surf, and lush rainforests wreathed in misty clouds make it the kind of place Hollywood location scou...

Categories: Samoa (Independent State of)

Shaw River Travel Packages

Categories: Shaw River

Sheep Island Travel Packages

Sheep Island is located in the western coast of Australia. This destination is a prime location for bird watching and enjoying a unique day of discovery.

Categories: Sheep Island

Society Islands Travel Packages

The Society Islands, considered "Paradise on Earth" by savvy travelers, were explored by Captains Cook and Bligh, but they were made truly famous by the paintings of the artist, Paul Gauguin, and by the words of author, James A. Michener. Divided...

Categories: Society Islands

Solomon Islands Travel Packages

The Solomon Islands represent the South Pacific of dreams - as beautiful below as it is above. For travellers with a passion for adventure and exploration, the Solomon Islands are where they can make the first footprints on an isolated stretch of bea...

Categories: Solomon Islands

South Australia Travel Packages

Categories: South Australia

Sterna Island Travel Packages

Categories: Sterna Island

Swift Bay Travel Packages

Categories: Swift Bay

Talbot Bay Travel Packages

Categories: Talbot Bay

Tasmania Travel Packages

Tasmania is an island located 150 miles off the southeast mainland Australia. Encircled by the Southern Ocean, Tasman Sea and Bass Strait, Tasmania breathes the world’s cleanest air and enjoys pure water and fertile soils – part of what brings its wi...

Categories: Tasmania

The Great Ocean Road Travel Packages

The gateway to the Great Ocean Road lies just 46 mi/75 km southwest of Melbourne. Running 250 mi/400 km from the city of Geelong to the border of South Australia, the road hugs the contours of Victoria's rugged southwest coast: It provides one of Aus...

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Tom Price Travel Packages

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Tonga Islands Travel Packages

Tongatapu is the largest island in the Kingdom of Tonga and home to the nation's capital Nuku'alofa. Nuku'alofa's white Victorian Royal Palace symbolises the Kingdom of Tonga. For insight into Tonga's culture, visit the Tongan National Center. The To...

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Traralgon Travel Packages

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Turkey Creek Travel Packages

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Turquoise Bay Travel Packages

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Tuvalu Travel Packages

You have to go considerably out of your way to wind up in tiny Tuvalu. This country of nine far-flung islands and atolls is one of the least-visited places in the South Pacific. It does have standard tropical scenery, with plenty of beaches, lagoons ...

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United States Minor Outlying Islands Travel Packages

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Vansittart Bay Travel Packages

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Vanuatu Travel Packages

As South Pacific paradises go, Vanuatu is neither predictable nor placid. This Y-shaped archipelago of small islands, located directly over the Pacific Ring of Fire, has live volcanoes and daring vine jumpers, and it happens to be located in a cyclon...

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Victoria, Australia Travel Packages

Victoria is Australia's second-smallest state, covering 227,600 square kilometres – roughly the size of the British Isles. Packed into such a compact area is a wealth of diverse areas and attractions, from pristine beaches to national parks and fo...

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Wallis and Futuna Islands Travel Packages

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Wangaratta Travel Packages

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Warrnambool Travel Packages

In the words of one tourist operator "If Warrnambool was 5 degrees warmer there would be a million people living here!" The cities natural attractions of wide sandy beaches two major rivers and surrounded by some of Australia's most fertile country h...

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Wattle Hill Travel Packages

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Western Australia Travel Packages

Western Australia is famous for long days of sunshine and diverse landscapes and climates. Cruise down Perth's Swan River to Fremantle or the Swan Valley vineyards. Or visit wineries fringed by tall forests and crashing surf in the Margaret River. Di...

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William Creek Travel Packages

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Wilsons Promontory Travel Packages

Known as “The Prom” to the locals, Wilsons Promontory is Australia’s coastal wilderness with winding trails, empty beaches, a eucalyptus forest and rocky mountain plateaus. Since 1898, it is protected by the Wilson Promontory Nation...

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Woku Woku Island Travel Packages

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Wyndham Travel Packages

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Yarra Valley Travel Packages

The Yarra Valley is a world class, world renowned wine region, reminiscent of Bordeaux or Burgundy in the South of France, or the Tuscany region of Northern Italy. It is a place of unspoilt pristine beauty, where the water and the air are clean and c...

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Yering Travel Packages

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Australia's biggest attraction is its natural beauty. The landscape varies from endless sunbaked horizons to dense tropical rainforest to chilly southern beaches. Scattered along the coasts, its cities blend a European enthusiasm for art and food with a laid-back love of sport and the outdoors. The unimaginable vastness of the country gives Australia - and its diverse population - much of its character. In cities, visitors will experience a blur of fashion boutiques and crowded restaurants. In the interior, they will hear the thump of rocks under their 4WD, only to be followed by a slow, silent swirl of outback dust. Around the coast, they'll take in the depths of a rainforest, then slowly realize they have an entire beach to themselves.

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Big, bold and colorful, Australia is utterly unique.

From sensational coastlines and Outback, to diverse nature and wildlife, Australia offers some of the most memorable experiences on earth.

A place where vibrant, cosmopolitan cities fringe pristine beaches and harbors, and cultural attractions reflect the diversity of our population, visitors are welcomed to learn about Indigenous traditions and celebrate the Australian way of life.

From the outback to the coast, to the icons and the undiscovered, each destination has its own charm and character.

However, the real beauty of Australia lies in its people. Expect a warm welcome in Australia, where the friendly locals are always up for a laugh and are known to have little more fun.

Rich in over 60,000 years of history, Aboriginal Australians are the world's oldest living Indigenous culture. Meanwhile Australia’s multicultural society is embraced, making for a fascinating and thriving dining scene.

Quick Facts

  • Official language:


  • Official currency:

    Australian dollar - AUD

  • Climate:

    Being in the southern hemisphere, Australia’s seasons are the opposite of what they are in North America. The southern part of Australia experiences the four seasons, whereas in the northern tropics there are two.

    • Summer - December through February
      Summer is a great time to visit with many outdoor festivals and events. Typically, many Australians are on personal leave through the holiday season into January, and schools are on extended vacation. Sydney’s average high temperature is 26C/80F.

    • Winter - June through August
      Winter is a popular time for North Americans to visit. The temperatures remain quite mild in many locations, however a coat is recommended for outdoor activities, especially in the morning or evening. Sydney’s average high temperature is 17C/62F.

    • Seasons in the tropics
      Destinations in the tropics include the Top End of the Northern Territory, Western Australia’s Kimberley region, as well as North Queensland – home to the Great Barrier Reef. The northern sub-tropical and tropical regions experience two seasons: wet and dry. The wet season, or tropical summer, is between October and April, where you'll experience a mix of sun and rain – making for epic waterfalls – and prices are more affordable. May to September is host to the dry season, with plenty of sunshine and an average maximum temperature around 35°C (95°F).

Australia Wildlife

Wonderful Wildlife

From koalas sitting in treetops to quokkas nibbling on leaves, it’s not hard to find Australia’s cute and cuddly wildlife. Luckily, Australia offers experiences to give your clients a wildlife ‘wow’ moment such as watching penguins waddle up the beach into their burrows, swimming with sea lions, or spotting the elusive platypus.

Australia Food

Delicious Food & Drink

Australian cuisine is all about quality ingredients, the people who produce them and the incredible landscapes in which they’re shared. From wine tasting in over 65 wine-growing regions, to sampling oysters direct from pristine waters, there’s plenty of opportunities to eat and drink well in Australia.

Australia Nature

Nature & Adventure

Explore ancient gorges, pounding waterfalls and tranquil bushland in Australia’s national parks. Go beyond well-known destinations to discover beautiful beaches and idyllic islands.

Australia Culture

Ancient Culture

Australia’s First Nations people have called Australia home for over 60,000 years. Heading out with an Aboriginal guide is one of the most powerful ways to get to know Australia’s ancient culture. Encourage your clients to book an Indigenous experience when they visit the Outback, the rainforest, or even one of our cities.

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Categories: Asia Pacific > South Pacific > Australia

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