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Admiralty Island

Categories: Admiralty Island


Categories: Akutan

Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway is the ultimate North American driving adventure. A remarkable feat of civil engineering and a reminder of the immense projects undertaken by the Allies in World War II, the Alaska Highway was built in 1942 with the express purpose...

Categories: Alaska Highway

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Categories: Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Aleutian Islands

The Aleutian Islands are the tops of submerged mountains belonging to a range stretching more than 1,100 miles into the Pacific Ocean from the Alaska mainland. Volcanic peaks, hidden valleys, and pebbled beaches invite explorers. Whales, sea lions, s...

Categories: Aleutian Islands


Located at the upper end of Cook Inlet in the Gulf of Alaska, Anchorage is Alaska's largest community. This popular tourist destination and crossroads for global air travel is only minutes away from the recreational areas bordering the Gulf of Alas...

Categories: Anchorage

Anchorage (Seward)

Seward and its surroundings comprise a land of memorable beauty--saltwater bays, blue glaciers, majestic mountains and alpine valleys. Located on the Kenai Peninsula at the head of Resurrection Bay, the city is one of Alaska's oldest communities, and...

Categories: Anchorage (Seward)

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, 600 mi/966 km northeast of Anchorage, is the largest in the U.S., covering more than 18 million acres/7.2 million hectares. It's often called America's Serengeti because of the variety of animals within its b...

Categories: Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

Arctic Village

Categories: Arctic Village

At Sea: Alaska

What sets Alaska cruises apart from other cruises is what you can see from the ship's rail: the state's geological wonders. They're just as much a part of the Alaska cruise experience as stops in port. Some of the sights you may see as you sail past ...

Categories: At Sea: Alaska

Baird Glacier

Categories: Baird Glacier

Baranof Island

Categories: Baranof Island


Barrow is a small Alaskan city located above the Arctic Circle, and is the northernmost city in the USA. Located roughly 1,300 miles south of the North Pole, visitors must fly or take a ship to reach Barrow. Much of the land is tundra and permafrost,...

Categories: Barrow

Barry Arm

Categories: Barry Arm

Beaver, AK

Beaver, Alaska, located above the Arctic Circle, is about a 50-minute flight from Fairbanks. Travelers cross some 110 mi/177 km of wilderness of the White Mountains and Yukon Flats National Wildlife Refuge between the two towns. Beaver has about 80 v...

Categories: Beaver AK

Behm Canal

Categories: Behm Canal

Behm Narrows

Categories: Behm Narrows

Betton Island

Categories: Betton Island

Big Lake

Categories: Big Lake

Blake Channel

Categories: Blake Channel

Blashke Islands

Categories: Blashke Islands

Bohemia Basin

The Bohemia Basin is located in Skagaway Hoonah Angoon County, Alaska.

Categories: Bohemia Basin

Cascade Creek

Categories: Cascade Creek

Castle Bay

Categories: Castle Bay

Chankliut Island

Categories: Chankliut Island

Chatham Strait

Chatham Strait is a popular feeding ground for humpback whales.

Categories: Chatham Strait

Chena Hot Springs

Categories: Chena Hot Springs

Chichagof Island

Chichagof Island's coastline is one of the most remote and interesting islands in Alaska.  The island is know for its world class streams and rivers, and salmon fishing,  which attracts anglers and fishing enthusiasts from all aro...

Categories: Chichagof Island


This tiny remote fishing village sits on the Alaskan Peninsula where the weather has its own personality constantly shifting 4 times a day. The town's population is mostly made up of Alaskan Natives who preserve much of the green lush land of Chignik...

Categories: Chignik

Chilikat Valley

Categories: Chilikat Valley

Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve

Categories: Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve

Chugach National Forest

Who knew that this Alaskan purchase made by the US in 1867 would discover its abundance not only in gold, but in natural scenic beauty and wildlife. Bald eagles, brown bears, silver salmon and killer whales are permanent residents that grace the rugg...

Categories: Chugach National Forest

Clarence Strait

Categories: Clarence Strait

Clarks Point

Categories: Clarks Point


Originally named Slate Creek, the settlement of Coldfoot began around 1898 when thousands of green stampeders flooded to the area in search of gold. The name was changed when a group of prospectors got "cold feet" about wintering in the district and...

Categories: Coldfoot

College Fjord

Glide into College Fjord where you will be completely surrounded by 16 ice-blue glaciers. Each was named for one of the Ivy League colleges by members of the expedition that discovered them.

Categories: College Fjord

Columbia Glacier

Categories: Columbia Glacier

Copper Center

Located on the Old Richardson Highway, Cooper Center is a gateway to the Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Occupied by the Ahtna Alaska natives for over 5,000 years, this town sits besides the Copper rivers and welcomes travelers to enjo...

Categories: Copper Center

Copper River

Because of its great location, vast wilderness, spectacular scenery and wildlife, many visit Copper River Valley for the adventure of a lifetime. Summer recreational activities include rafting, hiking, flightseeing and fishing. Winter activities incl...

Categories: Copper River

Copper River Princess Lodge

Categories: Copper River Princess Lodge


Cordova, Alaska, is a quiet town tucked away in a corner of Prince William Sound about 50 mi/80 km southeast of Valdez and 176 mi/281 km by air southeast of Anchorage. It's also the doorstep to the 2-million-acre/810,000-hectare Copper River Delta, w...

Categories: Cordova

Corner Bay

Categories: Corner Bay

Cross Sound

Categories: Cross Sound

Crow Creek Mine

Categories: Crow Creek Mine

Crow Island

Categories: Crow Island

Davidof Island

Categories: Davidof Island

Dawes Glacier

Dawes Glacier lies 30 miles at the end of Endicott Arm nestled within the Coast Mountain Range. With numerous icebergs formed as the glacier calves pieces into Endicott’s waters, visitors will have the opportunity to see black and brown bears, ...

Categories: Dawes Glacier

Decision Passage

Categories: Decision Passage

Deep Cove

Categories: Deep Cove

Denali National Park

Denali National Park and Preserve defines the Alaskan Experience. Towering above it all is Mt. McKinley, the highest point in North America. At 20,320 feet, its summit beckons more than 1,000 climbers each year who brave the elements for the chance t...

Categories: Denali National Park

Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge

Categories: Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge


Categories: Dillingham

Dundas Bay

Categories: Dundas Bay

Dutch Harbor

Dutch Harbour is a port in the Aleutian Islands. Geologically, the archipelago is a continuation of the Aleutian Range, which is on the Alaskan mainland, and contains a number of volcanic peaks. Few trees, all of stunted growth, are found, but grass...

Categories: Dutch Harbor


Eagle River Alaska, is named for it's eagles nesting on nearby bluffs. There is a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy including hiking, fishing, and nature walks. Eagle is home to fun-filled summer fest...

Categories: Eagle

Eastern Passage

Categories: Eastern Passage

Eklutna Lake, AK

Categories: Eklutna Lake AK

El Capitan Cave

Categories: El Capitan Cave

Endicott Arm

Endicott Arm, a 20-mile long fjord, has been compared to Yosemite with sheer granite cliffs, waterfalls and breathtaking mountain peaks. Less travelled than Tracy Arm, but just as spectacular.

Categories: Endicott Arm

Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier Scenic Cruising

Categories: Endicott Arm/Dawes Glacier Scenic Cruising

Ernest Sound

Categories: Ernest Sound

Esther Bay

Categories: Esther Bay

Esther Passage

Esther Passage in spectacular Alaska is a narrow, but scenic passage. Visitors can spend time visiting three active glaciers that empty into a mile-wide bay at the head of Barry Arm that is rimmed with steep, rugged mountains. There is also a chance ...

Categories: Esther Passage


Fairbanks is the focal point for tiny villages scattered throughout the surrounding wilderness and a staging point for North Slope villages such as Barrow and the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay. Fairbanks is called "The Golden Heart of Alaska," a referenc...

Categories: Fairbanks

Fairway Rock

Categories: Fairway Rock

Fern Harbor

Categories: Fern Harbor

Finger Lake

Categories: Finger Lake

Five Fingers Lighthouse

Categories: Five Fingers Lighthouse

Ford's Terror Wilderness

Categories: Ford's Terror Wilderness

Fort Richardson

Categories: Fort Richardson

Fox Island

Categories: Fox Island

Frederick Sound

The deep, cold waters of Frederick Sound abound in krill, the favored food of humpback whales - and visitors are likely to see whole pods of the gentle giants, their spume visible for miles against the forested backdrop of Admiralty Island. Learn all...

Categories: Frederick Sound


Categories: Galena

Gates of the Arctic

Deep in the heart of a great state known for remoteness and beauty there is an unblemished land epitomizing those words. North of the Arctic Circle in Brooks Range lies Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve, a maze of glaciated valleys and j...

Categories: Gates of the Arctic

George Island

Categories: George Island


Located in Alaska's Chugash Mountains southeast of Anchorage, Girdwood is a popular year-round ski resort community. Visitors enjoy winter skiing and snowboarding on Mount Alyeska, and hiking, rafting and fishing in the summer.

Categories: Girdwood

Glacier Bay

Spread across an impressive 3.2 million acres in southeast Alaska, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve offers an inspirational glimpse of what Mother Nature does best. The head of Glacier Bay is Tarr Inlet, where scientists have found exposed rock...

Categories: Glacier Bay

Glacier Point

Categories: Glacier Point


Categories: Glennallen

Gulf of Alaska

Categories: Gulf of Alaska


A tiny fishing town just a four-and-a-half hour ferry or short flight from Juneau, Gustavus is a quiet little place filled with art galleries, wildflowers, and sweeping views of snowcapped peaks and Icy Strait, on which it sits. It's also the gateway...

Categories: Gustavus

Gut Bay

Categories: Gut Bay


Alaska's heritage comes alive in the handcrafted artistry of the Tlingit Indians and in the lively performances of the Chilkat Dancers, with their brightly painted tribal masks. Get a glimpse of the town’s gold-rush history in local museums. Visit th...

Categories: Haines

Hall Island

Categories: Hall Island

Harriman Fjord

Categories: Harriman Fjord

Herring Bay

Categories: Herring Bay

Hidden Harbor, Kinak Bay

Categories: Hidden Harbor Kinak Bay

High Island

Categories: High Island

Hobart Bay

Categories: Hobart Bay

Hoggatt Bay

Categories: Hoggatt Bay

Holkham Bay

Categories: Holkham Bay

Hubbard Glacier

Seventy-five miles long and covering over 1,350 square miles in area, the Hubbard Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in North America. It is also one of the most impressive, a 300-foot wall of ice rising sheer and jagged from the ocean. You may...

Categories: Hubbard Glacier

Hulahula River

Categories: Hulahula River


Known as the "Friendliest Ghost Town in Alaska", Hyder sits at the head of the Portland Canal and is the only town in southern Alaska that is accessible by a road. In this small town, in 2002, the population was just about 100 people, you can find s...

Categories: Hyder

Icy Bay

Categories: Icy Bay

Icy Strait

Visit the waters of the Icy Strait area in the summer and there’s a good chance of seeing endangered humpback whales and other mammals gorging themselves on their annual northern feast of plankton. Each year in late spring to early summer, an extrao...

Categories: Icy Strait

Idaho Inlet

Categories: Idaho Inlet

Ideal Cove

Categories: Ideal Cove

Iditarod Trail

Categories: Iditarod Trail

Inian Islands

Categories: Inian Islands

Inian Pass

The Inian pass is nearGglacier Bay in Alaska and makes an excellent day trip for those in the area or those just cruising through. The pass is visually stunning with glaciers and mountains on either side. There are also a number of coves along the pa...

Categories: Inian Pass

Inside Passage

Imagine being confronted with a myriad of mysterious channels. Following each fjord to the interior, encounter massive mountain ranges, towering cliffs, tumbling waterfalls, virginal forests of two-hundred foot tall spruce, while whales, bears, seals...

Categories: Inside Passage

Ivy League Glaciers

Categories: Ivy League Glaciers


Juneau is one of America's most beautiful state capitals, with the looming summits of Mt. Juneau and Mt. Roberts providing a gorgeous backdrop. Once part of Alaska's Gold Rush, the city boasts natural and manmade attractions. Downtown is filled with ...

Categories: Juneau


Categories: Kake


Categories: Katamai

Katmai National Park

Encompassing millions of acres in Alaska, Katmai Nation Park contains an amazing array of pristine wilderness, sparkling rivers and streams, rugged coastline, green valley and active glaciers and volcanoes. Currently, there are fourteen active volc...

Categories: Katmai National Park


Kavik lies several miles from the western border of the Arctic Refuge, and is an unparalleled site for Arctic experiences. Visitors may hike the beautiful mountains and explore the unspoiled beauty of the tundra. There are many animals in the region,...

Categories: Kavik

Kayak Island

Categories: Kayak Island

Keku Islands

Categories: Keku Islands

Kenai Peninsula

Categories: Kenai Peninsula

Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge

Categories: Kenai Princess Wilderness Lodge


Categories: Kennicott


Ketchikan is known as "Alaska's First City" because it's the first major community travelers come to as they travel north. The city is built on steep hillsides and is billed as salmon capital of the world. A quaint village, the town is three miles l...

Categories: Ketchikan

Kinak Bay

Categories: Kinak Bay

King Island

Categories: King Island

King Salmon

Categories: King Salmon

Kiska Harbor

Categories: Kiska Harbor


Categories: Klawock

Knight Island

Kayaking around Knight Island is a popular way for visitors to explore the natural beauty of the island and Prince William Sound. The island is a beautiful, sculpted wilderness where you will find otters and seals swimming of...

Categories: Knight Island

Kodiak Island

Kodiak, home to Alaska's largest fishing fleet, offers a taste of Alaska's Russian heritage. Visit Russian Orthodox Church, and the Baranof Museum (located in Alaska's oldest wooden structure, a historic fur storehouse). Over 200 species of birds hav...

Categories: Kodiak Island


Categories: Kotlik


Northeast of Nome and above the Arctic Circle, Kotzebue, Alaska, is fun to visit during the summer because, for one month (3 June-9 July), the sun never sets. It's also the largest Alaska Native community in the state. You can see it on a long day tr...

Categories: Kotzebue

Krestof Sound

Categories: Krestof Sound

Kuiu Island

Categories: Kuiu Island

Lake Clark National Park

Categories: Lake Clark National Park

Lake Minchumina

Categories: Lake Minchumina

LeConte Bay

Categories: LeConte Bay

LeConte Glacier

Categories: LeConte Glacier

Little Diomede Island

Categories: Little Diomede Island

Little Pybus Bay

Categories: Little Pybus Bay


Categories: Livengood

Long Island

Categories: Long Island

Lynn Canal

A 67-mile waterway with breathtaking vistas of forests, wildlife and snow-capped mountains.

Categories: Lynn Canal

Matanuska Glacier

Categories: Matanuska Glacier

May Creek

Categories: May Creek


Metlakatla means "saltwater channel passage," and was founded by a group of Canadian Tsimshians who migrated from Prince Rupert, British Columbia in 1887 seeking religious freedom. Congress declared Annette Island a federal Indian reservation in 1891...

Categories: Metlakatla

Mist Cove

Categories: Mist Cove

Misty Fjords

At 3,600 square miles, this least spoiled of all wilderness areas is the largest of all preserves. It is one of the most awe inspiring experiences of an Alaska vacation. Beginning near the British Columbia border, the Behm Canal winds around the East...

Categories: Misty Fjords

Mt. Mckinley Princess Wilderness Lodge

Categories: Mt. Mckinley Princess Wilderness Lodge

Nakolik River

Categories: Nakolik River

Nakwasina Sound

Categories: Nakwasina Sound

Neva Strait

Categories: Neva Strait


Categories: Nikolski


"There's No Place Like Nome!" Nome, Alaska is most known for being the finish line for the annual Iditarod Race, where dogs and mushers travel 1,049 miles from Anchorage. End of the Trail activities are usually held all month long in March. The lis...

Categories: Nome

Outside Passage

So called due to its origin "Outside" the Inside Passage, these outer islands of the Alexander Archipelago form one of the most wild, beautiful and little-explored temperate rainforest coastal ecosystems on Earth.

Categories: Outside Passage


Palmer is a community of a new agricultural economy that became the country’s successful social experiment pulling struggling families out of the Great Depression transplanting livelihood in the valleys of the Alpine wilderness. Located in Anch...

Categories: Palmer


Categories: Paxson


Categories: Pelican

Peril Strait

Categories: Peril Strait


Petersburg owes just about everything to the fishing industry. From its Tlingit origins as a fish camp, Petersburg has grown into one of the busiest Alaska seafood centers. It got its modern start when Peter Buschmann, a Norwegian immigrant, arrived...

Categories: Petersburg

Point Barrow

Categories: Point Barrow

Point Hope

Categories: Point Hope

Point Retreat

Categories: Point Retreat

Point Sophia

Point Sophia, now known as Icy Point Strait, overflows with outdoor activities for all ages and interests. Visit the Native Tinglit community at Hoonah by bike or foot, take a tram tour through old growth coastal forests, explore Port Frederick by ka...

Categories: Point Sophia

Port Alice

Categories: Port Alice

Port Clarence

Categories: Port Clarence

Port Houghton

Categories: Port Houghton

Port Oceanic

Categories: Port Oceanic

Port Walter

Categories: Port Walter

Pribilof Islands

St. Paul and St. George's Islands are the two major islands in the Pribilof archipelago and are considered Alaska's most unique and remote Aleut communities. More than 220 species of bird have been identified on the islands, including puffins, aukle...

Categories: Pribilof Islands

Prince of Wales Island

Categories: Prince of Wales Island

Prince William Sound

Enjoy the peaceful tranquility of Prince William Sound before visiting the sixteen gleaming glaciers in College Fjord, each named for an Ivy League college.

Categories: Prince William Sound

Prudhoe Bay

Prudhoe Bay (Deadhorse) Alaska is home to the largest oil field in North America. It is located in Alaska between the coast of the Beaufort Sea and the North Slope of the Brooks Range Mountains. It is about 1200 mi. south of the North Pole and 250 mi...

Categories: Prudhoe Bay

Red Bluff Bay

Categories: Red Bluff Bay

Robert Islands

Categories: Robert Islands

Rudyerd Bay

Categories: Rudyerd Bay

Sail Island

Sail Island is a remote island located on the Northeastern region of the state of Alaska. The island is inhabited by an array of wild life consisting of sea lions, orcas and eagles. 

Categories: Sail Island

San Juan, AK

Categories: San Juan AK

Sawyer Glacier

Though it's not as well known as Glacier Bay, some naturalists claim Sawyer Glacier is even more spectacular. Located in the Tracy Arm Fjord framed by 7,000-foot-high snowcapped mountains, Sawyer Glacier boasts an impressive list of wildlife: black a...

Categories: Sawyer Glacier

Scenery Cove

Categories: Scenery Cove

Seduction Point

Categories: Seduction Point


Categories: Seldovia

Semidi Islands

The Semidi Islands are located on the southeastern region of Alaska. There are 9 islands making up the Semidi Islands with its largest being the Aghuyuk Island and Chowiet Island. These islands play a major importance to marine birds in the Gulf of A...

Categories: Semidi Islands

Sergius Narrows

Categories: Sergius Narrows


Seward and its surroundings comprise a land of memorable beauty--saltwater bays, blue glaciers, majestic mountains and alpine valleys. Located on the Kenai Peninsula at the head of Resurrection Bay, the city is one of Alaska's oldest communities,...

Categories: Seward

Sheep Mountain

Categories: Sheep Mountain

Shoup Bay State Marine Park

Categories: Shoup Bay State Marine Park

Shumagin Islands

A chain of 20 islands in the Aleutian Island chain just south of Alaska.

Categories: Shumagin Islands


Resting between snowcapped mountains and the Pacific Ocean, Sitka is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in Alaska and the biggest city in America - encircling 4,710 square miles on Baranof Island. No symbol shows Russian influence more than the ...

Categories: Sitka


This "Gateway to the Klondike" watched as fortune-seekers headed to Chilkoot and White Pass Trails during Alaska's Gold Rush. Today, feel like a prospector in Skagway, as you walk along its rustic boardwalks and frontier-style storefronts. This cozy...

Categories: Skagway

Snow Pass

Categories: Snow Pass


Categories: Soldotna


Categories: Solomon

South Sawyer Glacier

Categories: South Sawyer Glacier

Southeast Alaska's Islands, Bays and Fjords

Southeast Alaska also referred as the Alaska Panhandle is belonging to the United States of America. Here you will find an abundance of nature activities and discoveries. Many of which include encounters with wildlife, majestic fjords, bays and small...

Categories: Southeast Alaska's Islands Bays and Fjords

St. James Bay

St. James Bay is located in the southeast region of Alaska, near the Gulf of Alaska. The Harbor is accessible by many vessels as you will find plenty of boat excursions being offered to visitors in the area. St. James Bay has an abundance of wildlife...

Categories: St. James Bay

St. Lawrence Island

St. Lawrence Island is located just west of the Alaskan mainland, in the Bering Sea closer to Russia. The weather in the Island is mostly cold, with June and July recording its warmest months at about 50 degrees Fahrenheit. This destination offers a ...

Categories: St. Lawrence Island

St. Matthew Island/Hall Island

St Matthew Islands is located off the southern coast of Alaska, in the Bering Sea. The Island is the 43rd largest in the United States of America. Hall Island is only 3.1 miles wide and it is located in the northwestern point of St. Matthew Island. T...

Categories: St. Matthew Island/Hall Island

Stephens Passage

Categories: Stephens Passage

Stikine Icecap

Categories: Stikine Icecap

Stikine Strait

Categories: Stikine Strait

Sumner Strait

Categories: Sumner Strait


Talkeetna offers the traveler a look at the real Alaska as well as the best view of Mt McKinley. Reached year round by car, railroad and airplane, it is a unique town that has been almost untouched by commercialism. Mountain climbers from...

Categories: Talkeetna

Tangle Lakes

Tangle Lakes is a chain of lakes that’s connected by 16 miles of streams in interior Alaska forming the Delta River. During the 1970’s over 150 archaeological sites were discovered revealing settlements of the New World. The lakes support...

Categories: Tangle Lakes

Taylor Bay

Categories: Taylor Bay

Tebenkof Bay

Categories: Tebenkof Bay

The Brothers Islands

Categories: The Brothers Islands

The Haystacks

Categories: The Haystacks

The Triplets

Categories: The Triplets

Thomas Bay

Categories: Thomas Bay


To discover how Tok got its name, stop by the Mainstreet Visitors Center. Tok was designated a Presidential Townsite in 1946, the same year the Alcan was open to civilians, and a roadhouse was opened in the community. Tanacross Indian village is wher...

Categories: Tok

Tongass National Forest

Categories: Tongass National Forest

Totem Bay

Categories: Totem Bay

Tracy Arm & Sawyer Glacier Cruising

Tracy Arm Located about 45 miles south of Juneau, Tracy Arm, a classic fjord, stands out as a "must see" for any Alaska vacation. The icebergs are framed by sheer mountain peaks reaching to 7,000 feet. Waterfalls flow from ice covered mountains to t...

Categories: Tracy Arm & Sawyer Glacier Cruising

Tracy Arm Fjords & Seymour Glacier

Categories: Tracy Arm Fjords & Seymour Glacier

Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness

Categories: Tracy Arm-Fords Terror Wilderness

Traitors Cove

Categories: Traitors Cove

Trapper Creek

Categories: Trapper Creek

Tutka Bay (Homer)

Categories: Tutka Bay (Homer)

Tuxedni Bay

Categories: Tuxedni Bay

Unakwik Inlet

Categories: Unakwik Inlet


Categories: Unalaska

Uyak Bay

Categories: Uyak Bay


Valdez is known as the "Switzerland of Alaska," a tribute to the splendid snow-capped mountains that surround this prosperous port. Once the gateway to the gold country, Valdez is now the southern terminus of the famous Alaskan Pipeline that carries ...

Categories: Valdez

Walker Cove

Categories: Walker Cove


Categories: Wasilla

West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness

Categories: West Chichagof-Yakobi Wilderness

West Point

Categories: West Point

White Pass

Categories: White Pass


Whittier, a once-isolated town, is gateway to Prince William Sound. The city is a historical landmark, established by the U.S. Army during World War II. Less than 300 people reside in the town supporting the Alaska State Ferry, the Alaska Railroad, t...

Categories: Whittier

Wilderness Cruising

Categories: Wilderness Cruising

Wilderness Exploration

Categories: Wilderness Exploration

William Henry Bay

Categories: William Henry Bay

Windham Bay

Categories: Windham Bay

Winterlake Lodge

Winterlake Lodge overlooks the two mile expanse of Winter Lake, several hours north of Anchorage along the famed Iditarod Trail. Fifteen acres of forest and mountains surround the lodge, perfect for skiing in the winter or hiking in the summers on Wo...

Categories: Winterlake Lodge

Worthington Glacier

Categories: Worthington Glacier


Wrangell, a hidden jewel in the heart of the Tongass National Forest, is the third oldest community in Alaska and the only community to be ruled by 4 nations: the indigenous Tlingit nation, Russia, Great Britain and the United States. The island is r...

Categories: Wrangell

Wrangell Narrows

Categories: Wrangell Narrows

Wrangell-St. Elias

With its grand vistas and boundless landscapes, Wrangell-St. Elias exceeds even the most imaginative expectations for a park with the distinction of being the nation's largest. Stretching along the Canadian border in south central Alaska, this land ...

Categories: Wrangell-St. Elias

Yakutat Bay

Yakutat is a small village located on beautiful Monti Bay, the only sheltered deep water port in the gulf of Alaska. Miles of untouched sandy beaches abound with driftwood and occasional glass balls for the beachcomber. Beyond these beaches lie a s...

Categories: Yakutat Bay

Alaska. Imagine your vacation in Alaska for one moment. Delight at the sight of a grizzly bear with a cub or two. That instant when the silence of a misty fjord is shattered by a pod of giant humpback whales, breaching high into the air, then crashing back against the sea. While your floatplane flies over crystal glaciers, toward the midnight sun, remember: This is Alaska. This is real. This is the adventure of a lifetime. Traveling in Alaska is like traveling no other place on earth. There are 586,000 square miles here and many possibilities. Choose from wildlife viewing, sea kayaking and guided glacier hikes. Relax aboard a one-day cruise, pan for gold, bait a rod for Alaska’s world famous King salmon fishing.
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5-night Wild Alaska Escape: Haines, the Inian Islands and Tracy Arm Fjord Westbound Cruise

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The Aleut people called it Alyeska, the great land. Alaska is one of the world's special places, full of exotic wildlife, magnificent mountains, glacier-carved valleys and steep, rocky coastlines.

Alaska is bigger than life, its sheer mass hard to comprehend. The distance from Barrow, on the northern coast, to Ketchikan, at the southern edge, is more than 1,350 mi/2,174 km—about the same as New York City to Miami. Alaska has six distinct climatic regions, the tallest mountains, the biggest glaciers, the most plentiful fishing and the wildest nature preserves on the North American continent.

Visitors go to Alaska for the fishing, hiking, hunting or camping—Denali National Park is a big attraction. Some go for the northern lights, or to whale-watch while cruising the Inside Passage. Some even go to Alaska for the Iditarod dogsled race.

Even as Alaska vacations become more accessible, distance creates costs. Per-day expenses in remote parts of the state are comparable with those in major urban centers. The abundance of spectacular scenery and wildlife, however, should more than compensate.


Alaska borders the northwest edge of Canada and is actually closer to Russia (just 39 mi/62 km by air across the Bering Strait) than it is to the rest of the U.S. The landscape is dramatic and, because it covers such a huge territory, quite varied. In the south is temperate rain forest (Tongass), and in the north is Arctic desert.

The state is traversed by 14 major mountain ranges, encompassing 17 of the highest peaks in the U.S., including North America's highest mountain, Mount Denali, as well as most of the country's active volcanoes. It has more coastline than all of the other states combined. The geography ranges from endless miles/kilometers of tundra to sheer mountain walls, from the densely forested temperate coasts of the Inside Passage to the permafrost of the treeless Arctic Circle.


The first settlers in Alaska arrived at least 20,000 years ago, when hunters from Asia followed large game over the Bering Strait land bridge into North America. By the time the first Europeans arrived in the mid-1700s, they found several diverse cultures living in Alaska: Whale- and seal-hunting Inupiat and Yupik peoples inhabited the treeless tundra along the Arctic Ocean, Chukchi and Bering sea coasts, and nomadic Athabascan caribou hunters roamed the forested interior along the Yukon River. Alaska's panhandle was home to members of the Tlingit, Tsimshian and Haida groups, who lived in a lush coastal environment.

Even though Russian explorers had seen the Alaskan coast as early as 1741, Europeans didn't venture into the territory's immense interior until well into the 1800s. Even after the U.S. purchased the area in 1867 for cents an acre/hectare, the region remained largely unexplored.

As was often the case elsewhere in the opening of the American frontier, it took the discovery of gold in Juneau in 1880 to get folks headed for Alaska. During the famous Klondike Gold Rush of 1898-99, thousands of rowdy, ambitious and gutsy prospectors and speculators flooded into Dawson, Skagway, Valdez and other towns.

Alaska was made a U.S. territory in 1912, but statehood wasn't granted until 1959. Then the discovery of oil at Prudhoe Bay in 1968 sparked a new rush to Alaska. The construction of the Alaska Pipeline from the Beaufort Sea to the Gulf of Alaska in the 1970s brought new wealth, new jobs and new environmental concerns.

Even now, the debate continues as to how much of Alaska's pristine wilderness should be developed. Most recently, the focus has been on oil development in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, declining populations of marine mammals in the Bering Sea, and the impact from cruise-ship travel and other tourist activity, especially in southeastern Alaska.


Alaska's main attractions include spectacular scenery, wildlife viewing, camping, skiing, the northern lights, volcanoes, Inside Passage cruises, hiking, riverboat rides, fishing, canoeing, river and sea kayaking, friendly people, Alaska Native and Russian cultures, totem poles, glaciers and dogsled rides.

Most people will like Alaska, but the state has special appeal for nature lovers and the adventurous. Those on a strict budget may opt to tour the coasts via Alaska's Marine Highway ferries rather than by cruise ships. Motor homes, recreational vehicles and camper vans are available to rent for those who want to explore the state's interior highways or drive the Alaska Highway through Canada.


Alaska is from an Aleut word meaning "great country" or "what the sea breaks against."

The state of Alaska has 33,904 mi/54,585 km of coastline, more than the rest of the U.S. combined.

All Alaskans (who apply and qualify for it) receive an annual Permanent Fund Dividend check that averages around US$1,100 per person (including children). The dividend is funded by North Slope oil taxes and profits from investments.

In the unique history of Alaska, the male-to-female ratio across the state has often been quite imbalanced. As a result, a saying began among Alaskan women that in Alaska "the odds are good, but the goods are odd." This joke has failed to wither with time or the balancing of the odds.

Juneau is the only U.S. state capital that cannot be reached by highway. It is located 573 mi/916 km by air from Anchorage, the state's largest city and populated area. With as many roads as a New England state but a landmass triple the size of Texas (only 12 major highways are open year-round), Alaska is a place where flight is commonplace and pilots are many.

Geologically, Alaska is an amazingly active location. Small earthquakes are common in many parts of Alaska, and midsized ones frequently shake the thinly populated Aleutian Islands. The devastating 1964 Good Friday Earthquake registered 9.2 on the Richter scale, making it the most powerful temblor ever recorded in North America. In addition, 80% of the active volcanoes in the U.S. are in Alaska, and major eruptions in the Aleutian Islands occur almost every year.

Dog mushing is the official state sport of Alaska.

Former Secretary of State William H. Seward bought Alaska from Russia for US$7.2 million in 1867. At approximately US$0.02 per acre/half-hectare, it was a bargain that some called Seward's Folly.


There's nothing quite like experiencing the Last Frontier from a cruise ship: Icebergs and rugged islands glide by, porpoises play in the ship's wake, and whales breach off the side. In Alaskan towns along the way, you can shake a gold pan in a rushing stream and watch native carvers at work on a new totem pole. You can raft down whitewater streams and fly to (and land on) glaciers.

The state is so big, its extremes of climate and geology so great, and its wildlife and history so fascinating that Alaska delights (and uses up film and camera capacity) like few other places on Earth. In fact, with so much to choose from there, it's easy to become overwhelmed. A cruise simplifies some of the decision-making.

Ship lines offer a wide variety of Alaska cruises, so there's an itinerary to satisfy almost everyone. You can ride on a megaship with more than 2,000 passengers and all the comforts of home, and then some, as you visit the state's main ports. Or you can cruise aboard an exploration ship (with 100 other people) that can slip into the narrowest of fjords and get close enough to watch a brown bear snatch a salmon out of the water.

The big cruise lines usually offer a choice of two routes, both of which take you through the Inside Passage, the protected waterway between the mainland and the coastal islands. The emphasis is different, however. The trips known as Inside Passage cruises usually begin in Vancouver, British Columbia, include stops at such southeast Alaska ports as Ketchikan and Juneau, turn around in Glacier Bay and return to Vancouver. Gulf of Alaska cruises (sometimes called Glacier Route cruises) usually run between Vancouver and Seward, with connections through Anchorage so you can add excursions into the interior of the state.

Both routes often include stops at Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway—one of the most visited ports along the Inside Passage and the main jumping-off point for tours into the Yukon Gold Rush area. Small ships combine the best of both routes, offering stops in smaller ports, visits to hard-to-reach landmarks and more personal attention. Of course, their prices are usually higher, too.

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