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Johnnie Herring

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Discovering Iceland's Marvels: A Journey to Diamond Beach and Beyond

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Discovering Iceland's Marvels: A Journey to Diamond Beach and Beyond


Discovering Iceland's Marvels: A Journey to Diamond Beach and Beyond

Diamond Beach: A Shimmering Gem on the South Coast: Our journey continued at Diamond Beach, also known as Breiðamerkursandur. Located on Iceland's south coast, this beach is renowned for its striking black sand and sparkling icebergs that wash up on the shore. The icebergs, resembling glistening diamonds, create a mesmerizing sight against the contrasting dark sands. Adjacent to the beach lies the magnificent Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon, where a colossal glacier looms, showcasing nature's grandeur. As we strolled along the beach, we were treated to the sight of diverse birdlife and playful seals, gracefully navigating through the icebergs. The glacial blue hues of the icebergs added a touch of ethereal beauty to this already enchanting landscape.

Glacial Marvels: Svínafellsjökull Glacier and Beyond: Leaving Diamond Beach, we embarked on a scenic drive back towards Vik, our base for the night. En route, we made a captivating stop at Svínafellsjökull Glacier. As an outlet glacier of Vatnajökull, Europe's largest ice cap, Svínafellsjökull offered a glimpse into the immense forces of nature. While exploring this icy wonderland, we were fortunate enough to witness a portion of the glacier calving. The thunderous sound of ice breaking off echoed through the air, leaving us in awe of nature's raw power. We ventured onto a small section of the glacier, surrounded by breathtaking scenery, and immersed ourselves in the serenity of the surroundings.

Equine Connections: Icelandic Horses and their Endearing Nature: Icelandic horses, with their gentle demeanor and captivating beauty, hold a special place in the hearts of both locals and visitors. During our journey, we had the pleasure of encountering these wonderful creatures. Jordan, in particular, formed an instant bond with these sweet and friendly horses, forging a connection that reminded us of the unique interactions one can have with animals when exploring new destinations.

Puffin Spotting and Tranquil Nights: As evening approached, we ventured to Reynisdrangar, a collection of three rock formations rising majestically from the ocean near Reynisfjara beach in Vik. This mystical setting provided the perfect backdrop for our puffin spotting adventure. Puffins, with their distinctive appearance and charming antics, had spent the day at sea fishing and returned to land in the evening. Patiently waiting until 9:00 pm, we were rewarded with glimpses of these adorable and elusive seabirds, which added a touch of magic to our trip. Our overnight stay at the Farmhouse Lodge, nestled in the picturesque countryside, was nothing short of delightful. The cozy accommodations, complete with a small kitchen area, and the stunning views made it a memorable experience.

Journey to the Volcanic Core: Rútshellir Cave and Fagradalsfjall Volcano: On our final day in Iceland, we embarked on a volcanic adventure. First, we made a fascinating stop at Rútshellir Cave, believed to be Iceland's largest man-made cave and possibly the oldest. The cave's historical significance and the attached sheepcote, reminiscent of a Turf House, transported us back in time, offering a glimpse into the rich and captivating history of the region.

Our ultimate destination was Fagradalsfjall Volcano, also known as Beautiful Valley Mountain. This incredible volcano is home to two erupted volcanoes, Geldingadalir in 2021 and Meradalir in 2022. The journey to the volcano was filled with anticipation, and as we approached, we witnessed the steaming lava in certain areas, a reminder of the fiery nature of Iceland's geology. Hiking for 6 kilometers, we finally reached Meradalir, the culmination of our volcanic exploration. The sight of these eruptive forces, set against the backdrop of Iceland's rugged landscapes, was truly a dream come true, fulfilling a long-held bucket list experience.

Conclusion: Awe-inspiring Memories and Farewell: As we conclude our Icelandic adventure, we find ourselves at Hotel Jazz near the airport, reflecting on the extraordinary experiences that have filled our last few hours here. From the mesmerizing beauty of Diamond Beach and the grandeur of glacial wonders to the encounters with Icelandic horses, elusive puffins, and the thrill of witnessing a volcanic eruption, this trip has been nothing short of epic. Iceland's diverse landscapes, rich history, and enchanting natural phenomena have left an indelible mark on our hearts, beckoning us to return someday. Farewell, Iceland, until we meet again, in this land of fire and ice.

Disclaimer: The information and experiences shared in this blog are based on the author's personal trip to Iceland. The availability of certain attractions or accommodations may vary, so it is recommended to check for updated information before planning your own trip.

Johnnie Herring

Discovering Iceland's Marvels: A Journey to Diamond Beach and Beyond

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Welcome to a world of endless possibilities and unforgettable adventures! We are a family of wanderers, nestled in the vibrant city of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma – my husband, our spirited 11-year-old son, and myself.  My journey into the enchanting world of travel began with a single step into the magical realms of Disneyland during my teenage years, igniting a lifelong passion for all things Disney. Together, we proudly embrace our “Disney Lifestyle,” a shared love that has defined our family’s adventures for as long as we can remember. Our adventures have taken us to the iconic Disney destinat...  Read More >>>

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Booked a tour of Ireland - best vacation ever. I was well taken care of for 10 days. Will definitely use Johnnie again for my next booking
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This is our second of many more trips planned by Johnnie!!! I emailed her our travel dates and she worked up the perfect package same day. She didn't miss a single detail and even solved the problem for us when we ran into trouble with the airline's website on our trip home. She's efficient, understands her customers' tastes, and is extremely thorough with details. Book with Johnnie!
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We are so incredibly happy we chose to trust Johnnie with our trip. I had a lot of anxiety about travelling with our family of 6 out of the country for the first time but Johnnie answered every single question/concern I had and made our trip absolutely perfect. From suggestions on resorts to best fit our family vacation wants, advice on arrival times for the airport, and coordinating our transfers to/from our resort the whole process from beginning to end was seamless. We couldn’t have asked for a better first experience and will definitely be booking through her again!
-Amy M

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