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5 Reasons You Should Go On a Disney Cruise Line Vacation (Without Your Kids!)

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5 Reasons You Should Go On a Disney Cruise Line Vacation (Without Your Kids!)

Everyone’s heard of a Disney cruise, right? Disney Cruise Line (DCL) has been sailing childrens’ dreams around the world since 1998! If you’re a parent, I’m sure your kids would love to meet their Disney favorites while also enjoying a poolside (in the middle of the ocean) vacation. And maybe you’ve even considered investing in the family experience.

…But what if I told you that this time you should leave the kids at home? Take the kiddos on your next Disney cruise, because the six reasons I’m about to give you will have you booking your and your spouse’s tickets right away!

Disney Dream


Disney isn’t just for kids—they planned for grown-ups to come aboard!

Every Disney ship is equipped with several Adults Only areas, perfect for chilling in the hot tub with a tasty drink in your hand, or sunbathing on the deck while you read the latest Nicholas Sparks novel. Some of them even sit alongside a bar! With the amazing chair service provided to you by the incomparable Disney staff members, you’d never have to leave your seat!


Alcoholic beverage on Disney DreamDinner at the Enchanted Garden Onboard the Disney Dream


In addition to private sundecks, pools, and hot tubs, they also offer Adults Only dining, several lounges and nightclubs, fitness areas, and spas! Grab a fancy bite to eat at one of their fine dining restaurants, such as Palo and Remy, or listen to a talented violinist serenade you while you sip on the Captain’s Mai Tai (which—trust me—is delicious).


Drinks at Palo on the Disney Magic


These are all generally quiet and peaceful areas…with the exception of the nightclubs of course, where the music is good, but the beer is better! Participate in many dance parties, karaoke nights, and more adult-friendly activities onboard the ship. Take your pick, because DCL offers them all. Spend a quiet day sunbathing on the private deck with a book in one hand and a daiquiri in the other, calm yourself down jamming to the soft lull of a piano player’s melodies, or dance until your feet hurt while the bartender keeps the drinks comin’. The adventure is yours to decide!


Pink Champagne Bar on the Disney Dream


Find peace and solace in dedicated private areas.

For those who prefer absolute serenity away from prying eyes, there are even places for you. Senses Spa & Salon boasts a private exercise room and several self-care services such as massages, acupuncture, and facials, but the pièce de résistance is by far the Rainforest Room. The interior design of the Rainforest Room depends on the ship you’re on, but on each of them you can expect to enjoy a selection of various saunas (did you know there were different types of saunas?!), followed by a few rounds in the geographically-themed showers (Cool Mist and Thunderstorm are lovely) with varying water temperatures, heated stone loungers (for soothing these old bones), and private (and I mean truly private) hot tubs. On the Disney Dream, you can expect these hot tubs to be located in an exterior room at the front of the ship, with an open window letting in the salty breeze and providing you with the most stunning views of your upcoming path through the ocean.


Rainforest Room on the Disney Dream


In addition to the spa, there is also an adults-only coffee cafe, an idyllic lounge offering specialty drinks and coffees for the most coffee-snobbish of travelers! For those who purchase the internet package and need to get some work done, the Cove Cafe is a delightful place to caffeinate in peace while you work (but quit working, you’re on vacation!).

PRO TIP: If you love the peace and quiet but aren’t a fan of other people sitting nearby, book a stateroom with a veranda. Sitting on the balcony, curled up with a good book and the ocean breeze singing your name is just the alone time your soul called for!

DCL designated a private beach, just for you.

In 1996, two years before their first ship (the Disney Magic) set sail, Disney’s cruise company purchased a private island in the Bahamas and named it Castaway Cay. They spent $25 million designing the island to be the perfect getaway for castaways (get it?!) of all ages. The path directly off the port leads you to the family-friendly beach, where the youngsters can play and swim to their hearts’ content. But the best part of the island—especially for us old folks—is tucked away on the opposite end of Castaway Cay, and is only accessible by a long walk or bike ride, or catching a tram across the island, courtesy of Disney!

Serenity Bay (aptly named) is Castaway Cay’s Adults-Only private beach, where the water is as clear as a chlorine pool and the silence is as valuable as a pirate’s gold!


Serenity Bay on Disney


And for those who want to take advantage of the Adults-Only goodies even though you brought your kiddos, you’re in luck! Castaway Cay boasts a KIDS-Only area called Scuttle’s Cove, which is manned and supervised by Disney’s own counselors. If you have little ones between 3 and 12 sailing with you, you can rest assured they will have a grand ol’ time playing in Scuttle’s Cove while you enjoy an idyllic beach just a few miles away. (And for those with older children, there’s also a teen beach where you can abandon them for a few hours! Ha!)


Serenity Bay on Disney


Want the true spa treatment? Book one of Serenity Bay’s open-air massage cabanas. The extra money you’ll dish out for this amenity is worth it—a Disney staff member will personally shuttle you from the tram to your cabana, where you’ll find a spacious room with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating, a music system, snacks and cold drinks, sunscreen, a freshwater showering area, private hammocks, and a stocked mini fridge! The booking also comes with free snorkeling equipment AND a complimentary bike rental, which you can use to sport around the island, or just mosey a few yards down to the BBQ restaurant private to Serenity Bay. If you’re feeling too relaxed to do either, just press the call button inside your cabana and a concierge will present themselves shortly, ready to shuttle you over to Serenity Bay BBQ to eat to your belly’s content, then right back to your cabana, fat and happy! And yep, you can book an oceanside massage in your private cabana. This extra purchase is perfect for adult guests traveling in groups—the smallest cabana can comfortably seat up to 10 people. But if this sounds like the cabana of your dreams, book it ASAP—there are only four cabanas on Serenity Bay (out of the total 24 on the island), and usually around 3000+ guests disembarking onto Castaway Cay the same day you are. Snag your spot before they sell out!


Hammock at Serenity Bay on Disney


Disney Cruise Line knows adults like to do fun things, too!

All Disney cruise expeditions offer a long list of excursions that guests can book prior to (and sometimes while on) their trip, but a lot of them are kid-oriented because, well, Disney is kid-oriented. But that doesn’t mean they forgot about us mature (ahem, “old”) pathfinders.


Castaway Cay Signage


Each cruise line offers different adventures—from snorkeling tropical reefs in crystal clear waters, to touring historic sites in Ireland. From dining under the stars, to rum-tasting in foreign countries… there is something for every connoisseur of unique experiences. Expect to spend extra on these escapades, though!

There is no customer service team in the world like Disney’s top-of-the-line staff.

I personally have never been so well taken care of or catered to like I have been on a Disney cruise ship. All of their personnel is highly trained, kind, understanding, and friendly.

Your dinner seating time determines your catering staff, and they travel with you for the rest of your trip. Your waiters serve you at every single dinner (unless you choose to dine at one of the private restaurants), and they quickly learn your name, your preferences and your tastes. I’ve seen a waiter discover a guest likes a lot of ice in their water, and always brought an extra glass full of ice with each meal just for them. Remember—these waitstaff are servicing dozens of other guests at the same time as you. But they make a point to create a magical, warm experience for you no matter what.


Cabanas Restaurant on Disney Dream


The guest help desk team are some of the kindest, most patient humans on the planet, and will help you in whatever capacity they can.

You can also expect turndown service every single night from your mousekeeper (yep, I said it), who is also the same person throughout your trip and will take especially good care of you and your room.


Travel By Michelle with Mickey Mouse on the Disney Magic


But let’s be real: we’re all kids at heart!

The truth of the matter is I can spout facts about Disney’s Adults-Only features all day, but when we really look at it, we’re all going on a Disney cruise because it’s Disney. We all grew up fantasizing about Prince Charming coming along and marrying into royalty, flippin’ our mermaid fins with a crab for a best friend, pretending to be a beautiful native princess when the wind caught our hair just right… And don’t deny it—we all just want to be Elsa.

The beauty of a Disney Cruise Line adventure is that we can enjoy all of the lovely adult experiences they have to offer. But we also get to meet our childhood heroes, rewatch our favorite classics on a live stage (with phenomenally talented casts), wear silly mouse ears and for once, just for one week…we get to be a kid all over again. And that’s where the magic of Disney truly lives.


Donald Duck statue on the Disney Dream

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5 Reasons You Should Go On a Disney Cruise Line Vacation (Without Your Kids!)

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