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Edmond, OK Travel Agent Near Me
Heather Huber

Independent Travel Agent

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Is Genie + Worth It?

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Is Genie + Worth It?

I've gone to Disney World four times since it has reopened after shutting down because of Covid. Each time it became busier and busier and then eventually Genie + was introduced. Many were skeptical that a once free service now costs $15 per person per day and doesn't include every single one of the rides. In each of the four parks there are two rides that are an additional amount in order to use the lightning lane (formerly known as the fast lane)... One of which is the most coveted ride in the galaxy, 'Rise of the Resistance.' I decided to go to Disney World over Christmas 2021 and check out what Genie + was all about. Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year so it was a good time to see if Genie + would save time.

The differences:

Both systems allow you to pick an hour timeframe to return to the specific ride. The old fast pass system allowed you to pick three rides in advance (like 30 days in advance). With Genie +, you're picking the rides the day of... One at a time. You can pick the first ride at 7am the day of, and if that ride is scheduled more than two hours after the park opens, you can pick another ride at that point (two hours after the park opens, whichever park(s) you are attending that day). Then after you ride the ride you selected you can pick a different ride two hours later. It sounds super complicated but honestly once you do it the first day you get the hang of it. As far as the rides that are not included, you can pick those at 7am as well.

The Verdict:

I hate waiting in lines and even on the busiest of weeks I was able to zip through lines no problem. You do want to be on top of your game when it's time to make another reservation. Also, they can fill up so pick the busiest or your favorites first. I also purchased the separate rides such as Rise of the Resistance and I walked right in. It was the same for Genie + fast pass lines. Gone is the day of just waiting in another line! I zipped right in and it was amazing.

So my advice, I 10/10 recommend you try Disney's newest fast pass system, Genie +!

Heather Huber

Is Genie + Worth It?

Edmond, OK Travel Agent Near Me

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I grew up as an avid traveler going on vacations with my family every year. In college, I spent my summers in Europe for study abroad in multiple countries. I love to explore new places and put together travel plans for others. I have been going to Disney since I was a child so I started my travel career as strictly a Disney agent. My passion grew and I began selling all destinations to my clients. Why use me as your travel advisor? Here are a few reasons: I have broad first hand travel experience I create personalized travel itineraries for all my clients I am available after...  Read More >>>

An expert destination wedding travel agent near me with five star luxury travel packages with a luxury travel company, Vincent Vacations.

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Dominican baby moon, the best experience!
Dominican baby moon, the best experience!

Heather made our Dominican baby moon the best experience we could have hoped for! Relaxing with the best accommodations! it was a perfect trip! thank you Heather!!
-Mandy M Moore

WONDERFUL Disney World vacation!
WONDERFUL Disney World vacation!

Just got back from a WONDERFUL Disney World vacation! My girlfriend and I are so grateful for Heather Huber! She made this trip easy and was so helpful with tips and tricks when we got to the parks! Even the breakfast/lunch/dinner reservations she made for us were TOP TIER! We had the best experience! 10/10 would recommend using Heather to book your next getaway!
-Clifford Alan Synar

Disney Travel Planner!

Heather was so helpful with the planning of our Disney and Universal Studios trip. We would definitely use her again!!
-Jennifer Marchbanks

26 Reviews

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Is Genie + Worth It?2/3
Is Genie + Worth It?

I've gone to Disney World four times since it has reopened after shutting down because of Covid. Eac...

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