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Disney Cruises During Pandemic

We just returned from a wonderful week aboard the Disney Fantasy.

Disney just started sailing again in August and yes there are some changes so I was happy to check it out so our clients can be more in the know.

Disney welcomes everyone over the age of 6 months to cruise. At the time of our sailing, anyone under the age of 12 and not vaccinated had to test prior to arrival at the port. Starting on sailings January 13 and onward, everyone 5 and up will have to be vaccinated so this will just apply for the under age 5.

COVID Testing

Once we arrived at the port they had testing tents set up. It was an easy process with a lot of people directing everyone. It’s a self test while they watch to make sure you do it correctly. My kids liked that they got to do it and it helped with the nerves. We were then directed to another tent to await results. After we were given an all clear (about 30 minutes later from the testing time) we were directed to check in for the cruise like normal. This was our 3rd Disney cruise so it all seemed similar but no paperwork. It’s a check in online process now and after we did everything we had a QR code. We kept it readily available as this is what they scanned about 5 times at different points to access our information. If made it so much easier than having a bunch of papers to keep up with.

We were told the ship was about 40% full and they would sell up to 50%. We didn’t experience long lines or crowds. It was really nice to have access to chairs and things like that.

Now what was different?

Kid’s Club.
The kid’s club is still included but you make a reservation for their time. We reserved right after dinner each night so the kids could be served quickly and head to the club while we leisurely dined. They did this so they could control the crowds. The kids told me they did games with them and they stayed with their color group. I am assuming so they didn’t all congregate in one area. They asked to go every night and came back with all sorts of prizes from scavenger hunts and competitions. They loved it. I was told I could make more reservations than the 1 per day it allowed on the website in person just based on availability.

They still had fireworks but they did 2 smaller shows to correlate with your dining. Typically the deck is packed with no elbow room for fireworks. Cast members delegated a spot with a dot on the ground for each family group. They played music and had a dance party outside where you had your own space. It was awesome.

Masks were required when you were inside and not in your stateroom. I will say I appreciated that they were not mask nazis like I was expecting. A gentle reminder if you forgot or they offered a disposable one. They were very positive and accommodating.

If you’re a person who loves the hydrotherapy experience before a massage this was amazing. For $175 you reserved the Rainforest Room for 2 hours. You could have up to 10 people from your family and it was totally private for the sauna, steam room, jacuzzis, heated loungers and more.

If you’re traveling with unvaccinated children, a Disney escorted excursion is the only option for leaving the ship with the exception of Castaway Cay. While porting in Castaway, there’s not excursion purchase required.
We chose Swimming with Dolphins in Cozumel and a Beach Break in Jamaica. Vaccinated guests have the option to explore on their own using or booking whichever vendor their choose for activities.
When we returned from the Disney excursions, we were able to head off and do a little shopping on our own as long as the kids stayed on the ship.

We saw the characters all the time. The Princesses, Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto and more were in the atrium for pictures and chatting. What was different? While you spoke to them they asked you keep your mask on. They had you stay 6 feet away. When you were ready for a picture you could turn and take off you mask and smile. It was a great compromise to still get those great photos and safely interact with all the favorites.

They still had the same great entertainment onboard. During our sailing they did Aladdin, Frozen and Disney Believe which is a compilation. What was different is they had cast members seat you so you stayed 6 feet away from other parties and had every other row blocked off. It worked this same way with the smaller shows like they had a great ventriloquist onboard and a magician.
There is also a movie theatre onboard. They no longer sell popcorn for the shows but they had a lot of great first run movies my kids were excited to see that are currently in theaters.

Time to Book?

Is now the time to book a Disney Cruise? Our answer is yes! They are only little for a short time. The prices are lower than I’ve ever seen before and Disney has made the experience as safe as possible without having the measures be impactful to your vacation experience.

Lia Vincent

OWNER of Vincent Vacations

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