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19 Reasons to Love Jamaica

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19 Reasons to Love Jamaica

Jamaica is a Caribbean Island steeped in history, culture and beauty that welcomes just over 4 million visitors each year. With the national motto of “Out of Many, One People” and unofficial motto of “One Love” you can expect to be welcomed warmly.

And what is there not to love? Endless white‐sand beaches, covered by lush foliage and crisscrossed by streaming rivers and cascading waterfalls. Capturing the essence of this enchanted paradise, there are so many all-inclusive resorts and vacation experiences in Jamaica. Come experience the warm hospitality and natural beauty this country is known for. Featuring some of the world’s best beaches, such as Negril’s Seven-Mile Beach, amazing scuba dive sites, and exciting experiences including adventure tours, championship golf and world-class dining, is it any wonder that Jamaica was ranked in 2019, the #1 Caribbean Destination and the #14 Best Destination In The World by Tripadvisor?

19 Reasons to Love Jamaica

Did you know that Rastas live a Rastafari lifestyle based on so much more than just wearing dreadlocks and smoking ganja? Rastafari actually began as a political and religious movement in the 1930s by descendants of African slaves that were converted to Christianity but combines Protestant Christianity with pan-African political consciousness and mysticism. Besides their dreadlocks, you may notice that their primary wardrobe is made up of the colors red, green, gold, and black which are the colors of their flag. They also live a close-to-nature life with a vegetarian diet.

Even though Jamaica is synonymous with Rastafari because of Bob Marley, there is only about one percent of the Jamaican population that actually identify as Rastafari.

Red Stripe
An iconic symbol of Jamaica, Red Stripe beer was created and first brewed in 1928. But the version you can find now when vacationing in Jamaica was formulated in 1938.

I love when a favorite product is combined with a good cause. The Desnoes and Geddes Foundation, named for Red Stripe’s inventors, runs a program called Learning for Life Programme which helps to teach hospitality, retail, entrepreneurship, and bartending.

Carnival Costume
Soca music, parades, and costumes! Carnival in Jamaica is an experience like none other. This celebration happens across the country from Kingston to Ocho Rios. Be sure to plan in advance to get tickets to the best fetes also known as parties.

Carnivals began as celebrations among enslaved Africans as a way to have their own parties while their European settler owners hosted glamourous balls. They often included rituals and dances as well as elaborate costumes. The Carnival of Jamaica became an official celebration across the country in 1990 by Jamaican musician Byron Lee.

Montego Bay Resort
From the ideal honeymoon with an overwater bungalow to a celebratory anniversary trip, Jamaica is the perfect getaway for romance.

Think differently about romance and luxury. Why not surprise your partner with a private bungalow over the Caribbean Sea? Enjoy your own hammock for relaxing and great views of the marine life with glass bottom floors as you take your luxurious vacation to the next level.

Heart Montego Bay Sign
Montego Bay is a favorite Caribbean destination for more than 4 million passengers each year. And now you can commemorate your visit with a picture of the “I love Montego Bay!” sign. One of my favorite places in the Caribbean. I Love Montego Bay!

Bamboo Raft
See Jamaica from a different perspective as you board a 30-foot bamboo raft with a local guide that will tell you stories or sing you a song as you relax and float down the Martha Brae River.

Legend says that Martha Brae town and river got its name from a Taino witch that was tortured by Spanish settlers looking for a chest of gold. After she shared the location of it, she used her witchcraft to change the path of the river and sealed the entrance to the cave full of gold. While we may never know if there really is gold, you can be sure that you will get an entertaining story from your guide as you float down that same river on a bamboo raft.

Dunn’s River Falls
Original Arawak settlers had a name for places like Dunn’s River Falls called Xayamaca which means land of rivers and springs. And Dunn’s River Falls lives up to that name with its 180 feet of beautiful cascading waters. I highly recommend you plan an excursion or day trip to see and climb the falls on your next Jamaican getaway.

For a unique adventure in Jamaica, consider a day trip to Dunn’s River Falls. You can join a tour group led by local guides that know the falls like the back of their hand. Work together to form a human chain and help each other climb the falls with fun stops in natural pools along the way.

Water and Palm Trees
Did you know that Jamaica has more than 900 kilometers, or 560 miles, of coastline? From big beach resorts to small family-run properties, you are bound to find a vacation spot that will give you a chance to enjoy a stretch of that coastline and beach while you gaze out across the Caribbean Sea.

Imagine…you are in the perfect beach chair on Seven Mile Beach with a cool breeze blowing in off the Caribbean Sea and a cocktail in your hand. Do you smell the sea? Do you hear the waves?

Negril Cliff and Water
Besides the perfect movie backdrop, the Negril Cliffs are something to behold as they tower 40 feet above the water. And they are a great spot to watch a magical sunset given their location on the west end of the island.

Negril may be known for its beaches, but it also is a favorite spot for the adventure of cliff diving. Enjoy watching locals soar over the edge of the cliffs into the water or the brave traveler having a go at the experience.

Did you know that you could learn to surf on your next Jamaican vacation? Gentle waves near Port Antonio make it a great place for beginners to take a lesson.

American surfer Laird Hamilton once said, “The biggest sin in the world would be if I lost my love for the ocean.”

Ocho Rios Green Bank and White Boat
Ocho Rios is considered the more natural and tranquil option when considering where to vacation in Jamaica. Its highlights like Dunn’s River Falls and Mystic Mountain Rainforest are just a couple of the natural wonders that attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

Ocho Rios is assumed to mean eight rivers based on its Spanish settlers and is lovingly referred to by locals as Ochi. But did you know that there are actually only four rivers that run through the town: Dunn’s River, Cave River, Roaring River and Turtle River.

Blue Mountains
The Blue Mountains of Jamaica are a must see for nature lovers. The flora and fauna are unmatched with its greater than 800 species of plants and more than 200 bird species. See how many you can spot on one of the many hiking trails.

While there are some great hiking trails, the more advanced hikers need to remember to bring their machete to work their way through some of the tougher trails.

Coffee Mug and Beans
Is there such a thing as luxury coffee? Blue Mountain Coffee is some of the most sought-after beans in the world as they are still hand-picked, and hand inspected.

“May your coffee kick in before reality does.” – Anonymous

Treasure Beach Boats
From colorful boats to colorful fish, Treasure Beach is an off-thebeaten-path area in Jamaica with a 200-year fishing village history. Its beautiful location has resisted big resort development but is becoming a must-visit destination.

Off the south coast of Jamaica lies Treasure Beach known for its fresh seafood. Visitors often wait anxiously for fishermen to return with the freshest catch of the day.

Drums were initially used by slaves as a way to communicate but have long since evolved to be a symbol of Rasta worship as well as an important part of reggae music.

The undeniable sound of the reggae one drop rhythm is one that can easily help get you into vacation mode as you relax on the beach.

Craft Market
Take a stroll through one of Jamaica’s Craft Markets to find the best in local crafts, hand painted pieces or even fresh fruits and vegetables.

From Kingston Market on the waterfront to the Harbour Street Craft Market in Montego Bay, you can find all the best handmade souvenirs like dolls, fans, dresses and more.

Wedding Couple
Noted as one of the most romantic places in the world, Jamaica is a top choice for destination weddings and honeymoons. Leave your worries behind as you make beautiful and romantic island memories.

Warm weather, beautiful beaches, and stunning waterfalls are just a few of the reasons why Jamaica is known as a top location for destination weddings.

Reggae Falls
One of the best kept secrets of Jamaica is Reggae Falls located in St. Thomas Parish. Take a day trip from Kingston to enjoy the beautiful falls and warm spring pools.

Reggae Falls is known by the locals as Damhead and was created around 1920 to power a hydroelectricity station. It is a quiet retreat that is visited mostly by locals but welcoming to visitors alike.

Bob Marley Mural
Bob Marley is often thought of as one of the fathers of reggae and was known to marry reggae beats with ska music.

Aside from his music, Bob Marley was well known for his efforts to fight for peace and justice. His efforts earned him the United Nations’ Peace Medal of the Third World.

Bobsled Model
Jamaica gained notoriety in 1988 when its army recruited athletes and sent its first bobsled team to the Winter Olympics.

“Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. Get on up, its bobsled time.” – Cool Runnings Movie

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19 Reasons to Love Jamaica

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