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The old Portuguese port of Fadiouth, Senegal, has streets and buildings made of seashells (it's on a small islet that was built up on layers of accumulated shellfish) and is easily visited as a day trip from Saly Portudal, although it can be seen on a long day trip from Dakar. Fadiouth lies just a...


Overview Introduction Kuwait's Arabian Gulf islands—Bubiyan, Failaka, Kubbar, and Qaruh—cover a total of 400 sq mi/1,035 sq km, and, with the exception of Failaka, that's about the most interesting thing that can be said about them. Failaka, the only inhabited island, is a fascinating place—both ...


Fairbanks, Alaska—named for former Indiana Sen. Charles Fairbanks—is truly a frontier. The gateway to the Arctic is spread out on a seemingly endless plain in the Tanana Valley, with only a few downtown high-rises and plenty of log cabins dotting the residential districts. Fairbanks, 125 mi/200 k...

Fairfield County

Much of this area is now filled with New York City bedroom communities, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to see. Located in Connecticut's far southwestern corner, Greenwich is among the state's most convenient towns for those who work in New York. Visit the late-1600s Putnam Cottage (scallope...


Fajardo, Puerto Rico, located on the northeast corner of the island 35 mi/55 km east of San Juan, is the home of El Conquistador Resort, a Waldorf Astoria property, which overlooks a cliff and has its own private island. The resort has good restaurants, a casino, a golf course and other sports faci...


It may come as no surprise that the name of this city is synonymous with "cliff." Falaise is a fortified city overlooking the Ante River. Falaise is surrounded by a fortifying wall—or was. Of the original 1-mi/2-km wall, three-quarters remain. One of the most notable parts is the distinctive Porte ...

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands swarm with subantarctic wildlife, ranging from tiny tussac birds to penguins and gigantic marine mammals. The beaches, headlands and rolling moorlands of the Falkland Islands (or Las Islas Malvinas, as they are known in Argentina, which lays claim to them) are reminiscent of nor...

Fall River

Students of maritime history will want to set anchor in Fall River, Massachusetts, located 45 mi/70 km south of Boston and just a 15-minute drive from New Bedford. It's home to Heritage State Park at Battleship Cove where visitors can board the World War II battleship USS Massachusetts , the submar...


Although the Cornish town of Falmouth, England, is very pretty and one of the least touristy in the area, the only real attraction is Pendennis Castle, built by Henry VIII to guard the harbor. The harbor is Europe's deepest and still the focal point of the town. The art college and a long history o...


Located 90 mi/144 km northwest of Kingston, midway between Montego Bay and Ocho Rios on the island's north coast, the former sugar port of Falmouth is a charming, unspoiled Jamaican coastal town. It is busiest during the Wednesday market. Falmouth was the original port of Jamaica and served as th...


This high-rise coastal city in Turkish Cyprus (also known as Gazimagusa), developed as a tourist resort decades ago, was Cyprus' primary port before the island was divided. Most of the former resort area has been closed to travelers since 1974, and it is now primarily a bizarre ghost town of sky-scr...


Overview Introduction Fang, Thailand, is primarily a transit point for visitors who are taking the boat north along the Kok River to Chiang Rai (from Fang, it's only a couple of miles/kilometers to Tha Ton, where the boats depart). The five-hour trip passes interesting villages and can be an exhi...


Overview Introduction Since the early Middle Ages, fishermen and their families have inhabited the windswept island of Fano, Denmark, now a 20-minute ferry trip from the city of Esbjerg. In summer, many Danes and Germans enjoy its perfect broad beaches, dunes and the unique flora and fauna of the...


North Dakota's largest and most metropolitan city, 200 mi/320 km east of Bismarck, Fargo is located on the state's eastern border, across the Red River from Moorhead, Minnesota. Fargo will appeal to those who like beautiful architecture, including Victorian houses and buildings in art moderne and ot...

Farley Hill

Farley Hill National Park in St. Peter Parish, Barbados, pleases nature lovers with its gardens; royal palms and old mahogany and casuarina trees surround the ruins of the Farley Hill plantation house. Before it burned down, the house was featured in Harry Belafonte's film Island in the Sun . http:...


Located in one of the most fertile valleys in New Mexico, Farmington is 150 mi/240 km northwest of Albuquerque and just east of the Navajo Nation Reservation, which stretches into Arizona. The city hosts a huge hot-air balloon fiesta every spring, and an elaborate outdoor amphitheater. The city's ...

Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands, an autonomous area under Danish administration, lie between Iceland and Norway, about 800 mi/1,290 km northwest of Copenhagen. Although there are many islands in the group, only 18 are inhabited, with a total population of about 49,000. The islands are accessible by air from Denm...

Farwa Island

Overview Introduction This small island near the border with Tunisia has nice sandy beaches, a few dunes and palm groves and, unfortunately, unobstructed views of a petrochemicals plant. At present, there's not much development, but that may change soon. A causeway and an occasional ferry connect...

Fatiau Tuai

Overview Introduction This abandoned village on the southern coast isn't much to look at, but snorkelers and divers will want to explore the nearby coral reef. 6 mi/10 km south of Alofi.


Fatima, Portugal, located 60 mi/100 km north of Lisbon, is known to the devout as the site of an appearance by the Virgin Mary in 1917. Pilgrims go there seeking a miracle cure for their illnesses, and special ceremonies take place on the 13th of each month. The biggest celebration is 13 May, the an...


Home of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville is in the forested mountains of the state's northwest corner. There's a nice view of the area from nearby Mount Sequoyah. On campus, visit the University Museum, which is devoted to cultural and natural-history exhibits, and the Fine Arts Center, whic...

Fazao Wildlife Reserve

This reserve is rebounding after a period of poor management that led to a severe decrease in the number of animals. Still, you'll probably see only birds and monkeys. Farther north are Mount Koronga and the town of Kara , the birthplace of Togo's late President Eyadema (215 mi/345 km north of Lom...

Fenwick Island

Located 95 mi/155 km south of Wilmington and the southernmost of the Delaware beach communities, Fenwick Island has a wide sandy beach with gentle dunes and no concessions or fast-food outlets marring the shoreline. The Fenwick Island Lighthouse was built in 1859 and is still operational. A stone ...

Ferghana/Marghilan Area

Overview Introduction Ferghana is an imperial town with a decidedly Russian-czarist flavor—it was founded in 1877 as a newer, Russian counterpart to nearby Marghilan. Many of its buildings date from the late 1800s and early 1900s. There are a couple of decent hotels in town, which make it a good ...


Named for Columbus' patron, King Ferdinand of Spain, this young, uninhabited island off the west coast of Isabela Island is among the more remote in the group. The vast lava fields there are treacherous, and visitors must be careful where they step to avoid breaking the lava and hurting themselves. ...

Fernando De Noronha

A small, mountainous archipelago off the northeastern coast 320 mi/510 km northeast of Recife, Fernando de Noronha is a true island paradise that offers stunning primitive beaches, a laid-back atmosphere, completely unspoiled natural surroundings and, above all, superb diving, snorkeling and surfing...


Many of the streets in the walled, picture-perfect city of Ferrara, Italy, are lined with elegant palaces. Unfortunately, some of the most beautiful parts of this city 70 mi/112 km southwest of Venice—the courtyards and gardens hidden within the palaces—aren't generally accessible. In the center o...


The small, attractive village of Ferryland, on the eastern shore of the Avalon Peninsula, is part of the so-called Irish Loop of Newfoundland and Labrador. The community 50 mi/80 km south of St. John's was originally settled by George Calvert, better known as Lord Baltimore, who established several ...


The charming, modern town of Fethiye, Turkey, sits on a pretty harbor sheltered by 12 small islands 340 mi/550 km south of Istanbul. Although most of the buildings were constructed after a 1957 earthquake, the city has a number of ancient tombs scattered throughout town (the best being the Tomb o...


Its walled medina is one of the largest, most intact and impressive medieval cities in the Arab world and, taken as a whole, Fez is the architectural highlight of Morocco. French colonial modern urban area (Ville Nouvelle), and the contrast between the old and the new sections makes sightseeing all ...


Fianarantsoa, about 175 mi/280 km south of Antananarivo, is not particularly a tourist destination in itself, but it is where most of Madagascar's wines are produced. The city of Fianarantsoa was founded in the 19th century, when Queen Ranavalona wanted to build an intermediate city between the capi...


This picturesque town is perched high in the hills above Florence. The central square is located on the former spot of the Roman Forum, and its restaurants along the piazza are worth a stop for a leisurely meal. On a small road just to one side of the square, you'll find the entrance to a Roman th...

Figueira da Foz

The coastal town of Figueira da Foz, Portugal, about midway between Lisbon and Porto, is a pleasant beach resort with a casino. Interesting sights include the interior of Casa do Paco, which is adorned with thousands of delft tiles, courtesy of a 17th-century shipwreck. The Museu Municipal Dr. San...


The main thing to see in the capital of Catalonia's wild hilly Upper Ampurdan area is, naturally, Dali's famed Museum. Otherwise the main attraction in this small, neat, but rather bland Gallic-looking town (it's situated just half an hour from the French border) is sipping a vino tinto, or perhaps ...


Although Fiji has palm-lined beaches and coral reefs like many other parts of the South Pacific, it's often the people of the islands, rather than the scenery, that make it memorable. Their friendliness to visitors is well-known, expressed with a pleasant bula (welcome) and an invitation to join t...


Overview Introduction This town serves as a base for visiting the thorny, marshy western side of Paraguay and as the entrance to the inhospitable Gran Chaco region. Most visitors go on prearranged trips. There's not a tremendous amount to do there, but it's interesting to see how the region diffe...

Finger Lakes

True to their name, New York's Finger Lakes are long, thin and almost parallel lakes that occupy the region between Syracuse and Rochester. The region begins about 145 mi/233 km west of Albany and is perfect for a few days' stay en route between New York City and Buffalo. The Finger Lakes offer gre...


To visitors, Finland can appear to be two countries—one in winter, another in summer. In winter, you'll find people hunkered down for a long twilight, when the sun never quite rises. The Finnish character trait known as sisu , a form of stubborn persistence, no doubt derives in part from this seaso...

Fiordland National Park

Located in the southwest corner of the South Island, Fiordland National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site, featuring stunning waterfalls, mountains, forests, lakes and valleys. Lush and untouched, it's also one of the wettest regions in New Zealand. The local wildlife includes seals, penguins and...

Fire Island

A narrow island off the south coast of Long Island, Fire Island, New York, is an appealing strip of grassy dune and sandy beach. It's punctuated by a number of small resort communities, including Cherry Grove and Fire Island Pines, that have long been popular with gay vacationers. Activities include...

Fish River Canyon National Park

This breathtaking park in southern Namibia near the border with South Africa boasts a 100-mi-/160-km-long canyon (17 mi/27 km across at its widest point) reminiscent of the Grand Canyon in the U.S. Most budget travelers stay at the Al-Ais resort (pleasant hot springs), which is closed October-March ...


Fitchburg, Massachusetts, 24 mi/30 km north of Worcester, has a small art museum that has gained attention in New England. Prints by American impressionist Mary Cassatt and German expressionist Kathe Kollwitz are stars of the collection. There are also Japanese woodblock prints and art by Cassatt's ...


A favorite destination for Europeans, Fjaerland, Norway, a tiny farming town at the end of the Fjaerlandfjord (a branch of Sognefjord) 160 mi/260 km northwest of Oslo, is preposterously scenic. Two massive glaciers spill down over the mountains, and at the Norwegian Glacier Museum (http://www.bre.mu...


One of the main reasons to go to Norway is to see the fjords (long, narrow arms of the sea bordered by dramatic, craggy mountains). Many travelers choose a weeklong cruise on one of the numerous lines plying these waters, but it's also possible (and rewarding) to cover the region in a rental car. Th...


Overview Introduction Flacq is in the eastern coastal district of Mauritius, 30 mi/48 km east of Port Louis. It has numerous hotels and fine beaches, especially Belle Mare. Besides the beaches, Flacq has large sugarcane and vegetable plantations and a number of lime kilns. Centre de Flacq is the ...


"Flag" (as it's called locally) is the largest population center north of Phoenix, home of Northern Arizona University and gateway for many of the state's northern travel attractions. At 6,970 ft/2,125 m, Flagstaff's climate is very different from that found in the desert commonly associated with...


Set 208 mi/335 km northwest of Oslo in one of the most stunning areas of Norway, Flam has mountains, waterfalls and other natural beauty. It's ideal terrain for bike excursions, especially through the Flam Valley. The area can be reached by road from Bergen and Oslo, but the preferred method is b...

Flat Holm And Steep Holm

The islands of Flat Holm and Steep Holm are located in the middle of the Bristol Channel, 8 mi/13 km off the coast from Cardiff. Both are protected nature reserves. On Flat Holm, visit the priory ruins, Victorian gun batteries, seabird colonies and sea caves. (There is also a monument to Guglielmo...


Flatwoods, 71 mi/114 km northeast of Charleston, offers something for everyone. Home to Sutton Lake and Bee Run Recreation Area, it features hiking, swimming, boating and horseback riding. Visitors also can enjoy the Mountain Lakes Amphitheater that presents country and bluegrass performances every ...


The tree-shaded rural town of Flemington in northwestern New Jersey dates back to 1756 and has many restored Federal, Greek Revival and Victorian buildings. This tiny town gained notoriety when the famous Lindbergh kidnapping trial was held there in 1935: Every October a re-enactment of the trial is...

Fleur-De-Lis Trail

Overview Introduction Running along the south coast of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, from Port Hastings to St. Peter's, the short Fleur-de-Lis Trail gives you a look at a weather-beaten shoreline, Acadian villages and fishing communities. The entrance into Bras d'Or Lake (a vast saltwater lake...

Flint Hills

The Flint Hills of Kansas, an area wedged wedged roughly between Topeka and Salina that extends down to Wichita, is one of the few places where you can still see the tallgrass prairie as it was in the 1800s, thanks to a layer of chert (flint) below the soil that made farming impossible. The gently r...

Floreana Island

A shipwrecked Irishman, Patrick Watkins, washed up on the shore of this southern island in the late 1700s and became the Galapagos' first human resident. And that's just the beginning of the colorful history of Floreana, also known as Isla Santa Maria. It was colonized by Ecuadorians in 1832 and...


Florence, Italy, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world—and for many visitors, it is the most splendid. While travel to the city usually centers on its attractions, including museums, palaces and churches that overflow with masterful paintings and sculpture, it is not limited to those des...


An important industrial and shipping city since the time of the Civil War, Florence (80 mi/130 km east of Columbia) also sits in a rich farming area in the northeastern part of the state known as the Pee Dee Country. Museums in the city include the War Between the States Museum (Civil War relics) an...

Flores Island

No tour of Indonesia can be complete without a visit to what some call the most beautiful island in Indonesia. Flores, one of the Lesser Sunda Islands, has thick jungle and both active and inactive volcanoes. The most spectacular of these is Kelimutu, distinguished by its "three-color" lakes at the ...


One of Brazil's most attractive and economically thriving cities, Florianopolis—or "Floripa" as it is fondly known—is the capital of the southern state of Santa Catarina, 480 mi/770 km southwest of Rio de Janeiro. It's divided into two parts—the mainland portion is mostly industrial, but the area si...


For those who live in northern climes, Florida takes on an almost mythical stature. Long before visiting the state, travelers are regaled with tales of its warm sun, exotic creatures and golden beaches. Once they actually visit Florida, visitors tend to find that these ideas are oversimplified. Gol...

Florida Panhandle

The coast of the far-western part of the state—known as the Florida Panhandle because of its geographical shape—is a popular summer vacation spot for visitors from the neighboring states of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. They go there for good reason: It's one of the most beautiful str...


There are actually two Focas in Turkey: Yeni and Eski ("New" and "Old"). Eski Foca, 44 mi/70 km north of Izmir, is larger and makes a good overnight stop en route south from Canakkale to Izmir. Hotels and restaurants ring a pleasing harbor with not much for visitors to do but sit and watch the pla...

Fogo Island

In Portuguese, fogo means fire, and this island, located 60 mi/100 km west of Praia, is aptly named. Although all the islands of Cape Verde are volcanic in nature, the only active crater is on the leeward island of Fogo. Mount Fogo is a 9,281-ft-/2,829-m-high active volcano that continuously emits...


Fontainebleau, a palace in a huge (40,000-acre/16,000-hectare) forest, has been rebuilt several times in an assemblage of contrasting styles—with charming results. Over the years it has been home to Catherine de Medici, Marie Antoinette and Napoleon. (Napoleon's apartment has little steps leading ...

Foret de Day National Park

Overview Introduction High in the Goda Mountains, Djibouti's only national park is a rare patch of green. Regular rain allows a tiny remnant forest to remain, which in turns makes this a good wildlife-watching spot. Hiking is excellent there and guides can lead you to waterfalls and mountaintops....

Formentera Island

Unspoiled, sickle-shaped Formentera lies south of Ibiza, and the sea trip there passes an introductory chain of charming islets—one with its own isolated lighthouse—that convert a dream world of idyllic escapism into reality. It's an example of what Mediterranean islands used to be like, and it's ...

Fort Bragg

Fort Bragg, California, 170 mi/274 km north of San Francisco, was once a booming lumber town. It still offers several attractions, particularly in and around its lively downtown business district. Take a drive down to the marinas to watch the fishing boats go in and out with their daily catch and ...

Fort Bridger

Originally a trading post on the Oregon Trail, started by mountain man and tall-tale artist Jim Bridger in 1842, this town on Interstate 80 near the state's western edge was an important stop for settlers on the way west, including Mormon pioneers. Today, the original fort has been re-created, and...

Fort Collins

Fort Collins, Colorado, was founded in 1864 as a military post on the Cache la Poudre River. Today, it's classified as one of the fastest-growing cities in the country. Colorado State University, located in Fort Collins, is nationally known for its forestry and veterinary medicine schools. The A...

Fort Davis

In the foothills of the scenic Davis Mountains and 335 mi/540 km northwest of San Antonio, Fort Davis is quite a contrast to most Texas towns—it has mountain scenery (at 5,050 ft/1,540 m, it's the highest town in the state), low humidity and, even in the summer, gets wonderfully chilly at night. Fo...

Fort de France

Fort-de-France, Martinique, is a lovely little city, but unlike places such as Charlotte Amalie in St. Thomas or Philipsburg in St. Maarten, it isn't really a tourist town. Fort-de-France is a teeming, bustling capital city noted for its excellent restaurants and French fashion boutiques. Be prepa...

Fort Dodge

This town, 90 mi/145 km north of Des Moines, began as an army outpost in the mid-1800s. Be sure to visit the Fort Museum and Frontier Village, a replica of a fort from the 1860s that contains some actual cabins from the period and displays of artifacts from military and pioneer life. Don't miss the ...

Fort Lauderdale

Getting around Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is half the fun on a vacation. One of Fort Lauderdale's main drags, the New River, allows visitors to hop on a water taxi and take in the sights. This South Florida city's extensive system of waterways and reputation for gracious living have made Fort Laud...

Fort Lee

Overview Introduction The George Washington Bridge is what most commonly comes to mind when locals think of Fort Lee, but this small town first found its place in history when General Washington's troops built a fort there during the 1776 British campaign to control Manhattan and the Hudson River...

Fort Myers

Fort Myers, Florida, has attracted natives and settlers ever since it was a Seminole War outpost, and its location on the Caloosahatchee River makes it a lively, scenic metropolitan center today. Tourists visit Fort Myers not only for the city itself but for all that the area has to offer, from Cap...

Fort Payne

Fort Payne is named after the fort where Cherokees were held prior to their forced march along the Trail of Tears. If you can, time your visit to coincide with an evening performance at the Fort Payne Opera House, the oldest theater in Alabama still in use. (Daytime tours are available by appointmen...

Fort Portal

Overview Introduction This pleasant town in western Uganda lies near the Rwenzori Mountains. It has a colorful market, and there are some scenic crater lakes in the surrounding hills. Drives through the Rwenzori foothills can be made to the nearby Semliki National Park and Wildlife Reserve, whose...

Fort Robinson State Park

A visit to Nebraska's Fort Robinson State Park and the surrounding area offers a good opportuinity to get off the beaten path. Located near Crawford in the far northwestern part of the state, 530 mi/855 km northwest of Omaha, Fort Robinson is a 24,000-acre/9,700-hectare park—Nebraska's largest—on th...

Fort Scott National Historic Site

On the border with Missouri in the southeastern region of Kansas and 95 mi/155 km south of Kansas City, Fort Scott National Historic Site is set above the Marmaton River. It was built in 1842 to protect the border of the Permanent Indian Frontier. The fort was abandoned and reactivated several times...

Fort Sisseton State Park

Fort Sisseton State Park is 184 mi/296 km north of Sioux Falls. The army established Fort Sisseton in northeastern South Dakota in 1864 to protect Dakota Territory settlers. In the 1930s, the Works Progress Administration began to restore 14 of its buildings. Today, the fort (25 mi/40 km west of the...

Fort Smith

Located on the Arkansas River, 105 mi/170 km west of Little Rock and sitting on the Arkansas-Oklahoma border, Fort Smith feels more western than other Arkansas towns. It was founded in 1817 as a military outpost to protect settlers from Native American attacks. Ironically, most of the Native America...

Fort Wayne

Located 130 mi/210 km northeast of Indianapolis and one of Indiana's most interesting cities, Fort Wayne has a lot of diverse attractions. The foremost is the Lincoln Museum, a first-rate place that's loaded with interesting exhibits about Honest Abe. Lincoln's childhood home is in Lincoln City, nor...

Fort Worth

To travelers unfamiliar with the city, Fort Worth, Texas, may seem like a secondary travel destination—a place to visit only after taking in all the sights of its bigger, glitzier neighbor, Dallas. (It does have to live with second billing in the "Dallas-Fort Worth" phrase used to describe everythi...


Fortaleza, a coastal city 1,350 mi/2,175 km north of Rio de Janeiro and the capital of Ceara state, offers excellent seafood and local music, plus sizzling nightlife. It's a good place to shop for Brazilian handicrafts. There are several outstanding beaches to the north and south, but avoid the pol...


Overview Introduction This town is a center of the Bamoun people. Visit the impressive Palace of the Bamoun Sultans and the Museum of Bamoun Arts and Traditions. Foumban is an excellent place to buy indigenous crafts such as embroidered cloth, masks, baskets, pottery and bronze statues (often for...

Four Corners

Overview Introduction Arizona's northeastern corner joins three other states—the only place in the U.S. where four states share a common point. A monument run by the Navajo tribe (whose reservation encompasses this corner of the state) allows visitors to stand in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and Ar...

Four Corners

Overview Introduction Colorado's southwestern corner joins three other states—the only place in the U.S. where four states share a common point. A monument run by the Navajo tribe (whose reservation encompasses this corner of the state) allows visitors to stand in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and A...

Four Corners

Overview Introduction New Mexico's northwestern corner joins three other states—the only place in the U.S. where four states share a common point. A monument run by the Navajo tribe (whose reservation encompasses this corner of the state) allows visitors to stand in Utah, Colorado, New Mexico and...

Four Corners

Overview Introduction Located 400 mi/650 km southeast of Salt Lake City, Utah's southeastern corner joins three other states, making it the only place in the U.S. where four states share a common point. A monument run by the Navajo (whose reservation encompasses this corner of the state) allows v...


The town of Fowey (pronounced FOY), England, has a quaint historic downtown and a bustling seaport. Popular activities include various boating and water activities as well as scenic walks around the city. Interesting sites include St. Fimbarrus Church, St. Catherine's Point and the Tristan Stone. ...

Fox And Franz Josef Glaciers

The Fox and Franz Josef glaciers, the most famous glaciers in New Zealand, are located on the South Island, on the western side of the Southern Alps within Westland National Park. Both are spectacular, especially their proximity to the sea (15 mi/25 km separate the two), but if your time is limited,...


France is a country of regions, each with its own landscape and culture: the glittering crowds of the Cote d'Azur, the elegant chateaus of the Loire Valley, the hospitable vineyards of Bordeaux, the rocky coasts of Brittany, the dramatic slopes of the Alps and the Pyrenees, the charming farms and v...


Located 250 mi/410 km northeast of Gaborone, Francistown, Botswana, is one of the oldest settlements in the country and the site of Southern Africa's first gold rush. Francistown was named after a prospector, Daniel Francis, and Blue Jacket Street, its main street, after the denim jacket worn by an ...


If you spend any time at all on Michigan freeways, you're bound to see a billboard for one of the establishments in Frankenmuth. What the city offers (aside from a good PR campaign) is German food, Bavarian architecture and gift shops. And these attractions bring in visitors by the millions, especia...


Located on the Kentucky River, Frankfort is the state capital. Be sure to see the graves of Daniel Boone and his wife in the Frankfort Cemetery, the capitol buildings (old and new) and the lieutenant governor's mansion. The city's real show-stopper, though, is the huge Kentucky History Center. Its...


Frankfurt am Main, Germany, may be the smallest of Europe's big cities, but it's certainly not lacking in stature. Throughout its history, Frankfurt has been linked to international trade, commerce and transportation. Today, Frankfurt is the home of the European Central Bank and the largest Germa...

Fraser Island

Located 125 mi/200 km north of Brisbane and named for shipwrecked Englishwoman Eliza Fraser, this island north of Noosa Heads is the largest coastal dune system in the world. A paradise of beaches, coves and wildlife (such as the Australian dingo), Fraser Island also has lush forests and clear lakes...

Fraser River

Overview Introduction From its source in Mount Robson Provincial Park, just east of the border with Alberta, the Fraser River snakes 850 mi/1,365 km and empties into the Pacific Ocean near Vancouver. It is one of the longest unharnessed rivers in the world and provides exciting white-water raftin...


Overview Introduction The most famous site near Frederica is Barrett's Chapel, just north of town on Highway 113. Erected in 1780, it's known as the "cradle of Methodism in America" because the Methodists established the New World chapter of their religion there in 1784. 55 mi/90 km south of Wil...


Located 45 mi/75 km west of Baltimore amid rolling green hills, Frederick, Maryland, has a number of historical sights. Be prepared for unsightly urban sprawl around Frederick, but a definite must-see is the beautiful architecture in the Frederick National Historic District, which includes hundreds ...


Fredericksburg is associated with two eras of U.S. history: That of George Washington and that of the Civil War. Fredericksburg is where George Washington was alleged to have chopped down the cherry tree (in Reverend Weems' apocryphal parable). Though the Washington tale is the stuff of legend mor...


Located along the banks of the St. John River about 50 mi/80 km northwest of Saint John, Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick and one of the most beautiful cities in Atlantic Canada. Well worth the drive is Kings Landing Historical Settlement in Mactaquac Country (22 mi/35 km west), a work...


Frederiksted, St. Croix, is smaller and quieter than Christiansted. As a result, visitors usually overlook it. The tourist office and local businesses are trying to remedy this by hosting mini-carnivals whenever cruise ships are in port. Streets are blocked off for island bands, wildly dressed stilt...


Not far from the border with Sweden and only 50 mi/80 km southeast of Oslo, Fredrikstad, Norway, was founded in 1567 by King Fredrik II by the river Glomma to serve as a fortress town against the Swedes. Although the new town is nothing remarkable, the original town still stands intact across the ri...


Freeport and Lucaya are often referred to as if they were one city. Together they make up the development on Grand Bahama Island, but they actually started off as two separate places. Freeport is the landlocked business center of the island, where you'll find offices, banks, shops and hotels. Luc...


Reached from the airport by ferry across Fourah Bay, sleepy Freetown (pop. 1,051,000) sits at the northern tip of a large, mountainous peninsula. Although it lies on a pleasant natural harbor surrounded by high, wooded hills, we must admit that Freetown is not one of our favorite cities. Even befo...

Fregate Island

This private island, 40 mi/60 km east of Mahe, is for the exclusive use of guests staying in its 16 luxurious villas. Conservationists on Fregate Island rescued the magpie robin from extinction. Up from a population of just 14, there are now approximately 200 in the world, half of them on Fregate....


Freiburg, 117 mi/188 km southwest of Stuttgart, is a pleasant town that makes a good base for exploring the Black Forest and the idyllic Upper Rhine Plain with its terraced vineyards. Ruled for centuries by the Austrian Hapsburgs, Freiburg maintains distinct cultural traditions—particularly visibl...


In Roman times, the port city of Frejus, founded in 49 BC by Julius Caesar, was second in importance only to Marseille. While many of the sections of the Roman city were completely destroyed, the few parts that remain to this day offer an extremely interesting window into the past. There are section...

French Alps

Located in the southeast, France's beautiful Alps nudge the mountains of Switzerland and Italy. Though best known as a winter sports mecca dotted with ski stations and picturesque towns, the area holds plenty of allure in summer as well. The site of the 1968 Winter Olympics, Grenoble is an absolut...

French Guiana

French Guiana (often referred to by its official French name, Guyane) is hot, steamy and insect-ridden—and it's expensive, without quality restaurants and hotels to justify the high prices. In short, it's far from being a top travel destination. But it has certainly undergone some major transformati...

French Polynesia

It's surprising how close a visit to French Polynesia comes to fulfilling the ideal of paradise. The islands, which include Bora Bora, Tahiti and Moorea, are still largely quiet and move at a slow pace outside Papeete, Tahiti's busy capital city. The lagoons of French Polynesia are still amazing sha...

French Riviera

The French Riviera, also known as the Cote d'Azur, is famous for its beaches, scenery and moderate climate. The region stretches from Marseille to the border with Italy, with the most popular portions on the eastern end. Well-known towns in the French Riviera include Nice, Antibes, Cannes and St. T...


Frenchtown, St. Thomas, was established many years ago by a group of French-speaking immigrants from the Caribbean island of St. Barthelemy, and this fishing village on the western edge of Charlotte Amalie has retained its French flair to this day. On Bastille Day in particular, residents celebrate ...


Fresno, California, lies in the center of one of the most productive agricultural regions in the U.S.: Trucks piled high with tomatoes or melons pass cars on the highway, many businesses in Fresno are farm-related, and "agrotourism"—tours of farms, orchards and wineries—is popular with visitors, esp...


Overview Introduction Fribourg is a beautiful little hillside city 20 mi/30 km southwest of Bern, in one of the many Swiss regions where languages and cultures merge (in this case, French and German). Red-tiled buildings in the old section wind their way up from the Saane River to the Gothic Cath...

Frisian Islands

Germany's Frisian Islands in the North Sea are reminiscent of the Cape Cod area in the U.S. or of coastal Scotland—the sea is rough, it's often foggy and there's a certain crispness in the air. Lying 100 mi/160 km northwest of Hamburg, the islands are divided into two groups: the Eastern Frisians ...

Ft. Laramie National Historic Site

Fort Laramie started out in 1834 as a fur-trading post, then became an important government outpost on the Oregon Trail. Settlers traveling west would stop there for supplies or to seek protection during hostilities with Native Americans during the Plains Indian Wars. Although the fort was abandoned...

Ft. St. James National Historic Site

Overview Introduction In north-central British Columbia, 590 mi/945 km north of Vancouver, Fort St. James National Historic Site (open mid-May to mid-October) has a beautifully restored Hudson's Bay Company fur-trading post that was first established in 1808. The five wooden buildings were constr...

Ft. Steele

Overview Introduction Fort Steele, British Columbia, 360 mi/580 km east of Vancouver, is a turn-of-the-century East Kootenay town with 60 restored or reconstructed buildings. Its attractions include stagecoach and steam-train rides, crafts and baking workshops, stores and restaurants. Higher in t...

Funafuti Atoll

Overview Introduction The capital, Funafuti, is a low-key place. You'll find a cluster of administrative buildings near the air terminal, a church, the local village (a 10-minute walk to the north) and a deepwater wharf (10 minutes north of the village). There's not much to do other than walk aro...

Fundy Isles

Off the southern tip of the New Brunswick mainland, about 50 mi/80 km southwest of Saint John, the Fundy Isles are quiet, scenic areas with lobster boats, rocky shores and small villages. Best of all, they have almost no crowds and are a great place to relax and take in the coastal panorama. Grand ...

Fundy National Park

This fine national park 50 mi/80 km southwest of Moncton offers sightseeing along the rugged, steep-sloped cliffs and tide-washed beaches of the Bay of Fundy. In fact, you can even go sightseeing in the Bay of Fundy: At low tide (twice a day), after the 38-ft-/12-m-deep water has rolled back out to ...

Fundy Shore/Glooscap Trail

Fundy Shore, where Nova Scotia meets New Brunswick, about 80 mi/130 km north of Halifax, was home to the Mi'kmaq Native Americans. Along the Glooscap Trail route are several good spots to observe the dramatic tidal changes in the Bay of Fundy and Cobequid Bay—the world's highest tides (the water can...

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I decided to plan a girl's trip with my sisters and I, but I had no idea where to start! Over the ye...
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Sherri Brown was very responsive to our questions and requests, and she had great ideas that we had ...
-Mike Croft

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on 11/7/2023

FROM GOOGLE REVIEWS Traveling to Rome, Italy was a dream come, true for my husband and I! Chri...
-Briana Barrera

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Italy Bucket List
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I absolutely want to recognize Gail Mauck with your firm. She created the itinerary for “my bucket ...

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