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For a tiny island territory tucked in a remote corner of the western Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda has a lot to offer. It’s famous for its pink-sand beaches (like Horseshoe Bay Beach and Elbow Beach) and British charm, but travelers should know there is so...

Categories: Caribbean


The port of Hamilton is a leading offshore business center and main attractions are the island’s temperate climate, pink sand beaches, pastel homes and bucolic landscapes in this idyllic spot in the Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda is famous for high quality ...

Categories: Hamilton

Harrington Sound

One of the main attractions in Harrington Sound is the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo in Flatts Village. Be sure to tour the scenic route Harrington Sound Road, and watch out for longtails and terns swooping over the water. Stop off at The Walsingh...

Categories: Harrington Sound

Heritage Wharf

Categories: Heritage Wharf

King's Wharf

King's Wharf has something for everyone. Sample typical island food and stroll through the shops and museums of the Royal Naval Dockyard. Sail the clear waters of Hamilton Sound. Find quaint gems at the Bermuda Arts Center and Craft Market. If that's...

Categories: King's Wharf


Categories: Paget

Royal Naval Dockyard

Part of the grand scheme to fortify Bermuda as the "Gibraltar of the West" was the building of the Royal Naval Dockyard that began in 1809. Today the meticulously restored Dockyard is an entertainment and shopping complex, with restaurants, crafts ma...

Categories: Royal Naval Dockyard


Categories: Sandys


Categories: Southampton

St. David's Island

Fishing and boatbuilding are the main industries on this island located at the eastern end of Bermuda. St. David's is the site of the international airport but manages to maintain a quiet atmosphere. Carter House is one of Bermuda's oldest structures...

Categories: St. David's Island

St. George's, Bermuda

St. George’s Island was the site of the Sea Ventures’s wreck in 1609. Its major settlement, St. George’s, was founded in 1612 and was once the capital of Bermuda. Filled with historic buildings, it contains St. Peter’s Church, the oldest continously...

Categories: St. George's Bermuda

West End

Learn about Bermuda's British heritage by visiting forts, maritime museum and the craft's market.

Categories: West End

Western Bermuda

The parishes of Southampton and Sandys form the "hook" of Bermuda, sometimes known as the West End. Many of the sights lie on Somerset and Ireland islands, which are connected by short bridges to the main island. They're a half-hour drive from Hamilt...

Categories: Western Bermuda

Perched amid the blue-green waters of the Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda is unlike any other island destination you may be familiar with. It is a surprise just waiting to be discovered by visitors fortunate enough to reach its shores. Not only does it offer lush, tropical surroundings, splendid and unusual pink-hued beaches, plus a bevy of cultural attractions and sporting options, Bermuda is blessed with a distinct air of British propriety and European flavor that make it unique. Visitors will not only cherish memories of the islands' sherbet-toned homes, ubiquitous flower gardens and charming winding streets, but also of its gracious people, who are a little bit British, a little bit islander and always friendly.
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5-night Bermuda Cruise

Price: $938 - # of Days: 5 days

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4-night Bermuda Cruise

Price: $1,058 - # of Days: 4 days

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6-night Bermuda Cruise

Price: $1,198 - # of Days: 6 days

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Bermuda is a unique tropical-island paradise located in a remote corner of the western Atlantic Ocean. It is a peaceful vacation spot nestled in a sparkling blue-green sea. When the wind blows, Bermuda's islands, islets and outcrops are washed with white-topped, cool-green waves.

It's the diversity of color that first enraptures many visitors to Bermuda—not just of sky and sea but also of sand, trees, shrubs and flowers. The beaches are creamy white and flecked with pink; the trees are a variety of lush greens. Pink oleander lines the roadsides, and riotous vines tumble over limestone walls. Even the houses on Bermuda are colorful—pastel walls topped by white stepped roofs.

Add to this excellent restaurants, no cars, reliable sunshine, opportunities to purchase European goods, and a variety of land and water activities, including cricket, afternoon tea and sailing, and it's no wonder that vacationers return to Bermuda year after year.

Must See or Do

Sights—British history, shops and restaurants at the Royal Naval Dockyard; great views of Hamilton Harbour from Fort Hamilton; stalactites and stalagmites at the Crystal and Fantasy Caves; extensive views of Bermuda from Gibb's Hill Lighthouse.

Museums—Bermudian and European 18th- and 19th-century paintings at the Bermuda National Gallery; the National Museum of Bermuda at The Keep, the largest of Bermuda's forts; model ships at the Bermuda Historical Society Museum; scuba-diving exhibits at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute; unusual architecture at Verdmont Museum.

Memorable Meals—Local cuisine at The Spot; excellent fish at the Lobster Pot; terrific fine dining at Ascots Restaurant.

Late Night—Heart-pounding dance music at Cosmopolitan Ultra Lounge and Nightclub in Hamilton; tropical cocktails at Club Aqua.

Walks—Cliff walks to see Bermuda longtail birds; strolls through colorful flowers at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens; tours of the historic streets of St. George.

Especially for Kids—Native fish, exotic reptiles and pink flamingos at the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo; dolphin interactions and educational programs at Dolphin Quest Bermuda in the National Museum of Bermuda; swims with the fish at Snorkel Park Beach in Royal Naval Dockyard.


This isolated bit of paradise in the Atlantic is less than a two-hour flight southeast of New York. The closest land is North Carolina, 650 mi/1,050 km west.

The self-governing British territory is made up of 181 small islands—the largest of which are connected by bridges and causeways, creating a landmass shaped roughly like a 21-mi-/34-km-long fishhook that is no wider than 2 mi/3 km.


The first known European to sight the islands was Spaniard Juan de Bermudez (from whom Bermuda takes its name) around 1505. Spain left the islands alone, and they remained unsettled for another century.

In the 1500s, Bermuda became an important landmark and a significant hazard for ships crossing the Atlantic. Storms often swept ships onto the reefs that surround the islands. One such wreck led to the colonization of Bermuda.

In 1609, the Sea Venture, an English ship loaded with colonists en route to Jamestown, Virginia, struck one of the reefs. The colonists found Bermuda a good place to be marooned, especially because of the wild hog population, which provided a steady supply of meat. The castaways built two new ships and sailed onward the next year, but their brief stay encouraged settlement on the islands.

By 1612, there was a permanent British settlement, which started in St. George's. Originally ruled by the Virginia Company, it became a British Crown Colony in 1684 and eventually became an overseas territory. The population is a diverse mix, including those whose heritage can be traced to Africa, the U.K., the Azores, the West Indies and several other lands.

Because Bermuda lacked the water and soil to be a major agricultural producer, its fortunes were tied to trade. Much of the trade was with the U.S., and during the Civil War, Bermuda grew rich by trading English arms for Confederate cotton. After the war ended in 1865, Bermuda fell on harder times. But during the 20th century, the islands began to develop one of the world's first tourism industries, Bermuda's second-largest business.

During the 1960s, offshore banking, financial services and insurance also became important to the islands. Business remains Bermuda's largest business; it serves as the global base of operation for Jardine Matheson and the headquarters for Bacardi.

Under the Westminster system of government, Bermuda was governed by the United Bermuda Party (UBP) from the early 1960s to the late 1990s. During that period, Pam Gordon became Bermuda's first female premier. In 1998, the Progressive Labour Party (PLP) swept into power after a general election and remained in power until December 2012.

The One Bermuda Alliance (OBA) won the election in December 2012 with Hon. Craig Cannonier as premier. Michael Dunkley was elected premier in 2014, and E. David Burt took office in 2017 and continues in office today.


Bermuda's foremost attractions are beaches, golf, tennis, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing, scuba diving, nature preserves, cricket, sailing, shopping and relaxation.

A clean, fairly formal, semitropical destination with beautiful beaches, trees and flowers, Bermuda can be a relaxing destination, albeit an expensive one.


Bermuda's rosy beaches contain two ingredients that give them a signature sparkle. The pink cast comes from tiny scarlet protozoans of the order Foraminifera, which cling to the reefs while alive and color the sands after death. The reflectivity comes from crystalline quartz, a nonnative mineral transported there in the guts of migrating birds.

The title of John Lennon's Double Fantasy album was inspired by the name of a flower he saw in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens. Lennon wrote some of the songs for the album while staying in Bermuda.

Although it's only 21 mi/34 km long, Bermuda has more than 125 churches, giving it "holy" status as one of the locations with the highest number of churches per capita in the world.

The first game of tennis in the Western Hemisphere was played in Bermuda by Sir Brownlow Gray's family in 1873. The next year, the family's American houseguest, Mary Outerbridge, introduced the sport to the U.S. on Staten Island.

Debate still rages over whether there is a mysterious, fatal force operating in the Bermuda Triangle, an area whose three corners are marked by Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. An astonishing number of planes and ships have mysteriously disappeared there, and theories abound about who or what is responsible.

Rainwater is the main source of water on Bermuda, as there are no rivers or other major sources of freshwater. The rain is funneled from the roofs of buildings into underground tanks. (In most hotels, the water is purified.) Islanders take their roof collection systems seriously: When a new roof is added to a house, it's christened with a splash of Bermuda black rum.

Every year on Boxing Day (26 December), the Gombey dancers parade around the islands, singing and dancing in elaborate costumes and masks. Gombey is the word for rhythm in Bantu and is also the name of a skin-covered drum developed in Africa and brought to Bermuda by slaves.

On Good Friday, many people in Bermuda like to eat homemade fried salt codfish cakes with their hot cross buns. They also fly homemade kites.

Visitors are outspoken in their admiration for the islands. "You go to heaven if you want," said 19th-century author and humorist Mark Twain. "I'd rather stay here in Bermuda."


Cruise ships usually anchor in the Great Sound, the large bay in western Bermuda, or tie up at King's Wharf at the Royal Naval Dockyard at the northwestern end of Bermuda. The Royal Naval Dockyard is the only port in Bermuda that can accommodate the larger cruise ships. Smaller ships can dock in Hamilton and St. George's.

There are cruise terminals at the docks, which have public phones, restrooms and a tourist information booth. All shops and points of interest are within walking distance, making this a great port for sightseers.

There is a dedicated minibus shuttle at the King's Wharf terminal that goes to Horseshoe Bay Beach. Priced at US$14 round-trip, the shuttle runs from the cruise pier daily 8 am-3 pm. The last return bus leaves at 6 pm.

The towering stone buildings in the Dockyard that were once part of the early-19th-century British naval installation now house shops and restaurants. There's a maritime museum and a lagoon, where visitors can swim with dolphins. The dock—opposite the main Dockyard buildings—offers phones, restrooms and a tourist information table. Ships that anchor in the Great Sound often tender their passengers to the Dockyard in smaller craft.

Shore Excursions

Typical tours on Bermuda include exploring Hamilton, St. George's or St. David's Island; visiting the Royal Naval Dockyard; snorkeling or helmet diving around coral reefs; playing a round of golf; taking a catamaran cruise; cruising in a glass-bottom boat; taking a half-day fishing excursion; visiting the island's legendary pink beaches; or just cruising around the islands.

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