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"We had the absolute best time and trip. We went to Cabo, with 6 of us traveling together and we met up with 8 others. This trip went so smooth, zero hiccups. Absolutely AMAZING trip and even better travel agent!..."
- -Terry Nickels - Norman, Oklahoma Read More Testimonies >

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Lunch in Cabo by boat? Highly recommend.

Cabo travel agents
☀️🏝🍹 NOBU surprised us with this crazy drink before we left. This was best picture. Most you couldn’t even see us for the smoke.

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Cabo San Lucas. This Mexican coastal town on the southern tip of the Baja California Sur Peninsula is trendy vacation destination sure to excite. Just the name brings up images of beautiful beaches, authentic Mexican food, the Arco de San Lucas, and incredible marine life.

Cabo San Lucas has plenty of exciting entertainment for couples and families alike, but when should you go? Well, that depends on what you are looking for in your vacation.

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Why Visit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico?

The city is known for its beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and vibrant nightlife. There are so many activities to enjoy, like swimming with dolphins, snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez, and exploring the local culture. Plus, the people are incredibly friendly and welcoming, making it a great place to relax and have fun. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, Cabo San Lucas is a great choice!

‘Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Best Time to Visit Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas. This Mexican coastal town on the southern tip of the Baja California Sur Peninsula is a trendy vacation destination sure to excite. Just the name brings up images of beautiful beaches, authentic Mexican food, the Arco de San Lucas, and incredible marine life. Cabo San Lucas has plenty of exciting entertainment for couples and families alike, but when should you go? Well, that depends on what you are looking for in your vacation.

If you are traveling with children and/or families, the best time to visit is May through July. The beaches are enjoyable and there will be exciting activities for everyone. If your children are older you might choose to be adventurous by kayaking to El Arco or riding an ATV. For younger children or a slower pace, building sandcastles on the beach or going on a marina stroll might be just what you're looking for.

The best time to avoid crowds is during the rainy season which is August through September. But with only an 18% chance of rain daily, there are still many sunny days. Beaches will be nearly empty and restaurants and bars will be quiet. Often hotels will have discounts available. You might actually be happy if it rains as you will now have the perfect excuse to visit one of Cabo’s world-renowned spas.

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If you enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving, plan your vacation from early October to early November. The water is warm and visibility will be at its highest point for the year. You are likely to see bull and hammerhead sharks and sea turtles. A true highlight to diving in Cabo San Lucas is the sea lions which frequent dive sites. These playful pups never fail to amuse divers with their antics.

The best time for whale watching in Cabo is January through March. Not only will you get to see humpback and gray whales, but you may also see whale sharks. Schedule early morning tours for calmer water and less chance of seasickness. Afternoon tours usually find the animals more active, but the boat ride will be more choppy later in the day.

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Sport fishing is available throughout the year. If you’re wanting to hook a marlin, go September through January. The tuna run from June through January. Grouper and snapper are most abundant from May through September. If you're feeling competitive and want to participate in a tournament, check the calendar and plan to visit in October to early November. One fishing trip to Cabo and you'll be hooked!

Once you've decided when to visit Cabo San Lucas, the hardest part is over. We can handle all of the other details, taking the stress and overwhelm out of your vacation time. Contact us today!

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on 5/11/2023

“Our trip was absolutely outstanding. Our travel and return home were all so easy, as well as going ...
-Makalie Lackey

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"We just got home from the secrets resort in Cabo and had the best experience. MaRanda Stout was so ...
-Ashley Thornbrough

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Best Cabo Vacation!
on 1/10/2023

Kristin did a great job arranging our trip to Cabo... Will definitely do this again.
-Chris Hardy

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All Inclusive Family Trip to Cabo
on 10/29/2022

Alena did a wonderful job booking my family vacation to Cabo and at the Hard Rock . Less stress for ...
-Tamara W

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Amazing Time Away
on 5/13/2021

Jessica was great! she listened to our wants and needs then delivered exactly what we were looking f...

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Top 10 Reasons To Visit Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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What to Know About Cabo San Lucas!

travel cabo agency

Shimmering seas. Beautiful beaches. Awesome adventures. Relaxing resorts. Cabo San Lucas is a must-see destination! If you're planning your first visit, here are some tips to make your trip go smoothly. This information will help you feel prepared and have an incredible time.

Cabo has oceans and sunshine to spare. Both can cause problems if you're not prepared. Be sure to bring plenty of biodegradable sunscreen and stay hydrated. You will also need to know how to swim, as it is essential for all travelers to Cabo. To stay safe, listen to the lifeguards and stay clear of dangerous waters.

Cabo is an adventure-lover’s dream! Water activities include sportfishing, kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving. If you prefer to stay on land, there is horseback riding, hiking, and hot springs. There’s no way you can do it all in one trip, so prioritize what you really want to do.

You'll need travel insurance. With all of the wonderful things to do, you can see why travel insurance would be so important, but don't think of it as gloom and doom. Insurance allows you to travel stress-free at all times. There are even annual insurance policies that cover you on every trip you take.

All of the beaches are beautiful, but not all of them are swimmable. In fact, some are dangerous because of steep ocean floor drop-offs which cause strong waves and rip tides. If you want to swim, we recommend Medano or Chileno Beach. Both are easily accessible and have lifeguards. For a truly unique experience, take a water taxi to Playa de Amor.

The timeshare game is strong in Cabo. After you pick up your luggage, there is a long hallway you have to walk through to exit the airport. Do not talk to anyone and keep moving. Even some resorts are starting to tap their guests by promising a tour of the property with a welcome gift, a round of golf, or even money. Be aware as these “tours” can be a time-suck and no one needs that on a vacation.

Cabo San Lucas is closer than you think. More and more airlines are starting to offer direct flights from major cities. What used to take a full day of travel has now come down to just a few hours.

Select a resort based on your lifestyle. Cabo is home to over 100 boutique hotels and resorts. The best way to decide where to stay is to make a list of what is important. Do you want all-inclusive or do you prefer to pay a la carte? Adult only or family-friendly? Four or five stars? Once your list is complete, contact your travel advisor (me!). They (1) will

Do the research for you and come back with a few options from which you can choose.

Now that you have all the information, you can have a great time being adventurous. It’s time to go see the sights, enjoy the food, try new things, and fall in love with Cabo San Lucas.

Quick Facts about Cabo

travel cabo agency

GETTING THERE: Flying into SJD, Los Cabos International Airport is getting easier and easier as more airlines are offering direct flights from major US cities. Rideshare companies are illegal at the airport, although they may be operating. Instead, take a taxi or make arrangements for a shuttle service to take you to your destination.

LANGUAGE: The language spoken in Los Cabos, like in all of Mexico, is Spanish. However, many of the people within the tourist industry are also fluent in English. One phrase that you might consider learning before you go is, “No hablo espanol. Usted habla inglés?” Translation: “I don’t speak Spanish. Do you speak English?” Remembering to smile and attempting to speak the language will help make your vacation fantastico!

CLIMATE: Los Cabos is a desert, receiving very little rain throughout the year. While it can get humid, the humidity levels stay low enough that you will feel comfortable. It is pleasantly warm from December to March and hot from May to October.

MONEY/CURRENCY (CREDIT CARDS, DEBIT CARDS, TIPPING, ATMS): Mexico's currency is the Peso. Paper currency comes in a variety of denominations and is col or-coded which makes them easy to use. Coins come in different sizes and metals.

US dollars are widely accepted but not recommended for use. Expect poor exchange rates if you choose to use dollars because each store, restaurant, and bar can set their own rates. If you are going to use US dollars, be sure to bring small denominations which are not overly worn. It is up to each establishment to determine if they will accept the money or not.

ATMs are commonplace in business areas of Los Cabos. Additionally, the exchange rate is better. Be aware that ATMs may run out of money on the weekend and plan accordingly. Note: Many ATMs in the area accept only 4-digit pins.

Visa and Mastercard are readily accepted while fewer locations will accept American Express. Expect to pay cash when dealing with small hotels, restaurants, and retail establishments.

Tipping in Cabo San Lucas is expected when good service is provided to you. An average tip in Cabo is generally 10-20% of the total bill. If you encounter subpar service, tip closer to 10%.

ELECTRICITY: Mexico operates on the same 1l0-volt current as the United States, so electrical adapters are not needed. Sometimes you will need a three prong adapter, as many plugs here only have space for the two-prong plugs.

First 3 Days of an Example Cabo Travel Package Itinerary

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Fly into Los Cabos International Airport where there is a shuttle waiting to take you to your resort. Take some time to settle in, unwind from your flight, and enjoy a cocktail as you watch the sunset from your balcony. After dinner, the waves provide the lullaby as you fall asleep, dreaming of tomorrow's adventure.


Today, you visit Cabo’s most iconic landmark, El Arco, at Land’s End. Sail across the shimmering seas for a luxury snorkel and lunch cruise. Take advantage of a picnic at Playa de Amor. Enjoy the company of playful sea lions and marvel at the amount of sea life in the area. If you're really lucky, you'll swim with whale sharks. When you're finished, spend the rest of the afternoon soaking up the Mexican sun on the beach.

After a day on the sea, return to your resort and freshen up. Next is dinner with a spectacular setting and ocean views. The menu? The best of the fish are pulled from the sea each day, with a choice of ceviches, shrimp, octopus, and grilled fish.

After a busy day, falling asleep will come easy, and that’s a good thing. Tomorrow is an early morning.


Wake up before the sun to go on an all-inclusive charter fishing boat. Everything will be provided for you, and the sun will be rising as you reel in tuna, reds, and grouper. Fresh-made tacos and guacamole will provide you with the strength needed to bring in a large marlin. Arrangements will be made to ship the fresh fish to you when you go back home.

In the afternoon, freshen up at your resort, take a nap, and then prepare to be inspired. Tonight you will try your hand at cooking some of Mexico’s traditional dishes at a cooking class. After eating, enjoy a nightcap at a local watering hole.

Things you Can't Miss in Cabo

travel cabo agency

The Arch

1. The most distinctive landmark of Cabo San Lucas is El Arco (The Arch). It marks the spot where the Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez and is a popular tourist attraction. Getting there is easy. You can arrange for a boat ride, or if you're feel ing adventurous, you can take a kayak. Either way, make sure you visit this natural wonder!

2.Te amo Cabo!

Runway Cabo 1. From boutique properties to all-inclusive resorts, Cabo has it all. Let us know what you're looking for, and we can set it up.

2. Let’s make memories in Cabo San Lucas!

Pirate Arch 1. Pirate stories are plentiful in Cabo San Lucas. Their prey was the ships returning from the Philippines, full of gold, Persian rugs, silk, jewelry, and barrels of wine.

2. “Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates.”- Mark Twain

Street Taco 1. It’s an “I want to move to Cabo San Lucas and live off of tacos and tequila” kind of day.

2. Let’s taco ‘bout going to Cabo!

Aerial Beach

1. Cabo San Lucas is home to breathtaking beaches with crystal clear water. Will you spend more time on the sand or in the sea? Let us know.

2.“We dream in colors borrowed from the sea."- Unknown

White and Blue Boat Scuba

1. Cabo is a bucket list destination for snorkelers and scuba divers alike! You are likely to see sea turtles as well as bull and hammerhead sharks. Another highlight is the sea lions which frequent dive sites.

2. ‘Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

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With a seasoned travel agent ready to assist you, the natural wonders and distinct culture of traveling abroad are yours to discover! Explore colonial cities, ancient ruins, hidden cenotes, and architectural treasures, and create a new experience every time you visit. In the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, discover a fascinating blend of sun, culture, and archaeological ruins, and astounding beauty. In Central Mexico, discover charming UNESCO World Heritage colonial cities. The diversities are fascinating. From golden sand beaches and jungle forests of the Pacific Coast to the Land's End and endless horizons in the Sea of Cortes. We can help you arrange a vacation you will not soon forget.

Unspoiled, unhurried and uncrowded. Fiji is the land of happiness in the heart of the South Pacific, blessed with over 300 tropical islands. Here you'll find classic images of an island paradise - turquoise lagoons, sun-drenched beaches and swaying palm trees.

But it's the people that make the islands so special and the hospitality is warm and welcoming. Take time to mingle with the locals and relax. You will enjoy their genuine nature. Experience the true Bahamas. From its pristine naturan beauty to a host of water and land sports. We can help you plan an unforgettable vacation, whether you are seeking a romantic escape or an activity-filled stay. Everyday you'll find something new to discover.

The Caribbean and Bermuda

Caribbean Bermuda

Like sparking jewels in crystal-clear waters, the islands of the Caribbean and Bermuda beckon travelers to discover the natural beauty and unique culture each one has to offer. Explore World Heritage sites, spectacular beaches, tropical rainforests, and more. The Caribbean and Bermuda is where all the senses come to life. See the beauty of the natural landscapes. Hear the rhythm of Caribbean music. Smell the fragrances of tropical flowers, and taste the diversity of the Caribbean cuisine. Whether you seek an adventure-filled vacation or a leisure stay soaking in the local culture, a memorable vacation awaits. Let us make it easy and help you arrange your perfect experience on the island or islands of your choice.

The Moorings Luxury Crewed Yacht Vacations

Explore the Caribbean islands onboard a private crewed catamaran, for up to 10 of your closest friends or family in five cabins. Relax as your captain navigate over turquoise waters from one exotic port to the next, while your chef prepares delectable meals to enjoy onboard or on a secluded beach.

Five Exciting Destinations

Your journey embarks from one of five Moorings’ bases, on a luxury crewed catamaran, like a fabulous floating resort, with a dedicated crew providing the utmost in personalized service onboard. At each tranquil anchorage, you will have the chance to explore the culture, shop in charming boutiques, sample local delicacies, or stroll on a white-sand beach of a new island. Each day is a new discovery of experiences you won’t soon forget.



From stunning seascapes to rare wildlife and granite and coral islands, your experience in the Maldives or Seychelles will be as unforgettable as these worlds-away locations in the Indian Ocean.

Comprising 26 atolls and 1,190 islands dating back 2,500 years, the Republic of Maldives is a serene masterpiece in natural landscaping and home to one of the world’s most diverse underwater marine life. Its capital, Malé, is easily reached by ferry from the main airport.

The Republic of Seychelles is a 115-island archipelago of legendary and unspoiled beauty, between 4º and 10º south of the equator. The inner islands cluster around the islands of Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue, and are renowned for their granite formations and stunning beaches.

Cruise In The Maldives - Four Seasons Explorer Cruise
A Day Aboard The Four Seasons Explorer

Morning - Prepare for a two-tank dive, exploring a vibrant thila (submerged reef) and an overhang full of soft corals. Nondivers can snorkel or relax on board.

Afternoon - Set anchor at a virgin island. Divers can explore the open waters on a channel dive; nondivers can water-ski or tube in the lagoon. Later, enjoy a relaxing massage on the beach.

Evening - Take a fishing trip aboard a local dhoni boat and enjoy sunset at sea with cocktails. Set anchor and savor a BBQ dinner on a beautiful sandbank. See video highlights of the day with after-dinner drinks in the lounge.

Cruises and Inclusions -
All cruise packages aboard Four Seasons Explorer include:
• Seaplane and speedboat transfers
• Diving and recreational activities
• Full-board meals, bottled water, and nonalcoholic
beverages for up to two • Fresh fruit in your stateroom upon arrival
• Luxurious accommodations onboard

Northward Cruise: Three Nights -
Sail from Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa to Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru via the Malé and Baa atolls.

Southward Cruise: Four Nights -
Discover four secluded atolls between Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru and Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa.

Circuit Cruise: Seven Nights -
Visit five atolls on the ultimate dive cruise.

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With over 15 years in travel, we have the experience, background, and certifications to make sure your destination wedding is a huge success.

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travel agent near me

A Travel Escort For Your Wedding Group

A Preferred Sandals Specialist specializes in selling Sandals. These agents and their agencies receive recognition not only from Sandals as a loyal partner...

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travel agent near me

Destination Weddings Around The World

Vincent Vacations has certified destination weddings travel agents ready to help you with your big day! We will help you find the perfect...

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