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Altamer, Anguilla

Altamer is situated on Shoal Bay West, the south west coast of Anguilla. From this tiny town, it’s an easy access to the beach perfect for swimming and snorkeling the coral reefs. Altamer is quiet by day but head to the beach at night and it turns in...

Categories: Altamer Anguilla


Anguilla is one of the premier vacation spots in the Caribbean. A British overseas territory east of Puerto Rico and the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, the island encompasses a total of 35 square miles and has a population of just over 14,000. The ...

Categories: Caribbean

Barnes Bay

Barnes Bay is located on Anguilla’s exclusive West End. This island haven boasts crystal blue Caribbean waters, endless beaches, gentle trade winds and an ideal year-round climate. Barnes Bay is known for spectacular luxury accommodations offer...

Categories: Barnes Bay

Crocus Bay

Categories: Crocus Bay

East End

A small village on the northeastern part of Anguilla, East End is best known as the home of the Heritage Collection. The museum traces Anguillan life during the past 500 years, including an exhibit on the Anguillan Revolution.

Categories: East End

Island Harbour

Island Harbour, Anguilla, is a picturesque lobstering and fishing village on the north side of the island. It has a strong Irish feel to it. Island Harbour is also home to some interesting, 1,000-year-old Amerindian petroglyphs at Big Spring Cave. Th...

Categories: Island Harbour

Little Harbour

Categories: Little Harbour

Maundays Bay

Categories: Maundays Bay

Meads Bay

Meads Bay is located on the Caribbean island of Anguilla.  The soft sand beach is considered one of the most pristine beaches in the world. It's also known for it's romantic atmosphere and an excellent swimming and snorkeling locat...

Categories: Meads Bay

Merrywing Bay

Located on Anguilla's south shores, Merrywing Bay is a paradise with picture perfect sand and azure seas next to Rendezvous Bay.

Categories: Merrywing Bay

Prickly Pear Cay, Anguilla

Anguilla's paradisiacal sister island, Prickly Pear is a serene escape. Aside from the two restaurants on Prickly Pear, the island is uninhabited and unspoiled, surrounded by turquoise waters and rife with palm trees, bird life and reefs to snorkel. ...

Categories: Prickly Pear Cay Anguilla

Rendezvous Bay

This beautiful stretch of soft white sand is a two mile natural Caribbean paradise. Enjoy Rendezvous Bay's aquamarine waters perfect to swim and snorkel in, and sparkling white sands to walk or lounge on when visiting Anguilla.

Categories: Rendezvous Bay

Road Bay

Categories: Road Bay

Sandy Ground

Sandy Ground is a beautiful beach destination in the central area of Anguilla. With its unique beach side restaurants and relaxed night life, you will be sure to make wonderful memories. Sandy Ground hosts the annual Anguilla’s Carnival, which ...

Categories: Sandy Ground

Shoal Bay East

Categories: Shoal Bay East

The Valley

In the central part of the island, The Valley is Anguilla's capital and the island's one and only real town. It gets more interesting every season: New shops have opened in new buildings and renovated West Indian-style cottages. Old shops have been m...

Categories: The Valley

The beaches in Anguilla are some of the most beautiful and impressive, anywhere. The unsuspecting visitor is speechless on first glimpse. Thus, more and more Europeans, Americans and Canadians are being lured to the lovely shores of this special little Caribbean isle.
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3-Nights Anguilla, Cap Juluca, A Belmond Hotel, Anguilla

Price: Please call for rates - # of Days: 3 days
Cap Juluca, A Belmond Hotel, Anguilla is distinguished for its characteristic architecture, Greco-Moorish inspired villas, complete with turrets, domes and parapets that seem to rise from the untouched sands on which they are poised. On an island blessed with 33 breathtaking beaches, Maundays Bay...

 Package Details

3-Nights Anguilla, Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club

Price: Please call for rates - # of Days: 3 days
An oasis situated on the powdery white sand of Rendezvous Bay, Aurora Anguilla Resort & Golf Club is a Mediterranean-inspired resort featuring Anguilla’s only golf courses, luxurious Sorana spa, diverse culinary offerings, villas, residences and a selection of unparalleled amenities, inclu...

 Package Details

5-Nights CuisinArt Resort & Spa

Price: $2,319 - # of Days: 5 days
CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa Tucked into a crescent curve of Rendezvous Bay, CuisinArt Resort & Spa is an oasis of Mediterranean villas crowned with a brilliant cerulean blue dome. Each of the 93 luxurious guest rooms and suites is graciously expansive and offer all guests extraordinary sea ...

 Package Details


Anguilla sits in first class and has a first-class price tag. There are certainly more affordable ways to enjoy the sun and the sea, but for those desiring impeccable service and an exclusive atmosphere, this island is one of the premier vacation spots in the Caribbean.

Before you plunk down your money to vacation on Anguilla (and it will likely be a big plunk), know the ground rules: The rich and famous who go there do so because it is one of few places where they can be assured of a carefree, hassle-free holiday. If you happen to see, say, Janet Jackson sitting at the next table, you will not get her autograph nor ask about her next album. It just is not done.

There are no restrictions about fawning over the island's immaculate white-sand beaches, however. There are 33 to choose from, and many offer excellent snorkeling around coral reefs. Other watersports are in abundance: scuba diving, sailing and windsurfing. When visitors have had their fill of beach and ocean, there's a wide range of fine restaurants to round out the evening.

Don't expect an island that is lush, full of activity and replete with charming architecture, however. Anguilla is very dry, and until recently, life was hardscrabble there for centuries. The benefits of this are almost-constant sun, enduring simplicity and a cohesive populace whose confident self-reliance is the basis for an attitude you might want to bottle and take home.

Although a number of day-trippers arrive from St. Martin/St. Maarten, which lies only 4 mi/7 km to the south, Anguilla (pronounced ahn-GWIL-lah) remains relatively uncrowded compared with other islands in the area. Those who have sampled its relaxed and refined atmosphere seem to like what they've found: They tend to adopt the island as if it were their own private hideaway, returning year after year.

Must See or Do

Sights—The historic district of The Valley, home to some of Anguilla's oldest and most architecturally interesting dwellings and public buildings; scuba diving the reefs and wrecks along Anguilla's north (Atlantic) coast; any of Anguilla's 33 beaches, all free and open to the public.

Museums—Colville Petty's quirky and fascinating collection of artifacts from the Anguillan Revolution at the Heritage Collection; discovering the island's architectural heritage at Wallblake House.

Memorable Meals—Grilled lobster washed down with rum punch on the beach at Scilly Cay Restaurant; off-the-boat fresh seafood and cold drinks on the picnic tables at Johnno's Beach Stop; upscale dining and great views in an eye-catching seaside dining room at Hibernia; grooving to the music at the Dune Preserve's late Sunday lunch.

Late Night—Johnno's Beach Stop for reggae, calypso, soca and zouk music till the wee hours; drinks at the beach bars of Shoal Bay.

Walks—Bird-watching hikes in the salt marshes of Sandy Ground; following the interpretive nature trail at the Cap Juluca resort; strolling along the sandy beaches of Maunday's Bay or Rendezvous Bay.

Especially for Kids—Snorkeling the coral reefs at Junks Hole; collecting shells at Maunday's Bay; swimming the calm waters at Shoal Bay West.


Anguilla is a dry, coral island edged with white-sand beaches. The interior contains salt ponds, scrubby bush, a couple of limestone caves once used by Amerindians and few tall trees. There are no hills to speak of—the highest point is 213 ft/65 m above sea level. Anguilla is also relatively small: 16 mi/25 km by 4 mi/6 km.


The island was inhabited as early as 1500 BC by Arawaks, who called it Malliouhana. The Carib Indians later drove out the Arawaks, but they were no match for the British, who arrived in 1650. Slavery and disease eliminated the Caribs, but the British needed their navy to hold on to Anguilla during several attacks by the French in the 1600s and 1700s. France quickly lost interest in Anguilla, however, and the island became another quiet outpost of the British Empire.

In 1967, the British attempted to join Anguilla with the neighboring islands of St. Kitts and Nevis to form a State in Association with the United Kingdom. Anguillans rebelled against the plan, fearing they would be overwhelmed by St. Kitts. After a two-year standoff, they were able to arrange a separate relationship with Great Britain, which took until 1980 to implement.

Today, Anguilla is a British Overseas Territory with an elected House of Assembly and a governor who is appointed by the Crown. The governor chooses a chief minister to lead the cabinet, someone who appears to have the support of a majority of Assembly lawmakers. Anguilla Day is celebrated as a national holiday on 30 May. It was on that date in 1967 that the St. Kitts police were removed from Anguilla.

In an effort to diversify the economy, which is heavily geared toward tourism, the British and Anguillan governments have launched aggressive programs to establish the island as a reputable and well-regulated center for offshore banking. These measures have begun to attract new revenues and diversify the economy, though tourism remains important for many islanders. The Anguilla Commercial Online Registration Network (ACORN), which originated in 1988, allows instant electronic incorporation and registration of companies and limited partnerships. Fishing also remains important.


Anguilla's main attractions are uncrowded white-sand beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, windsurfing, fishing, fine restaurants and very friendly people. Spas and art galleries add variety.

Go to Anguilla if you want to get away from everything, enjoy the beach and watersports and be pampered in quiet luxury at an elegant hotel. Those who want to leave crowded streets and sprawling shopping malls behind will enjoy the quaint shops scattered amidst the picturesque island setting. Anguilla is close to St. Martin/St. Maarten in size and location but is nearly 90% less populated.


Four of the seven endangered species of sea turtles can be found in Anguillan waters. A ban on turtle hunting has been imposed, and anecdotal evidence suggests that turtle populations are increasing. If you want to help protect the turtles, don't order dishes with turtle meat and give restaurants that serve them a pass. Fortunately, very few still serve it.

Depending on how you look at it, Anguilla has two or three Shoal Bays. Shoal Bay West is at the far west of the island. Shoal Bay East is near the other end and is divided by a point into upper and lower Shoal Bay.

There is no citizenship of Anguilla—the island's natives are British citizens. "Belonger" is the official term for natives and people holding the hard-earned right to live there.

Anguilla's serpentine shape seems to have inspired its names, both past and present: The island's original settlers called it Malliouhana, which means "sea serpent." Anguilla is the Spanish word for eel.

If you ask for directions, remember that "above" means to the east and "below" means to the west.


Small cruise ships call at Anguilla, anchoring in Road Bay. Passengers are then taken via smaller craft to a jetty at Sandy Ground, the main port and yacht harbor. Restaurants, watersports and hotels are within walking distance.

There is no official tourist information booth in Sandy Ground, but the staff of the Customs and Immigration Office (in the police station) is happy to help.

The main tourist office is on Coronation Avenue in The Valley. Open Monday-Friday 8 am-5 pm. Phone 497-2759.

Shore Excursions

Among the possible excursions are boat trips to Sandy Island or Prickly Pear; Anguillan beaches; or a minibus tour to the salt pond, the Back Street area, Wallblake House, the Catholic church, and The Valley and Shoal Bay.

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