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"Tahiti and Bora Bora were amazing! We loved Morea and the itinerary Lia created for us! We cannot wait to go back!"
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Owner, Lia Vincent, in Tahiti! Read her blog, Tahiti: Where To Splurge & Where To Save Money

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We are ready to create your custom Tahiti travel itinerary! Contact us today, to learn more about the packages we have available. Some of our sample packages include - honeymoon packages, diving, family, cruise, sailing, and we have more packages available. We have certified travel agents who have completed the new Tahiti Specialist Program! This program covers the Islands of Tahiti and is the official destination specialist program for The Islands of Tahiti. The program was created by Tahiti Tourism to provide agents with a thorough and comprehensive online training program on The Islands of Tahiti. The destination offers a wide range of islands to visit and experiences for visitors to discover.

Why choose The Islands of Tahiti? Tahiti is like no other place in the world. Deep blue, vibrant clear turquoise lagoons, and welcoming smiles. Lulled by distant waves, the islands of Tahiti seem isolated. A peaceful and quiet place, shrouded in mystery, cliffs and astonishing landscape abound. Here, nature seems to live on the slow rhythm of ancient legends. Caves and grottoes are scattered all around the islands. Among them, in Mitterrand cave or Ana A’eo, you’ll find an impressive display of stalagmites and stalactites. If you linger there, it seems like mystical characters sing forgotten songs of the past. Sunrays filter through the cave, shaping its outlines and silence carries meaning. Ana Tane’uapoto cave offers a memorable panorama of the lagoon. The limestone folds reveal their beauty to connoisseurs. Guided excursions reveal the geological history of the islands.

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Lush forests, enchanting lagoons, enigmatic ocean… The Islands of Tahiti offer the opportunity to recharge your batteries and enjoy breathtaking scenery. Whether in Tahiti, Moorea or Raiatea, a variety of hikes on quiet paths lead to magnificent waterfalls. Taking height aboard a paraglider or a helicopter, gives perspective of the beautiful valleys inland, an unforgettable experience. In the Marquesas Islands, a horseback ride unveils a wild nature full of mana. The Tuamotu Islands fill the soul with serenity and unforgettable colors. In the Austral and the Gambier Islands, exploring the islands on foot is a pleasant affair with gentle breezes and the mystical aura of breathtaking lagoons views.


Sailing lovers meet in Polynesia to navigate famed winds and currents. Many catamarans offer the authentic experience of living to the rhythm of the sea, island hopping in the Society Archipelago or the preserved atolls of the Tuamotu Islands. Aboard the Wind Spirit, catch the wind as you travel through the beautiful landscapes of Fakarava, Bora Bora and Moorea. The Paul Gauguin is known for its welcoming crew. The Aranui, a comfortable cargo boat travelling to the Marquesas Islands offers an unforgettable experience between land, sea and access to the most isolated islands of Polynesia such as Fatu Hiva. The intrepid traveler may discover the Austral Islands aboard schooners and local cargo ships taking a few passengers per departure.


The destination The Islands of Tahiti is rich in ancestral myths and traditions including tattooing. This rite of passage marked special moments in life such as marriage or the beginning of adulthood. Tattoos would narrate acts of bravery or a represent a spiritual protector. With a tattoo, Polynesian culture is inked in you! Handicraft is another Polynesian tradition. Each archipelago has its own customs. The Austral Islands are famed for their intricate weaving, Marquesas produce stunning sculpture art and traditional jewelry can be found in the Society Islands. Experience the Polynesian culture by attending a dance show or a va’a race, an experience not to be missed. Learn how to make tapa or mono’i to take home!


Taste the silence, wander through the underwater canyons, swim near dolphins... In the deep blue ocean, turtles swim among multicolored coral while in the distance, a gray shark calmly surveys the area. With luck, a swordfish will pass through this natural aquarium. Discovering the Polynesian seabed by scuba diving or snorkeling is a very special experience. Every year, the majestic humpback whales fill the Polynesian waters with their soothing and hypnotic songs. They appreciate the waters of the Austral Islands or the Tahiti Peninsula. As for the manta rays, they come to nature’s cleaning stations in the lagoons of Maupiti or Tikehau. If you look closely enough, the tip of their fin greets you at the water’s surface


In The Islands of Tahiti, love is spelled on the expanses of white sand paradise (and sunset cocktails!) It doesn’t get more romantic than falling asleep to the sound of the sea in an overwater bungalow. A destination for honeymooners or a wedding anniversary, Polynesia is a land to live, revive and celebrate love. Known for its idyllic scenery, Bora Bora offers all the ingredients for romance. World renowned gastronomy, private outings in dugout canoes, relaxing massages... A moment for two in this mythical island promises to make love blossom and grow. Perhaps you will be tempted by a traditional Polynesian wedding? An authentic and unique moment for lovers!


For exceptional vacations, take the opportunity to splurge on a gift for loved ones, redecorate your home or find your special souvenir from Polynesia. In Papeete, many stores offer Tahitian pearls, colorful designer clothes or books on Polynesian culture. In the local markets of the Polynesian islands, there are many beautiful items to choose from. Wooden sculptures, mother-of-pearl brooches, braided baskets, painted pareos... you will be spoiled for choice. For those who prefer gourmet souvenirs, vanilla, tropical jams or coconut cookies will delight your taste buds. Discover Polynesian rum or unique wine grown on coral for an exotic flavored dinner with friends or family.


General Information

The Islands of Tahiti enjoy a tropical climate; the maximum number of hours of sunshine is close to 3,000 per year in the Tuamotu Atolls, one of the highest in the world! The temperature, which is relatively constant, is cooled by the trade winds of the Pacific that blow throughout the year. The average ambient temperature is 78.8F, just as the waters of the lagoons. While further away from the equator, the archipelagos down south, (the Austral and Gambier), enjoy cooler temperatures.





The Islands of Tahiti are 10 hours behind GMT. This is a 12 hours summertime or 11 hours wintertime difference from Paris, 2 hours difference from the United States Pacific Coast, 6 hours difference from Santiago, 19 hours from Tokyo and the Australian eastern seaboard and a 22 hours difference from New Zealand.


Bring summer clothes, beachwear, sports wear and boat wear, all preferably in cotton. Have something warm available for the evenings which are sometimes cooler (lagoon side, boat trips and in the mountains). Footwear: sandals, sneakers, boat shoes. Essential: bathing suits, sunglasses, hat, sunblock creams (intense reflection of the lagoons) and a powerful anti-mosquito lotion (useful in the islands in certain seasons).



Nestled between mountain and lagoon, with white and black sand beaches, featuring city and countryside, Tahiti offers diverse activities for all tastes and ages. Whether for water activities (jet skiing, surfing, canoeing, fishing, diving, stand-up paddle...) or land activities (hiking, walking, climbing, paragliding...), the island is the opportunity to enjoy nature between the west coast’s vibrant turquoise lagoon, the peninsula meeting between land and sea, the majestic waterfalls at the center of the island or the more secluded bays of the east coast. Driving around the island is an ideal way to combine all visits in one day.


In Papeete, the bustling capital unveils the artistic, modern and creative expression of Polynesian youth through its art galleries, concerts, numerous exhibits or street art by artists from all over the world. In the heart of the city, tradition is also respected and celebrated. Traditional dance shows,‘orero contests (ancestral oratory jousts) and craftsmanship invite the expression of Polynesian culture from its five archipelagos. Festivals are held regularly and allow the discovery of The Islands of Tahiti diversity.


In Tahiti, there are many opportunities to exchange with the locals. The Papeete market, rich and colorful, is a great place to share a moment with a Tahitian grandmother, Polynesia’s symbol of wisdom, or a young artist, proud bearer of his culture. Early in the morning there is always something interesting to watch as the port comes alive with the unloading of goods. On weekends, birthday parties on the beach and family barbecues are part of the Polynesian way of life. For history lovers, many places such as the Museum of The Islands of Tahiti or the Cultural Center of The Islands of Tahiti host expert talks. Guides eager to share their love for their culture can embark visitors on an exploration of the center of the island.


The island of Tahiti has many temples and churches with noteworthy architecture. Gathering to the sound of Sunday mass is a unique and powerful experience. In Papeete, the Kanti temple is home to the Chinese community, with traditional family celebrations, especially for the New Year. Tahiti is also famous for its many marae, ancient temples including ‘Arahurahu marae in Paea district. Every summer, dance shows, or the famous fire march, umu ti, allow guests to feel the mana, the sacred Polynesian energy. In the heart of Papeno’o Valley, Fare Hape opens to the secrets of Polynesian spirituality of a bygone era.


In Papeete, restaurants offer something for everyone, several cater to vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free patrons. Diverse culinary influences are represented: it is possible to enjoy Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Italian or French cuisine. In Vaiete square, the iconic food trucks welcome diners with chao men, a Polynesian-Chinese dish, delicious sashimi-fries and many more local classics. Foodies can treat themselves to Breton crêpes or refined pastries on offer in various stores of the Polynesian capital. Tahiti is a great place for an introduction to modern Polynesian gastronomy, a fusion between Polynesian cuisine and international influences, a real treat for the tastebuds!


Eternal and ephemeral.

Modern, lively, mythical... The Society Archipelago is where the journey to Polynesia begins. The international airport located in Tahiti welcomes all visitors. The economic center of Polynesia is the gateway to fly to the neighboring Windward Islands: Moorea, Maiao, Tetiaroa and Mehetia, or to the Leeward Islands: Bora Bora, Huahine, Raiatea, Taha’a, Maupiti, Manuae, Maupihaa, Motu One and Tupai. High islands form the archipelago, Mount Orohena in Tahiti is 2241 meters above sea level. Each mountain offers a range of different experiences. Several atolls, long stretches of water at sea level, offer heavenly landscapes. At the crossroads between islands, Tahiti is the perfect base for island hopping with short and colorful local flights. Sailing enthusiasts are carried by the winds to all the archipelago’s islands. Gastronomy, culture, encounters, crafts, arts, innovation, surprises... Time flies and everything goes faster in Tahiti. Time slows down and everything lasts in the most beautiful Society Islands or the preserved atolls of Tetiaroa or Tupai. Eternal and ephemeral, the Society Archipelago is where one finds all that is diverse and unique in Polynesia.

Tahiti Travel Guide PDF

Learn all about the islands of Tahiti, why choose Tahiti, hotel guide, cruises, yachts, charters and more in the Tahiti Travel PDF.

Tahiti Travel Packages

Honeymoon Packages

Bora Bora Temptation – InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa

Bora Bora Temptation – InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa

The InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa is secluded and exclusive, set on a beautiful coral islet featuring luxury overwater villas, award-winning spa, three restaurants, fitness center and pristine beach for pure relaxation.
per person

Diving Packages

Whale Snorkeling Trips August/September 2023

Whale Snorkeling Trips August/September 2023

Imagine being picked up by a boat directly from your hotel jetty. A trip where you can have a close encounter with a whale 10 minutes after leaving the dock. A location that puts you in warm, clear water, takes one-third of the time to get to compared to other humpback whale destinations and costs […]
per person

Cruise Packages

Marquesas and Tuamotu Deluxe Freighter Cruise Package with Far & Away

Marquesas and Tuamotu Deluxe Freighter Cruise Package with Far & Away

Explore the remote Marquesas Islands and blue Tuamotu lagoons on this deluxe freighter cruise and Tahiti stay.    This Vacation Packages Includes: Return flights from Los Angeles to Papeete, Tahiti Tahitian Flower Lei Greeting on Arrival in Tahiti All transfers between the Airport, Hotel, and Pier 2 nights at a guesthouse with breakfast before and/or […]
6980 USD*
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Sailing Packages

Sail Away to Bora Bora on a Private Yacht 2022

Sail Away to Bora Bora on a Private Yacht 2022

Sail away to Bora Bora on a Private Yacht and explore the Bora Bora, Huahine, Taha'a and Raiatea en route. All meals, most activities and an unforgettable vacation included. Just you and the skipper/cook.
per person

Tahiti Certified Travel Agents

Contact Us Now we have agents who specialize in Tahiti! Best travel agent near me, in my area covering the Tahiti islands of Bora Bora, Morea, Volcano and more!

    Tahiti travel agent

    Amber Brune

    Travel has always been an important part of my life.  Before I loved traveling personally, I loved hearing travel stories from my grandparents who traveled frequently. The precious souvenirs they brought back are some of my favorite gifts, because they always had great memories to go with them! My travel love really started when I was able to join several groups for mission trips to Mexico and ... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Anne King

    My love of travel started at a young age.  Family road trips across the country and vacations in Hawaii is where it all began.  After starting a family, we traveled frequently to the beach, Disney, and many places near and far.  My husband and I also traveled to Alaska, Hawaii, Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. In early 2023 I left my corporate accounting career, which allowed me to focus on my... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Ashley Watson

    Hi, I'm Ashley, I am a wife and a mom of 3, who loves to travel. I love to explore new places and helping my clients create memorable experiences. From planning romantic getaways to arranging adventure tours and family trips, I'm committed to creating customized itineraries that are tailored to your individual desires and preferences. If your dreaming of relaxing on beautiful beaches or embarking ... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Christina Cupples

    In this age where information is at our fingertips and options are endless, finding the ideal vacation can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. But don't fret! With my Master’s in Library and Information Science, I'm your go-to guide in this world of abundant travel choices. Think of me as your travel librarian, always ready to pick out those special details that will make your trip unf... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Cindy Owen

    Hello my name is Cindy Owen. I love to travel and if you are reading this you do too! I plan many adventures for all types of clients. I have planned luxurious trips to budget friendly. I truly believe there is something for everyone. What's the next best thing to traveling myself? You guessed it, sending you on an trip! Planning trips for people is so rewarding to me, I truly enjoy it. Maybe y... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Dawnisha Hall

    As a travel agent, I can help you save time, money, and stress when planning a trip. Ready to find the best deals, and have a personalized itinerary created just for you? Look no further! I provide helpful travel advice based on my expertise and experience. I also provide support and assistance while you're travelling, helping to ensure your trip runs as smoothly as possible. I hope as a travel ag... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Ethan Jones

    Ethan has been an agent with Vincent Vacations since 2017. Ethan is a travel guru and loves all things travel. He has traveled all over the world. He has spent a lot of time in Asia with a study abroad program. He has a love of Thailand and a lot of Southeast Asia. In 2019 he went Down Under to Australia and really enjoyed his time there. He is also one of our resident Hawaii specialists. He fr... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Gretchen Ode

    Hi there! I’m Gretchen, mom of two, Marine Veteran wife, Chicago native, forever home in San Jose, and passionate about all things travel! Whether you’re looking for a once in a lifetime South Pacific getaway, or an adventure in an old-world European city, I’m here to guide you and provide the upmost service for your next voyage.  My personal travel experience, intuitive sense and certified train... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Haley Schrock

    🌍 HALEY SCHROCK - Your Trusted Travel Advisor 🌍 🛫 Welcome to a world of wanderlust and unforgettable journeys! I'm Haley Schrock, your dedicated travel agent, and I'm here to turn your travel dreams into reality. With a passion for exploration and a keen eye for detail, I'll craft personalized itineraries that cater to your unique interests and preferences. 📞 Contact: 580-819-3174 📧 ... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Heather Bowman

    I'm Heather Bowman, travel agent with Vincent Vacations. I curate custom travel experiences for families, singles, couples, multi-generations and groups! I enjoy planning and organizing trips that exceed my clients expectations and make their travel dreams come true! I look forward to working with you to plan the trip of your dreams! read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Heather Huber

    I grew up as an avid traveler going on vacations with my family every year. In college, I spent my summers in Europe for study abroad in multiple countries. I love to explore new places and put together travel plans for others. I have been going to Disney since I was a child so I started my travel career as strictly a Disney agent. My passion grew and I began selling all destinations to my client... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Jessica Pratt

    Ever since my husband and I got married in Mexico, we made a promise to ourselves to plan romantic getaways and adults only vacations every year, even after we had kids. Our favorite destinations so far are the Hawaiian Islands, Sandals Resorts - specifically in Jamaica, the Bahamas and Antigua  - and our unforgettable Alaskan Cruise. I’m passionate about helping other couples plan time away from ... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Jessie Joslin

    Hello!  I am a memory-maker, a dream weaver, and a bucket-list completer all rolled into one. With an insatiable passion for exploring the world and a genuine love for crafting unforgettable experiences, my job is dedicated to helping others create memories anywhere in the world they seek to find joy.  Wherever your compass points, from a white sandy beach, a safari to the open sea I can make it a... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Kacee McDonald

    ‘Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take ya’...Hi, I'm Kacee and I would love to help ‘take ya’ travel experience to the next level.  Let me help you save time and stress by handling all your planning and booking needs. My family & I love to travel; we especially love the beach. As a family we have traveled to every place in the ‘Kokomo’ song (by The Beach Boys). A few of my favorite places I’ve b... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Kelli Foster

    I have a heart for travel! I love seeing the world and exploring and gaining a new understanding of different cultures. I am a dedicated advisor that dives into what each of my clients wants and needs are, and will go the distance to make everything better than how they imagined. Travel to me is a way to escape the stress around us, get to know our world in a new light, and understand the cultures... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Kristen Eversole

    Kristen at Vincent Vacations A Central Oklahoma Independent Travel Agent | Stroud OK My passion for traveling has made me a great promoter of the joys of experiencing different cultures. Since joining Vincent Vacations two years ago, I have been devoted to helping my clients make the most of their journeys. From flights and hotels to car rental and local tours, I work hard to make sure that each... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Kristin Williams

    Hello, I'm Kristin, your dedicated travel agent, ready to turn your travel dreams into unforgettable realities. With a passion for exploring new destinations and a commitment to providing exceptional service, I'm here to make your journey smooth, enjoyable, and hassle-free. Whether you're seeking a relaxing beach vacation, a cultural exploration, a romantic honeymoon, or a family-friendly adventur... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Landon Morris

    Welcome to my profile, glad to have you here. I grew up in the Texas panhandle and have always had a passion for travel. By the time I graduated high school I had been to 38 states and 7 countries. Then I had to do the adulting stuff and travel took a back seat for a while, but I am on a mission to do as much traveling as possible with my lovely wife of 20 years. read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Lia Vincent

    Lia Vincent is the founder and owner of Vincent Vacations, All Inclusive Weddings, Magical Vacations, TravelAgentPro, Vincent Cruises and Vincent Events. Vincent Vacations is an award-winning travel agency established in 2013 that is based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. All Inclusive Weddings is an affiliate of Vincent Vacations and was established in 2019. Lia has been recognized for her own ... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Lindsey Vera

    I am a Minnesota-born transplant living in Oklahoma City with my husband and two young children. We are a bilingual (English and Spanish) family that loves learning about different cultures throughout the world. I am passionate about traveling both as a family and as a couple.  I have traveled to and spent time in Europe, Central America, South America, Mexico and throughout the United States. Bef... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Lindsy Bragg

    After spending a semester abroad in college, I fell in love with traveling.  There is nothing like discovering new cultures, seeing historic sites and enjoying delicious food. Since college, I have been traveling the world with family and friends. Through the years, I have traveled to Japan, China, New Zealand, Australia, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Canada, Mexico (Cancun, Playa del Carmen), a... read more

    View Profile

    Tahiti travel agent

    Liz Enslow

    Meet Liz Enslow, your trusted travel agent with a passion for crafting unforgettable journeys. Liz will be your reliable partner in making your travel dreams come true! Her passion and love for exploration started early on, fueled by a curiosity about the world and a wandering spirit. She has traveled to numerous destinations and continues to travel to new places, immersing herself in different ex... read more

    View Profile

    Tahiti travel agent

    Lori Heusinger

    Meet Lori Heusinger, your dedicated travel expert with a passion for exploration. With a wealth of experience traversing the globe, Lori has journeyed through Europe, Mexico, Thailand, the Caribbean, Hawaii, and North America. Her extensive knowledge and firsthand encounters allow her to craft tailor-made adventures that cater to your wanderlust. Whether you’re dreaming of a romantic European esca... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Myrlene Leiataua

    With a passion for exploration and a dedication to exceptional service, I am your ultimate ally in the world of travel. Every travel experience has its own set of preferences, budget constraints, and travel goals. That's why I take the time to listen and understand your specific needs, crafting bespoke itineraries that reflect your travel dreams and desires. As a full-service travel advisor, I ... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Shawn Butler

    I love to travel! I have always enjoyed planning and going on trips! I was raised traveling to new places and seeing the country. I started traveling outside the United States  during high school, with a trip to France and England. I have continued exploring and look forward to the next new adventure! My experiences and desire to explore has brought me to the travel business. Let me help you plan ... read more

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    Tahiti travel agent

    Stephanie Clawson

    I have always had a love to travel,  and finding the best deals so we could afford to travel as much as possible, was important. This grew into me helping family and close friends plan their trips as well. When the opportunity presented to join the Vincent Vacations team, I was so excited! My focus is mostly on the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, and Europe, with hopes to expand to other areas soon.  I... read more

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With a seasoned travel agent ready to assist you, the natural wonders and distinct culture of traveling abroad are yours to discover! Explore colonial cities, ancient ruins, hidden cenotes, and architectural treasures, and create a new experience every time you visit. In the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, discover a fascinating blend of sun, culture, and archaeological ruins, and astounding beauty. In Central Mexico, discover charming UNESCO World Heritage colonial cities. The diversities are fascinating. From golden sand beaches and jungle forests of the Pacific Coast to the Land's End and endless horizons in the Sea of Cortes. We can help you arrange a vacation you will not soon forget.

Unspoiled, unhurried and uncrowded. Fiji is the land of happiness in the heart of the South Pacific, blessed with over 300 tropical islands. Here you'll find classic images of an island paradise - turquoise lagoons, sun-drenched beaches and swaying palm trees.

But it's the people that make the islands so special and the hospitality is warm and welcoming. Take time to mingle with the locals and relax. You will enjoy their genuine nature. Experience the true Bahamas. From its pristine naturan beauty to a host of water and land sports. We can help you plan an unforgettable vacation, whether you are seeking a romantic escape or an activity-filled stay. Everyday you'll find something new to discover.

The Caribbean and Bermuda

Caribbean Bermuda

Like sparking jewels in crystal-clear waters, the islands of the Caribbean and Bermuda beckon travelers to discover the natural beauty and unique culture each one has to offer. Explore World Heritage sites, spectacular beaches, tropical rainforests, and more. The Caribbean and Bermuda is where all the senses come to life. See the beauty of the natural landscapes. Hear the rhythm of Caribbean music. Smell the fragrances of tropical flowers, and taste the diversity of the Caribbean cuisine. Whether you seek an adventure-filled vacation or a leisure stay soaking in the local culture, a memorable vacation awaits. Let us make it easy and help you arrange your perfect experience on the island or islands of your choice.

The Moorings Luxury Crewed Yacht Vacations

Explore the Caribbean islands onboard a private crewed catamaran, for up to 10 of your closest friends or family in five cabins. Relax as your captain navigate over turquoise waters from one exotic port to the next, while your chef prepares delectable meals to enjoy onboard or on a secluded beach.

Five Exciting Destinations

Your journey embarks from one of five Moorings’ bases, on a luxury crewed catamaran, like a fabulous floating resort, with a dedicated crew providing the utmost in personalized service onboard. At each tranquil anchorage, you will have the chance to explore the culture, shop in charming boutiques, sample local delicacies, or stroll on a white-sand beach of a new island. Each day is a new discovery of experiences you won’t soon forget.



From stunning seascapes to rare wildlife and granite and coral islands, your experience in the Maldives or Seychelles will be as unforgettable as these worlds-away locations in the Indian Ocean.

Comprising 26 atolls and 1,190 islands dating back 2,500 years, the Republic of Maldives is a serene masterpiece in natural landscaping and home to one of the world’s most diverse underwater marine life. Its capital, Malé, is easily reached by ferry from the main airport.

The Republic of Seychelles is a 115-island archipelago of legendary and unspoiled beauty, between 4º and 10º south of the equator. The inner islands cluster around the islands of Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue, and are renowned for their granite formations and stunning beaches.

Cruise In The Maldives - Four Seasons Explorer Cruise
A Day Aboard The Four Seasons Explorer

Morning - Prepare for a two-tank dive, exploring a vibrant thila (submerged reef) and an overhang full of soft corals. Nondivers can snorkel or relax on board.

Afternoon - Set anchor at a virgin island. Divers can explore the open waters on a channel dive; nondivers can water-ski or tube in the lagoon. Later, enjoy a relaxing massage on the beach.

Evening - Take a fishing trip aboard a local dhoni boat and enjoy sunset at sea with cocktails. Set anchor and savor a BBQ dinner on a beautiful sandbank. See video highlights of the day with after-dinner drinks in the lounge.

Cruises and Inclusions -
All cruise packages aboard Four Seasons Explorer include:
• Seaplane and speedboat transfers
• Diving and recreational activities
• Full-board meals, bottled water, and nonalcoholic
beverages for up to two • Fresh fruit in your stateroom upon arrival
• Luxurious accommodations onboard

Northward Cruise: Three Nights -
Sail from Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa to Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru via the Malé and Baa atolls.

Southward Cruise: Four Nights -
Discover four secluded atolls between Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru and Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa.

Circuit Cruise: Seven Nights -
Visit five atolls on the ultimate dive cruise.

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