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Sara Grimm

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Travel Agent Near Me

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 My favorite destination is Aruba. I even was a destination bride in Aruba. I travel to Aruba every October, and it never gets old some years with and without kids. I’m passionate about helping other couples plan time away from everyday responsibilities and take time to rest, relax and reconnect. I am committed to continuing to travel, but now I have also introduced my four kids to traveling the world and making memories together as a family. We love to take family vacations together and have traveled to Aruba, Mexico, Punta Cana, Cruising, ALL over Florida and we love Disne...  Read More >>>

An expert destination wedding travel agent near me with five star luxury travel packages with a luxury travel company, Vincent Vacations.

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8 Reviews & Success stories

Perfect Aruba Destination Wedding
Perfect Aruba Destination Wedding

Hi Brides! Apologies for the long overdue review- but I am not great at social media so cut me some slack. We got married back in August at the Riu Palace and had a great experience. Overall costs were about 10k for the wedding plus our stay & flight.
Ceremony- We opted to do a ceremony on the beach, I feel like it was the right choice because hello we’re in Aruba, but if you are sensitive to strangers in the background of your photos maybe opt for the garden. The garden is gorgeous and a little more private. Keep in mind that it is a public beach and even at 6pm there are stragglers!

Reception- We did the pool bar area for some privacy (additional fee) It was excellent. We had 30 guests so 5 tables of 6, everything was gorgeous.
Food- We had no diet restrictions so we did a sit-down dinner and verified with everyone ahead of time that steak would be the option, and our guests were fine with that. No additional fee for sit down private dinner if everyone orders the same thing. (Caesar salad, steak with veggie and potato, cake) I personally am an Italian from Long Island NY and food is my life, but it was great, no complaints from anyone!
Drinks- Bartenders were great except for when one bartender told me to have some water and I laughed at him.
Music/Photo- To the right of the tables was a dancefloor area and our DJ (on site) did an amazing job. We basically put together a list of must plays and he stuck to it. I can also send you that if you would like to peruse/ take. Used the on-site photo as well, no video. They were fine, but I would maybe do more research on outside companies. Also, maybe I just don’t photograph well lol.
Wedding Coordinator-was awesome. Keep in mind that communication throughout is via email, so if you are a control freak like me, this may be the time you learn to let that shit go! We opted for no additional flower archways or centerpieces bc expensive, but our wedding coordinators literally stole them from the wedding the previous evening, so we got our archway and centerpieces for free! P.S if you got married at the RIU on August 18th, thanks a bunch!
Hair/ Makeup- Hair done at the spa on site and boy did she deliver. She was a beautiful Dominican girl who listened to exactly what I wanted. Long waves with little braids throughout. However, kind of wish I listened to her when she said it is very windy maybe do an up do. I would recommend hair up, but I don’t love my hair up so if you opt for a down hairstyle, just know that the wind/ heat is a thing. Also did my makeup myself because I am alright at it (competition dancer my whole life), it came out great because I had a nice tan. Also, I got a full set of lash extensions prior so no stress on the lashes.

Dress/ How to fly with the dress – My dress was medium sized, I double garment bagged it, and put in the overhead bin. Jetblue. I had a steamer with me but didn’t even use because it was fine.
Guest list- Overall experience is hard to beat in paradise but I will say this. PLEASE be overly picky on who you invite as you are quite literally stuck on an island with these people and unlimited booze for the duration of your stay. This is your special time with your spouse, do not feel any sort of way if you choose not to include someone for your own mental wellbeing!
~Christina Evensen~ Aruba Destination Bride
-Christina Evensen

Vacation of our dreams

Sara was amazing! She helped us book our vacation of our dreams. Had a wonderful time getting away and spending some much needed time to relax and enjoy life. Really great price and excellent service. Will definitely use Sara again.
-Matt Wilkins

Finally going to ARUBA!!!!

I am going thanks to Sara. Sara has helped me out so much in the last 24 hours and has gone beyond what any travel agent would do. Thank you so much!
-Alice Carlson

8 Reviews

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My Family and Friends love to travel to Aruba each year. I have gone to Aruba every year since I was young. I was married in Aruba in 2014 on Eagle Beach. I now have 4 kids and we now travel with them to Aruba each year so they can make the same wonderful memories I had as a child.

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